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$300 off Google Pixel 3 (64GB $899, 128GB $1049, XL 64GB $1049, XL 128GB $1199) @ Google Store


$300 off the Google Pixel 3 (all colours and sizes) at the official Google store until Sunday 27th January 11:59pm. This matches the JB Hifi deal. There's also the Domayne/Harvey Norman deal that come with a bonus Chromecast.

First time poster, be gentle!

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    You can buy discounted JBHi giftcards so that will still work out cheaper.

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    maybe this is the standard price now as this phone is not selling very well.

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      It's not? I would think it's a good price, especially compared to Apple's Xs things

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        Can’t compare. Apple products keep their resale value for a long time even after a newer models has been released.

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      There's a new pixel mini on the way.

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        Just hope they come in not pink sine I love that sandy-dune-ish sunset colour haha

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      Well its on sale until 27 jan, so yeah its the new price until then.

      Any proof it's not selling?

      Domyou habe an iphone?

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        A $300 discount from multiple retailers including Google themselves after less than 4 months on the market is a pretty good indicator it’s not selling well.

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    Harvey Norman and Domayne have same deal with a bonus chromecast.

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      Yup, that's why I said it matches the JB deal rather than the Domayne/Harvey one. Still a good discount if you prefer to buy from the vendor.
      I wasn't sure what the etiquette or standard was with cross-posting to other deals in the description.

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        You should mention the other deals if you're aware of them, rather than omitting them completely. That'll help ppl get the best deal suited to their requirements.

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          Thanks - I've updated the description with the other 2 deals!

  • This is just RRP now isn't it? I wonder why Google have put an end date.

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      People don't think they are getting as awesome a discount if it's just the new normal. psychology!

      JB's identical deal ends 27th Jan as well.

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      The pixel 2 didn't really drop in price like that until the 3 was imminent.

      I imagine we won't be seeing a 4 for a good 8 months so the price will likely go back up.

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    I just bought a used OnePlus 6 in excellent condition to replace my Pixel 2 XL on Gumtree for $450. That's still half the price of the Pixel 3 and it comes with 6GB of RAM and has a headphone jack. Sure the camera is not as good but is a camera really worth an extra $450?

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      Why replace Pixel 2 XL? I love mine.

      I can grab a brand new Pixel 3 XL 64GB for $900 from a mate who wants to unload, but it ain't worth the upgrade and pain of selling mine.

      • I have issues with the USB C port audio and charging and I'm returning it to Google for a replacement. The USB C port is very wobbly when my official Google USB C headphones are plugged in and the audio cuts out all the time. I'm pretty sure it's a common hardware fault with the 2XL. Depending on how the OP6 goes I may end up selling the replacement Pixel 2 XL

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        The only thing I really hate on my 2XL is the vastly inferior OLED with rubbish colour accuracy no matter what colour profile you choose in the settings. Photos/videos can look very dark yet on any other normal screen the shadows are lit up considerably

        • I got used to my pixel 2 xl screen but it was fairly sobering to hold the pixel 2 xl beside my Nexus 6p whilst displaying the same image and realise I'd paid a lot of money for a screen that was the same or
          A little worse than a mid tier phone from 2-3 years previously.

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      I can't wait to get my oneplus 6, order pending from ebay 15% off deal.
      128GB 8GB RAM and half price of this deal

      Camera should improve with gcam apk too.

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        I owned both pixel 3xl (returned though) and oneplus 6 and even with gcam apk, pixel own gcam works and produced much better quality than the hacked gcam apk.

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      "is a camera really worth an extra $450?"

      Hell yes, Pixel 3 camera is incredible.

      You're selling it short though suggesting the camera is the only improvement.
      The op6 doesn't:
      use F2FS
      have a front wide angle camera
      have stock Android
      have night sight without installing a buggy gcam
      have monthly security + feature + bug fix updates
      have anywhere you can buy it in store locally
      have a service which often sends you a replacement phone before you're expected to ship your faulty device off
      have an ip68 waterproof rating
      have as high a ppi screen density
      have stereo speakers
      have free google photos storage…

      OP6 is a great phone no doubt, but the price difference is well earned imo.

