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$20/Month off First 6 Months (50/20 & 100/40 Unlimited Plans Only) @ Aussie Broadband (New Customers)


Got this in the mail, not sure what the requirements are.

Mod Edit: Applies to 50/20 & 100/40 Unlimited Plans Only.

NBN 50/20 Unlimited Plan: $79/Month ($59/Month for the first 6 months)
NBN 100/40 Unlimited Plan: $99/Month ($79/Month for the first 6 months)

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  • Wish the code was SHOULDBECURRENTMEMBERS20

    • I think they even beat telstra now for there, we only care about new customers promos haha.

      It's sad the the way the NBN is going, you need to switch ever 6 months to get a good deal

      • Welcome to modern day management and KPIs

        • Agree!

          Management, especially at service providers, have been imposing ridged and illogical KPIs on their staff for years without showing any ability to adapt when the unintended consequences become bleedingly obvious. Staff that can still think for themselves work out how to game the system while others slavishly follow along even when it negatively impacts their customers.

    • Yeah, they refused to honor their promises they made me over the phone.

      They even got the voice recording and admitted the events were like i described.

      But still no honoring.

      Exetel however offered a deal they weren't even advertising to "say sorry for having to put up with a bad isp" .

      I know plenty also dont like exetel, but its just one example.

      • When I was researching which provider to go with for ADSL I looked at Exetel. Exetel was bashed on Whirlpool, mainly because of lack of customer service. As I knew all about setting a connection and resolving faults on my end, I went with them. Needles to say, they wee better than expected. Any time that there was a problem, customer service would respond and it would be resolved. The connection was reliable and speed was good.

      • I'm paying $59.99 a month for 50/20 unlimited with Exetel on a 12 month contract. Never had a problem with their service or setup or speed. Not sure why so many people bash them online. Previously I was paying Telstra $99 for the same thing and now on Exetel the speed is no different.

    • Yawn. Typical mob whinge, showing disloyalty in all ABB deals.

      We're rewarded every month, with the best quality quality in Aus.

    • Why would they discount all of their current member's monthly plans by $20/month? That would be idiotic on their behalf.

  • Not bad. Might just switch, as my $10 discount with my current ISP is ending in a month.

    • +3 votes

      Did the same :D . Getting 48Mbps on the 50/20 NBN plan.

    • Who are you currently with?

      • Barefoot (=Mate Communicate). Their service is good, and connection seems quite decent (though fast.com barely gives me 30Mbps, while speedtest.net gives me 46Mbps). But I'll be paying $69/month soon, and on AussieBB I'd be paying $20 less with this discount (I am a light user).

        • Switch to AussieBB, you wont regret it.

          • -7 votes

            @EvilOverLord: I already regret of listening to the ABB fans. Sick of people keep on saying ABB is great but actually it's average. Probably you guys have used the s**t RSP like myrepublic in the past and then think a pretty average RSP is great.

            • @sfac: Comparing apples to oranges mate.

            • @sfac: Its the customer service that lacks.

              I think most of the "fanboys" have never had an issue go to 'Director' level.

              What arrogance, and outright lies.

              Aussie "mateship" is dead in the business world, if you need help, expect to be dragged over coals.

            • @sfac: Mate ABB are definitely not average. Been with a fair few ISPs over the years and they're the best by far. The only ISP that comes close was internode before they got bought by iinet. Great speeds unaffected by congestion and exceptional customer service.

              • @Ryballs: Was with Optus for 15 years and Telstra before that. ABB beats them hands down. ESPECIALLY for nbn. Optus and their nbn migration almost gave me an aneurysm 😡 Changed to ABB and I never have to think about my connection. It just works!

              • @Ryballs: Denied $150 of owed product from me.

                Ceo admitted events went as i claimed, yet "they are not obliged to help" .

                Flew to their office (had friends to visit interstate, why not?).
                Upper managment refused to meet with me.

                Ive worked with several ISP's first hand.

                Tens of customers come in to "speak to us" a week.

                Never have i seen any of the managment be so rude as to refuse.

                During initial discussions also, despite me being in the (virtual) room, refused to aknowledge me, or speak to me. Only "about" me.

