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Kogan 55" 4K LED TV (Series 8 JU8000) - $399 + Delivery @ Kogan


Kogan 55" 4K LED TV (Series 8 JU8000) - $399 + Delivery @ Kogan


  • 4K Ultra HD 3840 × 2160 resolution
  • Stunning LG Panel
  • Save space and energy with LED technology
  • PVR – pause, record and rewind live TV
  • Play all your media on USB or through HDMI
  • 4 x HDMI inputs
  • 1 x USB 2.0
  • VESA mount capable

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  • Are these worth getting for the price it's at?

    • only if delivery is free…

      • If only.. haha they usually have deals where delivery is free with their TV's maybe worth the wait?

    • Few people have had issues with these Kogan TVs but mine is running solid for 6 Yrs now- Samsung panel - spent $999 .. Absolute crystal clear picture clarity with 3D - although Sound is crap.. I'd say, just buy it for use in Bedroom or Kids room…

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      as long as you get a samsung or lg panel kogan tv then its pretty solid. dont buy smart tv's though because every smart tv is a laggy pile of shit, buy the dumb tv's. i bought the 50" version and it looks pretty damn good compared to my $800 soniq tv i bought 2 years ago.

      • samsung or lg panel kogan tv then its pretty solid

        The reason these are so cheap, as I undertand it, is that the panels are rejected by LG/Samsung as having defects. Then they get sold at a steep discount to white label manufacturers who throw Kogan or whoever's brand onto them.

        So it's a bit of a lottery.

        • Seems like an unsubstantiated rumour.

          • +12 votes

            @twocsies: It's not a rumour. It's true. Ex-rep 10 yrs ago.

            However it's based on sample size. They will test 10-50 over a random batch of 1000s, and if a certain percentage don't meet their specs, failure rate etc. then the entire batch is rejected. They'll get sold off the a 3rd party in bulk. Just because they're rejected or 'B' grade doesn't mean they're crap, but higher likelihood (still pretty low) of an lacklustre or DOA panel.

            Keep in mind the panel is only one component of the TV. Besides the speakers, remote and UI which will be inherently cheap and crap, there are a 1000 other hidden components that will be replaced by the cheapest equivalent available to keep the price low. Just having a "samsung" panel does NOT mean the TV will be anything close to the equivalent model Samsung TV.

            • @zeggie: I remember a long time ago I envisioned this but I never confirmed it so I would not be surprised if this was true or still the current practice.

              Makes sense it is just like cpu binning and how we get different levels of quality of cpu's and some other pc/electronic hardware.

              • @AlienC: There is legit only about 3 major manufacturers of panels still remaining in the world. The respective brand that "owns" that manufacturer will take the cream of the crop. The rest they have to get rid of somehow - so they sell them off.

                • @zeggie: Who are the 3 manufacturers?

                  • @David76: Google could probably answer that better than me. I'll surely be behind the times. LG, Innolux, BOE are all at or near the top.

                    Samsung, TCL, AU are or were some way behind. China and Taiwan has been going gangbusters so wouldn't surprise me if everything has changed.

            • @zeggie: More of a "Shamsung" panel by the sounds of it.

            • @zeggie: They do/did this with PC monitors too. Around 7 or 8 years ago I bought a monitor for $300 that supposedly had a rejected panel that would have been in a $1000 Apple or Dell monitor (the best ones available at the time I think).

              It was a gorgeous screen, probably better than anything I've used even up to today. The build and components were garbage though, and it stopped working after a few weeks and I got a refund. It didn't fit into my setup that well so I was a bit glad.

              Would absolutely chance another reject monitor/tv panel if it suited my setup.

  • Good time to use that $10 voucher received after getting some order cancelled (lol).

  • Maybe just another price error :D

  • I have the same TV. Bought it about a year and a half ago.
    Image - 7
    Blacks - 6
    Sound - 5
    Value - 9
    Remote - 1
    Connectivity - 7 (Lacks Optical Out)

    • Any notes on input lag or screen reflections or screen glare.

