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[VIC] Free Messages on Telstra’s Lunar New Year Billboard (Melbourne)


Wish your friends and family overseas or interstate good luck and good fortune from 1-5 February by texting your first name and then the first name of a family member or friend to 0484 800 800 (for a standard national SMS charge), and a personalised Lunar New Year greeting will appear on the outdoor Telstra Discovery Store billboard on Bourke Street, Melbourne.

Once approved, we’ll also send you a text with an MMS picture message of your personalised billboard that you can share via social media – so it doesn’t matter if your family member or friend is in Sydney or Shanghai, they’ll be able to see your BIG billboard greeting.

Happy New Year for the Year of the Pig.

Telstra’s Lunar New Year billboard will be active from 9:00AM on 1 February to 11:59PM on 5 February. Please note that names need to be in English, and SMS must be sent from an Australian mobile phone. Max 160 characters.

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    I would prefer free chinese new year massages.

    • -5 votes

      TEAM CNY

    • +8 votes

      That's what I read…free massages

    • +5 votes

      With a fairy tale ending?


        With a "happy" chinese new year "ending".




      You better not call it free Lunar New Year Massages because you might not get happy endings


    Whether it's Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year is entirely up to each person to decide. No one has the right to make others change how that refer to it.

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            @optusprime: they celebrate almost all the foreigners' festivals as they want to accept the culture, which is good.

    • +2 votes

      Tell that to people who just didn't like it to be called Chinese new year forcing lunar new year to everyone

      They got no rights to change history and forcing lunar new year to everyone

      Bunch of idiots

  • +17 votes

    is this OzBargain?
    I thought I was reading the comments section of a Herald Sun article for a minute.


      freebie, it is a free digital postcard for your and your lover/partner.

  • +1 vote

    Is this from any phone or only Telstra mobile?






    So I sent a txt with names got a mms back?
    Typed a txt with message got the same mms back?
    Press on picture closed mms???


      You can only personalise the names, not the message.

  • +4 votes

    Just sent "Stop pricejacking eBay (P.S. eBayPlus sucks!)"

    Hope they display it

    • -1 vote

      The cash rewards rep won't be pleased


        What has this to do with CR?

  • +2 votes

    time to put in

    "Gerry Harvey has Ligma"

  • +1 vote

    I only celebrate Festivus.
    A Festivus for the rest of us!

  • +7 votes

    unzips pants…

    Sir, free messages. NOT massages !

    I know. I want to send a message.




    Happy ending for the year that it was.


    From Telstra
    Thanks for your message, it's in the queue for our team to process.
    You'll receive a MMS preview if your message is approved.

  • -1 vote

    Why does any one care with those messages?


    Another event celebrating nothing more than superstitious jiggery-pokery.

    Every day is one more time around the sun depending on where you choose to start counting from. That's a concept we can all get behind.

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    • -1 vote

      Wow. Just wow.

      This is the LUNAR New Year. It has nothing to do with one trip around the Sun and everything to do with the Moon going around the Earth 12 times.

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        You quoted the wrong Wikipedia article. It's a common mistake people make to equate Lunar New Year with a pure lunar calendar. In fact, most "lunar" calendars are actually lunisolar calendars which include adjustments such as leap months to bring them in line with the solar year. The traditional Chinese calendar is lunisolar, as are the Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Tibetan etc. calendars.

        Unless we're talking about the Islamic calendar, which is a true lunar calendar (and we're obviously not because this year the Islamic calendar new year isn't until the end of August 2019 in Gregorian calendar terms), the sun most definitely plays a part in the Lunar New Year that this deal pertains to.

        So my point still stands, and I look forward to your apology. :)


          I have no problem whatsoever with apologising when I'm proven wrong, which you have done, and that was interesting information, so sure, I apologise for the incorrect information and thank you for correcting me.

          I assumed that a lunar calendar was a lunar calendar not a "lunisolar" calendar. It should be called Lunisolar New Year :P. As they say, I stand corrected. I know better now, and for next time. Again, thanks.

          I honestly never understood why people dig in their heels when they're wrong, which just makes them look petty and stupid. When someone corrects you they're doing you a favour. It doesn't feel bad if you're an adult about it.

          p.s. First down vote for one of my comments in quite some time that I've felt is deserved.


    Always Melbourne billboard, there is no Sydney billboard is there?


    I can remember trolling the sign on Valentine's day once. Was PG-rated and was a reference to the 1980's. Not the obvious troll joke…

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    We couldn't find 2 names in your message.
    Please try again with only your first name, a space, and the first name of one family member or friend, to be included in the Telstra Lunar New Year Billboard.
    Please note that your message needs to be in English.

    Way to miss your target market, Telstra.


    I thought it read massages :(


    Knowing my luck my sms won't get sent because the Telstra network was down.


    Okay so who is going to make the friends name 'OzBargain' and the message read 'FREE ENELOOPS'? Go on I dare you.



    Complimentary Piggy Bank at speciality stores
    Telstra is celebrating the Year of the Pig with complimentary premium Piggy Banks for community members who come in and say hello to our teams, at 41 special stores (while stocks last).