                My elderly parents use exetel support at least once a week, every time they get a solution, and a 'freebie' for their troubles.

                abb couldnt even keep their own assurances.


                Mod: removed foul language.

          • @EvilOverLord: Except for the sales pitch phone call at 7pm 'cos you have to put your mobile number in just to get a price…..

  • Anyone know how soon we can signup prior to official NBN connection date? My house is not due until April-June according to NBNco but keen to take up AussieBB $20 off offer.

    • From previous deals, I believe you can pre-order.

    • Enter your address, and it will tell you if pre-order is available yet.

    • My house was first due for Mid 2017
      Then it was delayed to late 2018
      Then it was delayed again to mid 2019
      So I wouldn't be so eager to sign up, at this point I don't know if I'll ever get it. Even then it will be shitty FTTN.

    • I had the same query, I have just rung them and yes you can preorder. My RFS is 1st of May and I have just preordered to get the $20 off offer.

      • Ok looks like I may have to call them, thanks. I tried online and it did not allow me. Now I also have to signup under my wifes name as my name was used to sign up at my parents, stupid me.

  • Since there is no contract month to month, can't you just end then sign up again?

    • "new customers only"

      I think they're pretty good at remembering who is "new"

    • They generally lock down an address once a code is used to prevent people from doing just that i.e if you use a code at your current address they’ll flag it in their system and you’ll be prohibited from using another code in future.

      Not sure if there is a period of time where your address gets forgotten though, like 12mths down the track.

    • I've done it at least once before -> I went with Telecube for 6 months then went back to ABB and was eligible again.

    • Ends Feb 28 2019. And, there might be a slight twist. If you don't opt for 24 months contract, the modem router isn't free. If you are on HFC, then you can you use own router (NBN will provide the modem).

      • That’s pretty obvious if you are not in 24 month contract, you are not going to keep the modem for free.

        • So the question is that is the Netcomm router worth anything? They charge you $149 for that router if you are not on any contract (you don't have to buy it). So, when you think about that, even with the $120 off. If you opted for contract free option BUT you want that router, I am not sure whether you are actually better off.

          Obviously, the $120 saving is good if you are on a contract. Furthermore, if you know any mate / friend on AussieBB currently, ask the mate for the referral code. Even though stacking is not allowed, he/she will get $50 credit. I put my mate's code in it. Even though I couldn't stack it, it is good he's got $50. He did refer me anyway.

          ABB support are very good. They know what's going on and you get the answers right away.

          • @netsurfer: “If you opted for contract free option BUT you want that router, I am not sure whether you are actually better off.”

            Well off contract you almost cover the cost of the router and have the safety net of being able to leave should you not like the service or find a better offer.

            FWIW I believe the routers serviceable but nothing special.

      • NBN (HFC) has just become available. Does that mean I don't need a new modem based on what you've said?

        I've currently got a ADSL2+ router isn't VDSL compatible

        • see my comment link below TeeJay, depends on your setup, NBN will give you a NCD, so if you only have one computer over a cable then sure you can plug it into the device they give you (via an ethernet cable!), otherwise you'll need a WiFi router that sends the internet from the NCD to your home to the other devices…so if you have this already then yes you don't need anything (I use a Asus RT-AC68U WiFi router). Otherwise you need something to take that internet connection and send it to devices over WiFi e.g. from the service provider (their modem as an option but not necessary, see pros mentioned in the other post) or elsewhere.


  • Love the salty comments. They have a great business model and can actually retain customers without having to 'bribe' them to stay

    • Haha yeah. I think people just see "discount" and existing customers feel left out. They should call it a "trial period" or something.

      Having said that financial incentives to retain customers is a thing, however I expect if they provide a good service, people don't leave, so there is no need to offer an incentive.

    • True, Ozbargainers aren't generally the right demographic for 'premium price, premium service' providers.

  • New customers only. Doesn't apply to existing customers.

    • Nothing ever does, lol

      • You obviously don’t use Kogan mobile, all their upgrade perks apply to existing customers, and all new customers who sign up.

        • Comment was meant to be taken lightly. I know there are providers out there that do. But it's rare

  • Please also title it "New customers only" and cannot be in conjunction with any other codes

  • How long until your a new customer again?