      I am thinking of putting one upstairs in the attic but there is some annoying sunlight and can get warm throughout the day and night so maybe only use in the winter to prevent early heat wear and tear.

      Will be using it with either an Android box, shield, console or pc for gaming, free to air, YouTube and Netflix.

      Not sure if you can find out but does it have chroma subsampling 4:4:4 it basically determines what technology the screen uses and will help with pc monitor usage mapping the text more defined and less blurry.

      I don't mind a bit of input lag but if it is above 120 - 150 milliseconds then it might cause problems but not a deal breaker.

      Value for me over anything atm for a TV.

      This would be only a guest or temporary 4k experiment draft one until I can save up some more for a 75 inch or larger quality one.

      Just need something to test everything on first as a guinea pig.

      • I use mine hooked up with a RaspberryPi running RasPlex, a Chrome Cast and a Steam Link. All run really well. Playing anything sort of completive or something that requires a lot of precision timing like CupHead or Rocket League is a no go. Games like Ditto Sword and Overcooked etc. run well on the Steam Link. I haven’t hooked this up directly to a PC so I couldn’t tell you what the proper input lag would be like. I suspect it wouldn’t be great.

        • Interesting and thanks for the input.

          Sorry for the noob question but what is the main purpose of the RaspberryPi in your use case or is it just to run Plex.

          Steam link plus TV input sounds like a nightmare but yeah I take your word for it and non competitive games or games where I don't stress out on reflex as much should be ok which is most games for me these days since I just do troll plays or accommodate for whatever input/internet/etc lag I get.

          How would you rate the picture quality compared to all other screens you have seen in your life be it the cinema, pc monitor or other mates tellys.

          Trying to garner as much information on this product before I pull the button per se.

        • Does your TV have a 'PC' picture mode setting (or equivalent)?

      • I contacted them directly about the input lag on these, they say it's "approximately 40 - 50ms"

        • Excellent work Astiolo. Excellent work.

          That input lag for this level of TV quality and brand level is expected.

          Ideally sub 10ms for elite fast reflex games but honestly 40 - 50ms is very good for a panel not aimed at all for gaming.

          Anyways aussies are used to high ping gaming being a whole ocean away and then some from most populated gaming servers these days.

          Iirc for me above 70 - 80ms is where it becomes really noticeable even for casual gaming.

          But yeah younger more attentive almost adhd me would have been furious at anything over 45ms now it can go up to 200ms and I just feel like it is on relaxing mode haha lol.. Ah age truly is a funny friend and funny effect on the mind.

    • Not the same TV. This model with the 'LG Panel' was only released 4 months ago. The previous JU8000 had a different panel, although who knows if it is now better or worse.

    • What do you give it for usability? Menu systems? etc

      • Can't say really, I use the menu's on the devices themselves. Apart from volume, and changing the source. It's fairly basic.

    • you can get an rca to
      optical converter box

      • Yeah, you can probably get a converter for anything. But usually you'll want to use optical to get digital out. Rather than use the TVs crappy internal DAC.

    • There is heaps of point going 4K without HDR..

      Especially at this price point.. This would be a bedroom/2nd TV at best.. HDR doesn't magically make TV/Movies better.. it's just their latest gimmick to sell TV's

      • Well it's not magic and no it doesn't make them better but it does, at least, make them look better

      • I agree that HDR is not essential, especially at this price point, but I disagree that it is a gimmick. There is a kind of 'magic' that happens when viewing an image in HDR.
        Because HDR provides extra brightness to some parts of an image it can actually create a greater illusion of depth you wouldn't get from the same image without HDR.
        I noticed a nice difference when the PS4 turned on HDR.

      • HDR isn't a gimmick. I'd say 4k is more of a gimmick, especially at most people's viewing distances. I'd rather 1080p HDR over 4k non-HDR

      • HDR doesn't magically make TV/Movies better.

