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LG V30+ Plus H930DS (Dual Sim 4G/3G, 128GB/4GB) - Black - [AU Stock] $432.72 Delivered @ MobileCiti eBay


LG V30+ PLUS H930DS (DUAL SIM 4G/3G, 128GB/4GB, 6") - BLACK

Similar deal to JB Hi-Fi

Original PIXIES 10% off Sitewide (Max Discount $50) on eBay Deal Post

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    Thanks OP. Great Post.

  • Awesome got one thanks

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    Thanks, my first post :)

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      Great first post with a big bang!!

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        Yeah, great deal.

        Also for those interested, this variant has a Locked bootloader. However, there is an unofficial way to unlock it:

        Also it has the best camera out there, in terms of professional shots via Manual Control and RAW format support. But we're talking minutes to lineup/take a photo, as opposed to simple point'n'shoot. Not sure why they nerfed this feature in the V40.

        From an Autofocus Performance, it's pretty good but lags behind the: G7/V40, S8, Pixel, U11, S9, iPhone 8, iPhone XS, Pixel2, Pixel3, Mate20 Pro.

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          Also it has the best camera out there, in terms of professional shots via Manual Control and RAW format support.

          Great phone, but this is a horribly inaccurate statement. It has excellent manual controls, but the hardware is very mediocre. The sensor for the main camera is an IMX 351 - a small (even by smart phone standards), mediocre sensor commonly found in cheap Chinadroid’s. A very good and versatile camera, but not even close to what you’re saying it is.

          • @aja12: I'm sure my oneplus 6t with GCam takes better photo than this LG with night mode too

            Dxomark 98 vs 83

        • can you please advice what is Locked bootloader and what are the pros and cons of unofficially unlocking it? Thanks

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            @amorn: Before the main software loads, when turning on the device, it loads a pre-load code. This is necessary for firmware and diagnosis uses. For security purposes, this initial loader of the booting sequence needs to be locked.

            Sometimes there are bugs within the kernel (rare) or in the operating system (very rare), that allow you to bypass the initial check. This means you can run unsigned code at a system level. And you guessed it, unlock this initial boot loader permanently.

            This means you can grant system access (ie/ root) to the user, and they can run their code at a system level. It also means you can alter the kernel, drivers, and the operating system dramatically from the device user/owner.

            Ofcourse, OEMs have the key to this lock and it is guarded well for good reason. However, not getting access to system priveledge for users is a real issue, that most OEMs don't care about (because it passively allows Planned Obsolescence). A few OEMs for a few of their devices are more friendly to developers and users, and after you make an official application online and agree to losing your warranty, they will give you a Custom Key that will unlock your specific device's bootloader. And even rarer are some OEM devices that give the option of a simple switch to unlock the bootloader.

            As a user, you need to recognise that SkinnedOS do get slow and bloated overtime. And the easy fix is to update the software. OEMs prefer you to throw that phone in the bin and buy a new replacement from them.

            Case in point, the Samsung Galaxy S7-Exynos, a very cheap ex-flagship phone that is cheaper and better than most mid-range phones. Once you get rid of the Samsung Bloat, and use a Leaner Stock software that's custom made for the phone, you realise it's as good as current flagship phones. And that's bad for the OEMs from a business viewpoint.

        • can you please advice what is Locked bootloader and what are the pros and cons of unofficially unlocking it? Thanks

  • LAst one

  • Gone

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    Deal lasted for 12mins lol

  • How do l check if l've applied the code? I am pretty l did but where to verify?

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    thank you for running out …saved money today

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      Same. I almost pulled the trigger using my galaxy note 8…

  • I was told by a Telstra store rep, that Telstra doesnt support Dual Sim phones on their network

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      He needs to change jobs then

      • I think its more they wont support you if you have network issues and are using a dual sim phone

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          If they don't support me and I'm a paying customer they'll be losing a customer.

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      Bullsh*t. Dual SIM compatibility has not nothing to do with accessing network. It's like saying tpg doesn't support a pc with dual NICs.
      I've got a galaxy note 9 dual SIM and it works perfectly fine.

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        Thats good to hear, just saying what i was told when asking about the Galaxy A9 and they werent going to release it as not supporting dual sim phones

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      they don't "support it" in a business meaning as they get technically less business from dual sim customers. It's a greed

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        Interesting perspective.

        It could be argued it also opens up the door for more potential business, because hypothetically I could be an Optus only customer but decide that I'll pick up a Telstra SIM as well because I actually have an additional slot available. If I was primarily an Optus customer and only had a single SIM phone, that thought wouldn't even cross my mind.

    • lol. i guess they don't support more then one phone on the network at a time then.