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        That's where peoples opinions differ. To me, those features aren't worth an extra $450.

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          Agree oneplus 6t cheaper and runs better than Pixel 3 XL. It outperforms it. The camera gcam apk gets close to Pixel one. And native oneplus camera takes BETTER video and flash shots than Pixel

          Google hardware sux. They are only good at software the only reason you buy Pixel for. Not worth $450 difference. Save that money for something else invest half of that to a DSLR beats Pixel 3 anyday

          • -7

            @neonlight: Pixels are the best performing android phones hands down. Everyone knows their software is market leading, Oxygen OS is no where close to pure android

            It's been proven time and time again. You get what you pay for applies to many things, this case included

            • +5

              @customundo: I get what you mean. Everyone is different in what is value for money. For some of us I do not see the value in paying that extra for those features.

              Both Google and Apple phones are losing the edge to Chinese manufacturers eg. Huawei, Oneplus. Because the average customer do not see the extra value with the extra cash you pay for on official Google Pixel. People value more on camera quality and OS ease of use.

              Oxygen OS on oneplus 6/6t is actually better than stock android.

              And the Huawei p20 pro camera outdone what Pixel 3 can do.

              Both phones are cheaper in price. They are eating away Samsung Apple and Google phone market. Not too even mention Xiaomi

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            @neonlight: I stopped taking my DSLR camera with me when I go places, especially traveling, and purely use my pixel 2 xl now. This coming from a Photoshop and digital photography teacher who teaches beginners to more advanced techniques in photography. My reasons are that the Google algorithm for enhancing an image (HDR mode) does such a good job I rarely post process my images and the other factor is Google's image backup to the cloud. The fact you can just have it back up to the cloud without worrying and you can open the same photos up on a computer anywhere makes my life so much easier. I only use the SLR for teaching and very specific styles of photography now.

            • +1

              @FunbagsOfSatan: I beg to differ I still use DSLR when it comes travelling and taking fast images. Zoom and speed can never compete on smartphone

            • -3

              @FunbagsOfSatan: You will never get dslr quality out of a phone. You shouldn't be teaching it by the sounds as sounds like you haven't really used a decent dslr

              • @asa79: 100% agree. If you really look at let's say the portrait mode it looks quite bad, missing blurred area and just fake looking overall. This however is good enough for most people considering the pictures are just viewed on tiny screens.

                • -1

                  @zorrt: That's it and then you have so called teachers giving completely incorrect advice to students

                  To do the best with photos you work with the raw images not the jpegs

                  • +3

                    @asa79: I think you've completely missed the point I was making. Obviously a DSLR camera is a dedicated piece of hardware for taking photos that will allow you to achieve professional results. I'm talking about me and what I need on a day to day basis. I'm not talking about staging a professional portrait shoot with redhead lights and flash mounts. I'm talking about going on a 15 minute bushwalk with the pet dog or having a get together with friends for a meal and taking photographs there. If you think that brings my ability to use a DSLR camera and teach photography into question you're dead wrong. These are images for my own consumption. Not to be reproduced at A0 size and sold in a commercial gallery.

            • +1

              @FunbagsOfSatan: Agreed. Not to mention the camera you have with you is a thousand times more valuable than the DSLR you leave at home.

              Google algorithm for enhancing an image (HDR mode) does such a good job I rarely post process my images and the other factor is Google's image backup to the cloud.

              How good is this :) I've had DSLR's for the last 15 years, but maybe 5/6 years ago just completely fell out of love with it. I tried mirrorless to reduce size and weight (Fuji XT1) which was a beautiful setup, but A) it's still very expensive, and B) it still felt cumbersome. That process of taking a photo / editing / sharing is so smooth and quick now. Less time spent at a desk pixel peeping, and more time taking photos.

              Pixel 3 has very much reinvigorated my love for photography.