        Actually it does when the TV is capable …

        • If you think Home and Away is improved by better contrast… I guess we are all entitled to our opionion :P

          • @Megahowler: Apparently the free to air broadcasters did DVB-T2 trials last year but until Ch7 starts showing football in 4K, there's probably not much point just for free to air.

      • HDR and 4k is nice but for the everyday gamer.. Just having solid 1080p 60fps is a godsend.

        Remember adding extra features can add extra lag at times be it because it needs more horsepower or just because it needs more things to process which adds extra time to finish one frame and get to the next another.

        Just make sure it works first then build on from there.

        This is of course for gamers and for artists / creators / content producers it is a whole another story.

  • I would hold off for the JU8100. Same TV as this one but has HDR and was on sale for similar price a week ago https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/434134

    I purchased the JU8100 at Christmas time and As a secondary tv for a spare room I would definitely rate it. There is a clear an obvious difference between a Kogan and brand name tv, however at this price point cant really wrong.

  • 1 year warrantee on Kogan TV's is a deal breaker for me. Maybe not on this one as it is so cheap; but more expensive TV's I need more than a year.

    • Australian Consumer Law states you should be able to get repair/replacement well past the 1 year warranty (whatever 'reasonable life' of a TV is…probably 5+ years).

      Only problem is communicating with Kogan is next to impossible, so you'd have trouble even bringing up the law.

  • Obligatory: LG 4K Panels AREN'T REALLY 4K in Resolution.

    Tl;dr is this: LG 4K panels, instead of adding a W (white) subpixel to each RGB (red-green-blue) pixel, instead replace every 4th subpixel with a W subpixel, meaning that in aggregate, you're losing 25% of your R, G or B subpixels.

    • +10 votes

      That article is from 7 years ago…

    • If you’re the type of person to say “I’ll be there soon” when someone asks you how lond you’ll be

      I’d hate to be someone you know
      That article was from over 8 years ago….lol

  • Ah, a Kogan TV. No other purchase have I regretted as much (well, maybe the house).

    Is the UI still made by a 5 year old from 1980 with anywhere from 5 to 50 seconds of lag between clicks?

  • These were $389 each a couple of weeks ago. I bought 2. They are OK but really nothing special. The remote lag on the UI isn't that bad. My main grievance is that the level of gloss on the bezel and flatness of the bezel isn't consistent all the way around the outside of the screen which makes the TV look extremely cheap.

    EDIT: ALSO - I am now skeptical of the "OUR LOWEST PRICE" banner being used on Kogan when I purchased this item for LESS a couple of weeks ago !!!

    • Can you please check out how delivery compares between now and when you bought it. Am wondering if delivery is currently a little cheaper. A bit hard considering you'll be comparing delivery of 2 units. I just wanted to see if they still fudged price only to make up the difference elsewhere :)

    • Thanks

      Many people don’t see Kogan return policy. They issue credit instead of returning dollar

      That means you have to have spend that money to Kogan only

  • Great bargain, but $75 postage for me.

  • Bought a couple of this model for work.

    The speakers and remote are bad and I can't comment on the blacks/colours as we're using them in bright office lighting. Other than that they're pretty good, for a budget dumbTV it's hard to beat.

  • What media box other than the shield are people using these days? Xiaomi Mi Box S? Is there an option i'm missing? Amazons Fire Stick would be a great option but it doesn't support local ABC iView, SBS On Demand, PLUS7, 9Now and tenplay and many other boxes don't support Amazon Prime video (anything with Fetch for instance, no idea why this is). I just want to be able to run all the aussie broadcasts, prime video and netflix all on the same box, is that really too much to ask? Also chromecast isnt really an option because i'd prefer a remote rather than using my phone for absolutely everything (seriously google, why no remote?)

    • I'm using a Vodafone tv and It's been great so far. It doesn't have Prime Video or Foxtel now in the Google Play store, but they can be easily sideloaded. Currently it's half price on the Vodafone online store.

      • It's been on "half price" for 2 and a half months, and there's no RRP or an expiry date on their website. So it might be the new permanent price.