    Remember to face the moon when you are sending such message because I agree with Optusprime

    This is not lunar it's chinese new year. It is almost to be confused with moon festival

    Stop forcing lunar new year to everyone, and basically the roots, idealogy, history are being removed by renaming

    Australia is getting too political trying to make everyone happy but in fact they have started anti China everything now including CNY celebration

    How about start hanging all decoration everything with lunar and moons. Stop using decorations with Chinese writing on it and stop using zodiac from Chinese calendars

    Bunch of hypocrites

    Stop pretending is not chinese new year at its roots

    Stop trying brainwash new generations not knowing the history

    Stop trying to be peaceful just cause other cultures do not like it to be called Chinese new year

    It is what it is and shall not change

    You might as well remove queens birthday holiday and call it something else. Because we do not have a queen for God sakes

    Telstra for supporting it to be called lunar should be a disgrace just like their outages all over the place. And Sydney is being discriminated along all other cities except Melbourne.

    Only those who don't care about history will call it lunar

    It is the same as China using simplified characters and remove all meaning of all traditional writing. Very sad. Example the character "heart" does not have a "heart" in it anymore

    I expect negs on me however I stand firm for the above. Afterall this is freedom of speech

    If so much anti China then why Australia is relying so much on China's economy and while denying their culture at its roots?

    So much hypocrites in this country. Face it and leave it.

    If you are going to rename to lunar, do not use any decorations based on Chinese writing or zodiac. Create your own Aussie lunar decorations

    Truly ridiculous

    People like this should be shamed even started a petition to rename to lunar. If they don't like it then don't celebrate. Just want to be anti china again and claiming the celebration as if they own it and knows nothing about history

    Go and eat moon cake every February then. Bloody stupid.

    How about just make lunar not the same as moon then, even better. Change the definition on lunar perhaps that would make people happier

    • +1 vote

      Either call it Chinese new year, or Chinese spring festival, nothing else, take your moon and shove it.

      • +1 vote

        Just call it Spring festival… not like people in china calls it "Chinese spring festival" are you even chinese.




        Yet we have people in this thread who are Chinese saying that they refer to it as Lunar New Year when speaking Mandarin.

        I'm thinking that you and neonlight are either not Chinese and are taking offence at something for the sake of it (why, I'm not sure) or you're unapologetic Chinese Nationalists who choose to ignore how your own country's people refer to the festival in their own language.

        Which is it?


          None. the thread you are talking those people are afraid of speaking out like one of those students who cannot understand English at Uni and attempt suicide

          They are afraid they get attacked so therefore they are willing to accept anything you thrown at them. As they appreciate there's a celebration already and they just go "whatever you call it"

          Either you and yourself do not understand the true meaning of CNY. You guys just want to and accept the new name and join the bandwagon. That's it. Go with majority like everyone else in society these days. Forget your origin forget history and don't bother having insights on the matter.

          Renaming to Lunar is huge deal. You are basically wiping the CNY definition.

          You aren't willing to accept its been called many years as CNY and all of a sudden just go with what others think it should be called. The only justification because all other cultures celebrates their own way.

          All this multicultural bull crap. Chinese new year was already accept many years ago as the festival name. So why all of a sudden with such a political move? Makes zero sense

          Go to China and ask them what lunar new year is. Most of them will confuse think you talking moon festival. Nobody use LNY as CNY over there.

          Any how I'm not gonna bother arguing about it. You have your lunar I have my CNY. I appreciate history and you don't. That is it

          You guys need to think for yourself and not accepting governments propaganda

          If you like to be brainwashed in not gonna stop you. Go ahead believe everything government tells you


            @neonlight: Good work. Instead of dealing with the case presented, you instead resort to spouting conspiracy theories and then continue to repeat your incorrect assertion that the direct translation from the Mandarin used to describe the festival is part of some sort of cultural genocide plot.

            So are you Chinese or not? It's a simple question.


              @Nomadesque: wow, just wow, you're the one that's trying to make up shyt trying to profile people, and you call others spouting conspiracy theories?


          I've been citizen here for close to 30 years. so neither

          but which one are you? the snowflake that took offence to it call chinese new year for so many years, and force the government to change it to represent you cos you're a chinese hater? I too can make assumption about you.


            @optusprime: Haha, no one is forcing anyone to do anything. All I've done is make the presumably correct observation that the festival isn't called Chinese New Year in China, which is something that you refuse to acknowledge.

            There's nothing wrong with changing the historical name of something if we find out that there's a better translation of that thing which better reflects the language that the thing was originally named in. That's why we now tend to use Aboriginal place names for sites that are culturally significant for them instead of what someone decided to call a place post 1788 (e.g. Uluru instead of Ayers Rock).

            As for being a snowflake, based on the comments in this thread it's pretty clear who's getting more triggered by a communications company running a promotion (because at the end of the day, that's all this is).

            • +1 vote

              @Nomadesque: it's not only Telstra, it's many local governments seaking incorrect political correctness since there's a handful of non Chinese asian complainting that they also celebrate Chinese new year, it's just the type of society we are living in correct, it's more important to be politically correct than factually correct. to better serve the snowflakes.

              I for one want future generation kids to understand that this is a Chinese new year, in generated in China, and everyone else took after us.

              • -2 votes

                @optusprime: You do know that the Chinese weren't the first to come up with the lunisolar calendar, right?

                I'm pretty sure that the Egyptians got the jump on you by a fair number of years.


                  @Nomadesque: proof it, proof that egyptians did chinese new year before the chinese, and came up with the chinese zodiac


                    @optusprime: I'm talking about the lunisolar calendar upon which the festival is based, not the Chinese zodiac.

      • +1 vote

        Tell that to the Koreans, when their celebrations don't always fall on the same day as Chinese New Year.