              • +3

                @Jebus: Thank you for understanding me. These are your own photos for your own entertainment. Don't let others dictate to you what equipment you should use for achieving the result you want if you're happy with the pixel 3 as your daily photography equipment. I'd have to take along several different cameras as well as filters, flash gun etc to achieve the versatility I get from the pixel. Yes the photos would be sharper, yes they'd be in raw, yes they could be reproduced at much larger dimensions but I don't need that. I haven't been hired by a client to take photographs their art collection. I'm taking photos of me and my family, some landscapes etc. People clam down.

                • @FunbagsOfSatan: pixel 3 can take raw as well

                • +1

                  @FunbagsOfSatan: @FunbagsOfSatan and @Jebus ignore the idiots above that question your photography advice. I too have a renewed love for photography due to the Pixel 2 I bought in December 2017. I can't wait for the Pixel 3 I ordered to arrive.

                  As a parent I used the Pixel 2 with a Xiaomi bluetooth selfie stick https://www.amazon.com/Original-Foldable-Bluetooth-Selfiesti... as the primary camera at my son's 1st birthday. This allowed me to take many more photos than I could have done so with a DSLR during the event. It also made socialising with everyone more seamless and fun.

                  When the event was done I curated my favourite photos using the Google photos app into an album, including recropping and any touch ups. My son is now 2, and I still look back at that album and wonder if a DSLR could've done the same job at equivalent photo quality.

                  Readers will laugh and be skeptical but I can't believe the amazing album that was created using only my phone and a selfie stick! Not only do I have a renewed interest in photography but it's renewed my love for smartphones. Up till pixel 2 came along I didn't see the value of upgrading my phone every year and nor did my disapproving wife. She'd ask why cause the all run they same apps. Did I really need to blow ~$1000 so the apps run milliseconds faster? As for today she didn't blink when I told her I just bought a new phone. The photos are worth it cause they're priceless when your kids grow up so fast.

                  Sidenote: I also considered the Huawei Mate 20 pro due to its flexibility with a wide angle, primary and telephoto lens. That'd be fun from a photographer's perspective. Checkout another parent's view of that amazing phone here https://youtu.be/Fu-lY1FbwF8

      • +1

        That's a comprehensive list and many fair points.

        But you must've dealt with a lucky google service representative as your comment "have a service which often sends you a replacement phone before you're expected to ship your faulty device off" was the complete opposite experience I had with google.
        I had to take 3 half days off work to give 3 faulty refurb OG pixels back to the courier before they would send out the next crappy refurb over the course of 4 weeks. The call centre staff were horrendous.

        Long gone are the Neuxus 4 days of excellent customer service from google. They have been woeful for one of the biggest companies in the world. Nexus 5/5X & Pixel OG have had almost a 100% fail rate for me. Bootloops on bootloops, screen fails, power button fails. Sure Qualcomm & LG could be blamed….but still

        Oxygen OS is close to stock android, updates slower for sure but can be manually performed anyway by android enthusiasts.

        Like for like the Pixel 3XL 128GB is $1200 even with the amex discount to $1050….it's also got less RAM compared to $500 OP6 which also has a headphone jack….can't justify the pixel anymore even with the tax deduction for work purposes.

        Yearly upgrades for $500 would net 2 phones over 2 years for even less than the cost of 1 pixel 3XL…

        • +1

          Sorry to hear about your customer service experience. My only experience was excellent.
          Had an issue, contacted Google using the phones help chat feature, they sent out a phone which arrived within 48 hours. Then I shipped them my broken device.

      • -1

        Totally agree. I'd take Pixel over OP6 anyday. The software alone is enough to justify its price tag

      • Have you ever actually owned a OP6 or ever used one?

        • Wouldn't matter either way, I was outlining the facts not sharing opinion. The OP6 may well be all you need and if so that's awesome, but the price difference is there for all the reasons I mentioned and more.

    • +2

      Second hand vs new??? Ozbargain logic.

    • -1

      So a used phone is half the price of this deal?

  • +1

    Thanks for the heads up. Got one

    • +2

      Me too. I was waiting until it came on sale directly from Google again - glad I waited! Shiny new Christmas present on the way!