  • Can’t get the discount to show up on sign up? Am I missing something? Thx

  • If I churn from my current provider (skymesh) and am on HFC, will I have much downtime between providers (assuming I plan the start date with ABB to be my end date with Skymesh)?

    • Not at all. AussieBB run these every few months with either $10/$20 off the unlimited 50/20 and 100/40 plans.

      Other months they generally just have first month free.

    • Doubt it. If it were part of this offering by NBN, they would likely have a contract on the deal, as customers that connect or upgrade on that deal, then disconnect or downgrade, could require the RSP to pay the rebate back to NBN.

  • Thanks op. Just signed up as my mate 6mth deal ends.. cheers 👍

  • First month free is a better deal if buying a larger plan…or can they stack?

    • Stacking is not allowed, but referral can still applied (to the person who referred you to them). That person can still get the benefit, while you will get whichever code offers you the most discount (but only that one).

    • This is a better deal isn't it? First month free on 100mbps plan is only $100. This will give $120 back

  • I preordered using this discount code a month ago, but NBN hasn't yet gone live in my area (still a couple of weeks away it seems). What are the chances they let me change over to this deal?

    • I had the same thing happen when Mungi went bust. Whoever I rang said it has to go on whatever code was originally ordered but I pushed the point and they changed it to the better promo with was pretty similar to this one.

  • is this $20 off every month for 6 months (~$120)?

  • I can see the code applied to my application, but the monthly amount doesn't reduce by the $20 - stays @ $79 per month. Also tried it via the normal website and then adding the code and the page updated but still showed $79 p/mth.. I haven't gone all the way through as NBN isn't ready till 22nd and I was just testing in advance of making a decision - is the discount only applied after confirmation ???

    • On the right hand side at the last page where it has the price, it should list the plan price, then say something like ‘$20 discount for 6 months’. The actual plan won’t change from $79 but just make sure it says something like what I said before.

  • +3 votes

    Thanks, signed up.
    Tried to get NBN installed with TPG. Sh*t customer service and lack of understanding due to the language barrier. Hoping for better result with Aussie Broadband to finally get NBN installed at my house.

    • +3 votes

      you'll get aussies, so languauge shouldn't be an issue.
      Customer service OTOH, they sound nice and tell you want you want to hear, but in my experience they don't follow through, don't make notes reflecting the conversation had & what was agreed.

      Their complaints process is fairly non-existant. I've had one (with multiple complaints) open since mid Decemeber, they tried to call twice between Xmas & NYE, when i wasn't in reception, then emailed to say they'd closed it because I didn't respond. I eventually got it re-opened and I've only had one call (and they were no help, as they hadn't bothered to actually read the complaints), despite numerous request for an update. nada.

      Oh and good luck with any billing issues. I've spent an month sorting out ~$150 of mystery "number held for Call diversion fee", "number re-activation", "call diversion calls", 2 x VOIP connection charges.

      So far I've wasted 6h45min in 2mths dealing with issues & complaints.

      Sure their service is quick & reliable. But their customer service is crap.

      • I think you're confusing AussieBroadband and Australia Broadband.

        Two totally different companies.

        • +8 votes

          Nope, it's AussieBB down in Morwell,

          Initial call
          "We have NBN phone only and want to move across to Aussie to get broadband & homehone too. So please don't migrate the service across until we call, so we can have time to setup a home phone divert with Telstra"
          - Sure, no problem we can do that.

          "Since it'll take up to 3 weeks to port the home phone across, can we get a temp number"
          - Absolutely, it'll be setup

          NBN service (which was phone only) gets disconnected before the modem even arrived. No VOIP.

          Several phone calls to work out what happened & how can it be fixed.
          Explanation - We detected you had an active NBN service, so we moved it across. And we're waiting for you're number to port across, did you want a temp number? Oh BTW you're old number needs to be re-activated so that will be a $79 charge.
          "That was your fault, we shouldn't have to pay that."

          On every phone call. "Now mum's in hospital, so can you call me instead of her, especially when the old number "
          (They don't, they keep calling mum and leaving messages, but her phone is off & doesn't see them.)

