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[NSW] Kia Cerato (or Similar) Rental $48 Per Day @ Asset Rentals


Weekly Special with Asset Rentals

▶️NSW Only
▶️Free Delivery within 10km Parramatta, NSW
▶️$48 Per Day
▶️Unlimited KMs
▶️Low Excess
▶️Book before 8th February and extend your rental for longer

📞Call 1300 972 999 or go online to www.AssetRentals.com.au and Book Now!

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  • +2

    What's the normal price?
    How much is excess? How much extra/day is insurance?

    • Hi Miq,
      Normal price is $55.00 per day at the current market rate.
      Excess is $750. We have flat rate excess.

    • +3

      "Recently had to hire a vehicle while my own was in for repair. Easy process through my repairer. New IKEA."

      New IKEA to drive?? Oh god.

      • +5

        Pros: affordable, looks okay
        Cons: Had to build it myself. Instructions in hieroglyphics

    • +3

      Not very convincing when most of the reviewers have only ever left one review on Google. Think of the dozens of businesses the average consumer deals with in a month, and all these people were motivated to leave their one and only review for this business!


      • Hi ash2000,
        We do contact our customers post rental asking if they could leave a review, some do, some don't. Just how it goes I guess.

    • Hi King Tightarse,
      Yeah, can't really help the Google reviews there. I mean, we're happy with it. But that's what has come through! :)

  • +7

    ▶️ The dodgiest looking rental site I've ever seen.
    ▶️ Looks more like a rental agent, all you insert is your email address then wait for them to get back to you.
    ▶️ None of the usual insurance options are listed.
    ▶️ Just one car on offer?
    ▶️ No thanks. SPAM.

    • +1

      Very sus, op now advertising through FB.

    • Hi ash2000,
      We normally deal directly with Smash Repairers and insurers.
      Thank you for bringing it to our attention that our rental website needs work, we are still fairly new.
      Just one car on offer for this deal. We are dropping our rates on the Kia Cerato for the week.

  • +2

    Royal commission into car rental industry too ?

    • +1

      No, that wastes too much time…. Let's refer the matter straight to the the Hague.

  • +3

    $42/day at Expedia for the same car.

    • I broke the internets. :(

    • +1

      Possibly easier to use link.

      Protip: Use this format [link text](link URL).

    • Hi spludgey,
      Can I ask if Unlimited KMs are included with the Enterprise rental? And what is their excess before extra reduction cost?

  • +2

    Thrifty site has the Kia Cerato for $43.50 a day. Why would you put a scam on a bargain site.

    • Hi Will McDonald,
      Can I ask if Unlimited KMs are included with the Thrifty rental? And what is their excess before extra reduction cost?

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