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Sony WH-1000XM3 Silver $313.80 + 2000 Qantas Points Delivered @ Qantas Store


This is back from the Qantas store…
(Finally picked myself up a pair - delivered Feb 5 - ordered 01.02.19 **)

While stocks last - available as of 01.02.19.

Platinum Silver - AVAILABLE for dispatch **

Not the magic <$300, unless you use 4404 points… then it comes in at $299.99

^ Unless you're born in Feb AND targeted as advised by -

RogueWolf & AquaDigger

$296.79 + 2000 points for those with a birthday in feb use code BDAYFEB19

Long time lurker… first time poster (be gentle - or don't say anything at all)

^^ edits.. qstore page is constantly updating
** more, more edits.

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  • I didn't check the Platinum Silver as I wanted black.
    Black - ready for dispatch.
    Silver - EXPECTED AVAILABILITY: 05 02 2019

  • Let's see what Amazon can do.

  • Bought, thanks.

  • Good price

  • Don't tell me what to do.

  • To wait for amazon or not to wait

  • Been a long time qc35 user and absolutely swore by Bose when it came to noise cancelling headphones..

    Until I heard this one.

    I now tell all my friends “never thought anyone could up the bose phones but it has happened now”

    • Not doubting your impressions at all, but have you seen any scientific evaluations of the noise cancelling implementations?

      I can't help thinking there is something of the placebo effect at work here: everyone raves about how good these are, therefore the brain learns that they are good, so that when you actually experience it, the brain is conditioned to know it's better.

      Whereas, having a dB sound meter inside the cones measuring how much the sound is attenuated is less likely to have the OzBargain effect.

      Just saying. I'll be swayed by the evidence.

      • Go to JB Hifi and try them out side by side. It is pretty clear to anyone with ears.

      • I compared the noise cancelling in the XM3 (which I ended up buying) and the QC35ii and my old Bose QC20. I found small differences, but nowhere near as dramatic as some people claim.

        • This would depend on the environment where you tested them - in a store, on a plain, in the busy street…

      • oh sorry perhaps i should've made it clear. Like the comments below, in terms of noise cancelling, there is very little difference. Sony has no "pressure" effect that some complain about - i had this problem but persevered coz qc was so good.

        What i raved about above is really about the sound quality. Go listen yourself and compare. You will be glad you did.

  • Solid deal OP !

  • Demo tested this at JB recently and am not that impressed with the sound quality. Some songs (most notably Rock) can get really, really shrill. Had to take the damn thing off forcibly at it became so uncomfortable.

    At this level of quality, a sub $200 would be ideal for this product.

    • Agree with you, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills reading all these positive things about the sound. I keep on trying them out wherever there is a demo set and the NC is great but the sound is not to my taste.

      • Maybe some people like the sound. And others don't. It's subjective.

      • Keep in mind these are BT headphones, not wired. At this point in tech you simply won't get the same level of quality at this price point, it's a given.

        At the same time it is subjective. You have some people who think Apple Airpods have incredible sound when in reality it is pretty average.

    • +4 votes

      Use the equaliser in the Sony Headphones Connect app and adjust it to your liking. Makes a big difference for mine. Sounds great. Only issue I think is the build quality not sure if these would last that long especially if you are not too careful with your stuff.

    • There is an equalizer app which would help with fine tuning.

    • Great for podcasts though!

  • I doubt any place is going to price match based on the inclusion of 2000 points with no certainty of price.

  • I've decided I'm waiting for either $299, or the best deal I can find 60 days prior to my international flight to claim TRS (effectively a $30 minimum discount).

  • I'm looking at picking these up but I'm 400 points short. Is there no way to pay the difference in cash? Couldn't see any option to do this.

    • Try grab the qantas app on your phone. I think they give you a few hundred points for signing up, doing quiz on the app or linking your Woolworth's rewards card with the app.

      I got it about 3 months ago and scored 2000 qantas points from various little things.

  • Ive had some sony nc headphones for a few years. they're pretty good. they block out about 50-60% of the noise on the plane in terms of engine drone.

    this price is 40c more expensive than another deal thats just been posted, and you dont even have to spend your q points.

  • $296.79 + 2000 popints for those with a birthday in feb use code BDAYFEB19

  • i really want to get these but only going overseas mid April so need to wait for the next deal! Really bummed as i have been waiting ages..

    • You might be able to still get this deal this time round if stock levels help you and stay in stock!

      This sale/deal expires on 19.02.19 while stocks last.

  • Had a lazy 11,000 points… cashed them in and paid $262! thanks OP!!

  • I am returning mine. I just don't like the sound stage compared to wired audiophile headphones. My audio technica m50x are half the price and sound miles better even when I wire the Sony one to the PC. Suppose they're great for travelling but they don't have multipoint bluetooth. Gotta turn off the headphones then hold the power button for 7 seconds just to pair. Better to have a separate pairing button.

    • yep, i gotta agree. I've never been impressed with any soundstage on a noise cancelling headphone.
      I'm picky though, not quite an audiophile, but on my way to becoming one.

    • You don’t have to re-pair every time you change devices. I switch between my iPad and phone all the time. Turn off BT on phone and the iPad picks up. Turn off BT on the iPad and back on on the phone and it flips back. Not perfect but not as bad as you make it sound.

      Yeah the M50x sound better if thats all you’re worried about. No ANC though, and that’s not a small thing.

      • What the hell is an ipad?

        I need my bluetooth on all the time. On my PC, phone (for my watch, car, apps which rely on bluetooth) and laptop.

    • NC headphones wont beat a wired HS with NC on for sound quality. They are good IMO, but not audiophile level. That's for most of these types of headphones you are paying for the NC technology which is great.

    • From memory they store up to 8 paired devices. You only have to turn the bluetooth off momentarily on the connected device for the headphones to connect to another device. Pain in the arse but workable.
      Wife has the Sony WH-1000XM2 and loves them…when she can wrestle them off me that is. lol

  • How to get those 2000 Qantas points . ?

  • I had a pair of BOSE QC35II test drove a friends set of these.. My wife now has the BOSE and I have these headphones. They are simply amazing.

  • Argh, just realized my 7000 points expired beginning of this month. Now back to 0 :(

    • Do the points expire only when you are not earning them for last 18 months?
      or it depends on when you earned them and expiry is after 18 months of acquiring each point

  • Apparently the birthday code is targeted. Couldn't get it to work on my wife's account (who's born in Feb). If you are targeted, it works every month, just change the month. i.e. BDAYMAR19

  • Great Deal. I have the 1st Gen and absolutely love them.

  • Can't edit this post anymore… maybe too many edits…
    Someone changed it to silver only… but black is available as of 15.02.19.

  • …….soooo what happens if you don't have the minimum 2000 points….?

  • Has anyone received a dispatched email? I ordered on Feb 11 and it still is processing the order.

    • Ordered 15/02, Delivered 20/02. Black. Came from DRUIN P/L (FULFILLMENT CENTRE). Syd—> Mel.

      • Thanks newgas. Just checked my order details, it says estimated delivery 19 March WTF. Canceling my order and purchasing through Addicted to Audio.

      • Thanks I ordered mine 15/2 and received mine yesterday & Just picked it up from my post office! I was wondering wtf Druin was..

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