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[NSW] Hisense - 50P6 - 50" Series 6 UHD Smart LED TV $558.40 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Bing Lee eBay


Original PELECTRO 20% off Select Items @ Bing Lee Deal

When Bigger isn't always better and 50" suits the room or the location, this deal looks great.

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  • Doesn't post to a lot of places, no way for me to get this.

  • just 6 stock. All sold out

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    Is it cheapest and good to buythis tv?
    I am very tight budget but still want a decent enough tv, not that fussy.

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      No get the Sony 65 A9F

  • Still available, just purchased with click and collect, indicates will be ready on Monday PM. Hope so!

    • Any chance you're located in Sydney? No option for a click and collect while I'm in Melbourne

      • +1

        Yes. Sydney. All stores nearby (several) had C&C stock. I just got back from BL with the one I bought this morning.

  • I was looking to get a Hisense 49P4 for a mate (hopefully for around $500, like on the eBay 20% off Appliance Central deal)

    He doesn't want a 4k TV and doesn't have any 4k devices. Would there be any point to getting a 50p6 over the 49p4, if they're around the same price? It technically has higher specs I assume but both being on the lower end in terms of quality, surely I should just get a 1080p TV for his 1080p needs?

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      TVs last a long time, IMO you would be nuts not to pay the 50 bucks for the higher res. He may not use it for 5 years, but in 5 years he wont feel like he needs to buy a new tv which will probably still be another 500 bucks.

      The real question is if thr Samsung posted for 650 is enought of a better tv to pay the 100 aboce this. Its 5" bigger which if you ask me is a big difference. I cant go to under 55 unless I am in a small room and close to the tv

  • Anyone else had issues with the message 'This code cant be applied to your order'. I've tried across multiple devices, not sure what I am doing wrong?

    • Yes. I think only limited quantity of each model were eligible for this promo.

    • It seems ok on my account, it give me the discount but i haven't purchased yet.

      • Just picked mine up today, seems good so far. Worked out it was actually due to my ebay account being based in the UK. Solved the problem by signing in as a guest for the purchase and the code worked.

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