          "Now when the original number gets ported, can we keep the temp number for a few days so we can let people know it's working again?"
          Absolutely, just call us when you want to disconnect it

          Several days later, the temp number stops working, but the ported number starts working
          "you guys said you'd keep it active until we called up"
          Oh sorry I do see that, we automatically just cut them off when the number ports across.
          Did you want me to reconnect it?, we'd have to disconnect your ported numbers…
          "No, don't worry, that's too much hassle, leave it disconnected"

          and the story continued with other minor issues. I also lodged a complaint about it (I did ask on most calls previously if a Team Leader/manager could call me to disucss the issues, but no one ever did). AFter two weeks, a person did try to call twice between Xmas & NYE, but I was out of range, so they left a message to call back. Then I got an email to say they were closing my complaint due to lack of a response on my part.

          Then I started looking at the billing as mum said it seemed quite high.
          I've had nearly a month of via email of the following type of conversation

          "The billing isn't correct, what are the W,X,Y,Z charges for?"
          (reactivation fee, diversion fee, diversion call fees, multiple VOIP service fees)
          You're billing is correct
          "No what about W,X,Y,Z charges"
          Oh sorry I can see X is wrong, I'll credit you $49
          "No X was for $79, and what about W, Y & Z"
          <chased up several times again>
          Oh I see it was wrong I'll refund another $30, but all the other billing is correct.

          I decided to just call up
          "So what about W,Y & Z?"
          They're correct.
          "Why are you charging twice for Voip?"
          We aren't
          "Yes invoice A,B,C have NBN + VOIP charges, and W,Y,Z also has seperate VoIP charges."
          Oh I see, well that's because we have two services?
          "No just the one"
          You've got the <temp number> & the <ported number>
          "No you guys cut the temp number off"
          You said you were going to call when you wanted it cancelled.
          "Yes, then you guys cut it off, "
          Oh did we. oh ok, I suppose I can refund you W,Y,Z then too.

          "So whilst I'm here, can I get an update on my complaints?"
          Umm ok hang on.
          "It was with Mr W, he's only called me once that wa a few weeks ago and he promised to get back to me shortly, I've emailed several times, but there's no response"
          Yes I see he's given the billing issue to me
          "And what about the other complaints about the mess with porting numbers, agreeing to something on numerous occasions and then it didn't happen and blah blah blah"?
          Yes I think he's forgotten about it.

          Anyway just my experince with Aussie Broadband. IMHO their customer service is crap.

          • @DisabledUser35983: Yea I had a similar bad experience around a modem warranty. I would ring and explain the circumstances but they kept ignoring what I was saying and going off their notes but not reading back far enough. It took a couple of calls and three different people before they read "all" the notes and discovered what I was saying was true. Then they came up with two other reasons why the warranty was invalid in the one phone call. I could see they were determined not to honour it. Eventually I just retrieved the modem and churned away. That was all done via billing.

            The times I have had to deal with support as in fixing a fault I really can't criticize them at all. Always been very helpful and sorted out my issue.

            The network side of things…eg… performance of my NBN link, was always near perfect. Occasionally a few days of slow down during peak only to have them increase capacity and back to good again.

            All up I would still recommend Aussie for new customers but for me personally the modem saga left a sour taste.

          • @DisabledUser35983: Hi Supabrudda,

            I have spoken to our Complaints manager and he has already tried to get in touch via phone and email with you. If you have not received his messages, or are having no luck, please message us here and we will help to get the problems sorted.


            • +4 votes

              @Aussiebroadband: your complaints manager tried to call at night, then sent an email saying he'd keep the complaint open for 5 days. This is after me trying to chase him up several times over 2 weeks and not hearing a thing back.

              Seriously, after all the issues we had and nearly 7 weeks of chasing up to get even a partial response and I get a 5 day deadline? Hardly fair is it? I have to read & respond in my spare time yet you guys who get paid to read & respond, then drag their feet. Then they still fail to address most of the concerns/complaints. Almost as good as your billing guys offering a "good will gesture refund" for stuff we shouldn't have been charged in the first place.

              Seriously, your No Bull motto doesn't hold up in my experience.