    • He probably meant they don't have plans with dual sim phones. There is no way for them to not support a phone if it has the right bands and is unlocked.

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      LOL, I have 1 Telstra SIM and 1 Belong SIM in my v30 right now.

    • Normally it is the phone itself that don't support it. I mean when one SIM card is using 3G-4G network, another one is switched to 2G (GSM) - and that standard is not supported by Telstra or Vodafone anymore. So that means your second SIM card is not working. That's what I have with my Moto G3 with sim cards of ALDI and TPG

    • He is right to some point. Last month my father came to see us from overseas, with an active Optus SIM card in his dual SIMs phone. When he arrived, he turned on his phone but could not attach to Optus network. That same SIM card was working before his boarded that flight in roaming mode, in the same phone / same SIM slot. The point was, it was in the SIM2 slot, and that phone's SIM2 slot only supports 2G. Shame :(

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    3 popped up, 2 left now

    • 1 left, just got one as a back up.

      • All gone. damn, too slow entering voucher codes :(

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          More in stock, got one :)

  • Great phone, I love mine

  • Allphones also has it on special 525 before code so a bit more expensive then this get in quick if u missed the jb hifi

    • Nevermind looks like MobileCiti restocked

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        AMAZON $488 with 12% cashback = $429.44
        EBAY with 10% Discount = $432.72
        Both from MobileCiti

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    More stock is up!

  • Dam wish there was more stock.

    • Your wish just came true

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        There is a god, a cruel cruel god. I now own 2 LG v30's. Need to refund the one i bought from JB now.

        • Lol me too

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          But the same "cruel cruel god" will become a "kind kind god" when JB refund your first one haha.

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    Got one, although I don't need a new phone.

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    How depressing having paid 1k for mine a few deep sleeps ago..jbhifi sale.

    Audio awesome…

    Cam….meh after all those software updates.

    If only they had great audio with huaweis flagship.

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      Try installing those gcam apps and night sight mods.
      Too lazy to find specifics but this link should cover some of it.


    • If only they had great audio with huaweis flagship.

      Are Huawei flagships known for not having good audio?

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      I installed the Gcam from the pixel 2 phones (so no night sight) and the quality is so much better than the default LG camera - it's like a different phone.

      The only downside of the Google camera is the loss of manual controls over the picture like exposure, aperture, etc.

      • Hm, does it replace the LG camera or is it just another app?

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          It is another app

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        I bought this phone because I was having battery issues with my Pixel.. and I was so disappointed with the quality of the camera, though I love the headphone jack and wireless charging.

        Just installed the Pixel camera apk and it's so much better! Thank you

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    Do I need this? I still have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge which is serving me well.

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    I bought through their physical store just prior to this post! Any chance of getting the difference back, or is the code an eBay promotion (and not mobileciti)?

    • The code is an eBay promotion (and not mobileciti).

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      Just buy one from this deal and return for the old invoice. Wouldn't make a difference to them as they get a new unused phone anyways

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        You're forgetting phones have serial numbers..

        • Well, I've done a similar thing for an appliance with a serial number (different shop) and they were happy to accept the return and even updated the new invoice with the old serial number to match warranty. I was honest about the reasoning and they did the right thing by me.

      • POS

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    Got one, are they any good? My iPhone 6plus is annoyingly slow amd battery life sucks despite replacement battery.

  • Thanks OP bought one!

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    $10 delivery if not ebay plus.

  • Got one thanks

  • Thanks OP, bought one.

  • Local @ JB or Mobileciti…..worth $35?

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    $437 (with free delivery) from Amazon with 12% cashback too.

  • $437 AFTER 12% cashback?

    • Actually it was $429 after cash back. Oops. Limited to $50 @ SB.

      • Mine is now saying $58.50 cash back…weird.

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    Me turn out to be $367.2 with 15% GC. Sweet! Although my linked flybuys is not working for no reason, so missed ~$2.

    • 15% GC?

      • Gift cards bought last Christmas via eBay UK.

    • oof. Now that it's on ebay, the v30 is the same price as the poco as well. You reckon it's worth buying if I have a poco already lol? Seems like everyone's jumping on board the v30 train!

      • I thought the poco didn't have band 28?

    • did the same thing lol

  • Holy crap. Just bought one from JB thinking I had got a great deal. Apparently JB have a 30 day change of mind policy if unopened so I've ordered one from Mobileciti using this deal.

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      Don't know why you got negged but you're not wrong and I wouldn't say you're doing anything sinister based on the information you've shared, so pos from me.

  • Thanks got one. Hopefully will be a much better improvement over my HTC One M7 phone that goes at a snails pace and does't work overseas ;)

  • Gone again, guess that was the last one taken by upstairs.

  • OOS again