  • +2

    Big discounts not long after launch - maybe the pixel isn't selling so well? lol

    • +1

      Yeah it's not selling well. Has been many hardware software issues that comes with high price tag with a single camera lens relying on software

  • I would assume this would be the best way to buy warranty wise? Pretty sure there was a phone repair guy in another deal thread saying that out of all the phones they repair pixels by far outweigh any other phone.

  • +1

    After MWC in Feb all Android phones will go down like potatoes tumbling down the hill.

  • Do jb have the 500 off for signing up for Telstra plans still? If so will it stack up with this deal

    • Yes and yes. For me the 45 plan with 200 off was better value as I wouldn't use the extra data and only have a 12 month contract this way. I was also able to get a $10 port in credit through the Telstra app so it should now be $35pm

      • How did you get the port in credit ? Did you mention it to the jbhifi worker? Or was it automatic

        • I asked in the online chat with Telstra and they applied it

  • Anyone no any Chromecast deals?

  • +13

    is anyone finding the flagship models going up in price every year a bit of a turn-off?..

    I personally find paying 1200+ for a phone ridiculous..

    Maybe people are jack of paying these prices and sales are falling.


  • Anyone know if Google or any other phone companies have international warranties on their phones?

  • +2

    I still refuse to buy a phone without the headphone jack. V30 next week here we come.

  • Hopefully the Note 9 comes down to 900 ish after the S10 comes out.

    Its astounding how much flagships cost now. It's incredible how I'm hoping to pay 900 now! A few years ago anything over 700 and I'd be like yeah noway.

    • I never buy the latest and greatest - in this instance I would recommend getting a pixel 2xl for under $700. It still has the best software compared to other android phones

      • I fully agree with you, personally I am a huge stock Android fan but the Pixel series is such a let down in everything but the camera. Even at 700 the XL2 is way too much for such a bad screen and the bucket full of issues that exist.

        I really hate Samsung software but I've pretty much given up on everything now, have no choice but to get a Samsung next as it's got the best hardware of any phone and One Ui can't be that bad yeah? I'll just hide all the crapware they force on everyone.

  • +3

    I will never spend over $600 on a smartphone. It's a utility, not my livelihood. If they can't pack a decent phone in under that price then there's plenty of other manufacturers that will.

    Current trend of embarrassingly expensive phones with marginally better specs is just sad.

    • I agree

    • +1

      There is only one thing that stands in the way. The Camera. Sub 600 phones are incredible for what they give you at such a price, however their cameras cannot compete with the flagships. The only real reason people go for flagships is because of the camera.

      • +1

        That's why I never buy the latest model. Wait until a new one is released, and the previous one gets heavily discounted, but still has pretty good specs.

        • Oh yeah I fully agree with you there. Anytime a new phone comes out that I want I attempt to wait it out for a year and grab it at the discounted price.

          Pretty amazing to see how good phones are now that even last years flagships give you that "wow this phone is awesome" feel.

    • Yea I don't get why $900 for the pixel 3 64gb is good value. Or are there really good value prepaid Sims around which makes it better to buy this phone outright at $900 instead of on contract?

      Even with the $120 Optus sim, seems better to pay $100 more over 24 months for better data cap with the $59 Optus plan from Harvey Norman (unless that 10% offer is over).

  • Beware.. the amex offer is not valid at every domayne store. There is a fine print in terms and conditions even if the store shows up on the map. I bought the pixel 3 and didn't get a discount

    • Order online… Works fine got the $150 back with the Amex offer and free screen protection insurance if you have the card for it

      • Unfortunately, i already got it in store

    • Because you didn’t read the terms and conditions and bought it at Harvey Norman @ Domayne …

  • is there a gst tax invoice from google store?

    if not then stay clear of these tax dodgers and buy from JB or HN.

  • Am I missing something? Pixel 3 64GB still showing $1199 on website?

    • Looks like the Google Store sale has ended. The JB HiFi deal does mention it finishes Sunday 27th January 11:59pm. Google got in a little earlier it seems.

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