              • +1 vote

                @DisabledUser35983: He works very hard and handles very upset customers to the best of his ability. We have 10 business days to get in touch from the day that the complaint is filed. He has changed his working hours from 9-5 to accommodate customers who aren't available until the evening or are in WA. The information on timelines and days, etc, is a quote that we must give to follow the ACMA regulations. It's in the new complaints handling regulations. We have to by law say what he's stating word for word. We're very sorry that you find it upsetting, but we must follow regulations. -Mel

                • +4 votes

                  @Aussiebroadband: Well why is the reason he's working so hard? Too many complaints? Maybe he needs assistance? Neither of that is the customer's fault. So please don't blame us. Callng up at 7:30pm (which I'm sure most would consider unreasonable), leaving a message, even though I've previously asked to just email. Is that reasonable? And then I'm expected to call back and wait 30mins in a queue just to see if he's available. Is that reasonable for a customer?

                  More importantly maybe read what I've written rather then go on a tangential rant? (thats my job).

                  Do the new regulation state you must wait the 10 days? Nope
                  Do the new regulation state you can only allow a maximum of 5 days for the customer to respond? Nope That's the annoying bit. Don't drag your feet then tell me to hurry up and respond. I'm already annoyed, why poke the bear?
                  Do the regulation state you must ring twice during the Christmas-New Year holiday period, then close the case because the person, who'd been waiting 2 weeks, is out of telephone range? I know it's bizare that people might want to take time off then.

                  How about rather then coming here with a smarty reply, go have a listen to the recordings of the countless calls I made. Listen to what was agreed, The look at what was actually done, then listen to the subsequent calls, listen to what was agreed, etc etc. Then come back and apologies. I would suggest you read the notes, but it turns out there weren't many accurate ones available. go figure eh? You might also hear how on just about every single call, I asked if a team leader or manager could call me to have a chat about the issues. Did one ever call? Nope. Maybe if they had, I wouldn't have got this far.

                  Then we get onto the incorrect billing. Why did it take 4 goes to get ~$150 in incorrect billing sorted? It shouldn't have happened in the first place, but mistakes are made. But it should be sorted on the first contact, not just ignore most qurestions about billing in the original complaint, then have to keep pushing & pushing until it gets sorted.

                  I strongly suspect if I didn't have my rant here, it'd still be just as frustrated.

                  Looking forward to your next post

    • Tried to get NBN installed with TPG. Sh*t customer service and lack of understanding due to the language barrier. Hoping for better result with Aussie Broadband to finally get NBN installed at my house.

      Almost in a similar boat
      currently with TPG ADSL
      have to shift to NBN next month as ADSL will be disconnected

      before TPG I was with iiNet. Signed up with iiNet (when they were independent) but iiNet imo had awful customer service
      Switched to TPG, over two years ago and had no issues
      TL DR my personal experience with the company with bad customer service was good, and with the company with good customer service, I had nothing but trouble

      Seriously thinking about Aussie as their typical speeds at NBN100 are 91, while TPG is 71 (assuming this is because TPG oversubscribe)
      Called TPG customer service,to query this and they were like, well its only 7-11pm (and I said yes that is when I'm home from work and will actually use it)

      In terms of a modem which one is better? TPG (TPLink or Huawei) Aussie do Netcomm

      Is it true that if I sign a two year deal with Aussie, and I decide to leave before, I only pay off the modem? (and not the actual balance of the monthly internet fee?)

      • I'd be careful with the lower end TP-Link modems. I started off with a VR600 and the Wi-Fi was always dropping out. Pretty sure it used to overheat and restart itself too. Just a really unstable device.

        I ended up returning it to the seller and upgrading to the VR2800: https://www.tp-link.com/au/products/details/Cat-15_Archer-VR... Haven't had any issues since. Great Wi-Fi and solid as a rock. Note this is for FTTN, not FTTP.


    You don't know how much it pains me to see all these temporary offers 6 months before I'm likely to be able to even get the NBN :\

    • My sis address got nbn HFC ready in early-2017 but she didn't make the switch.

      Then they pulled out all HFC enrols to fix the shambles.

      ETA was Q4-2018 on FTTC

      then changed to ETA Dec.2018 back to HFC

      but now ETA Nov.2019