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Aussie Broadband - 1st Month Free on NBN Plans up to $99 a Month


Aussie broadband are offering free month's NBN for plans up to $99 a month.

Enter code TV1FREE when signing up online.

I received the code after deleting cookies and browsing the Aussie Broadband website. No terms and conditions or webpages displayed but presume
based on past codes new customers only and no stacking with refer a friend although referrer usually still gets $50. Please see https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/29476/65527/screenshot...

The rep has posted:

Our general promotions terms and conditions still apply-

Confirmation that referrer (but not the referee) still gets $50 if trying to persuade a friend

From Aussie Broadband transcript:

Courtney 10:50:31 am
you get the $50 credit and they get the promo

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  • Thanks OP. Was in the process of signing up last night and stopped, thinking "they'll have another sign up bonus soon"

  • Is this ISP any good in terms of customer service and congestion/speed? Looking for some opinions to sign up with new ISP for internet plans

    • Absolutely. In my opinion, the best I've experienced, swapped from Telstra ADSL to AB FTTC and was up and running in less than 3 days..
      Never dropped below 95mbit on 100/40 plan

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        do you have issues now? Those charts look all OK.

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        Their contention ratio is good. They provision enough cvc evidenced by their graphs which no other ISP makes public. They use Telstra global for transit, have local support and a whirlpool presence that gives a damn. Where are your other graphs for competitors? How are we going to gauge this "overload" on their networks?

      • best but since they have changed to the unlimited model they are slowly going down hill imo.

        They haven't changed their CVC stop sell policy

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          Aussie Broadband is fine. I think people are just jumping the gun and predicting there will be problems, when there’s no evidence that it is the case.

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      Oz customer service and they try to be helpful. Pretty good at handling congestion.
      If you can work out where your POI is

      you can check the traffic on their local CVC

      you can see ping tests, etc too.

      We've had mixed customer service. some of the family have connected and it's been great.
      The oldies had their home phone to churn across. they absolutely ballsed it up on numerous occasions, they agreed to various requests but never bothed with them. Requests to called back were just ignored. Pretty shitty experience.

      All in all, the internet works well, but the much publicised excellent customer service isn't always up to scratch, they just tell you what you want to hear, even if they have no intention of actually doing it. If you want to port your phone across, your number will go offline for up to 3 weeks (something they may not tell you during sign up). Promises to not activate your service until you call up (so you get a chance to setup a divert), didn't happen, so your number will get disconnected (and therefore you can't organise a divert), then it's apparently Telstra's fault.

      • If you want to port your phone across, your number will go offline for up to 3 weeks (something they may not tell you during sign up). Promises to not activate your service until you call up (so you get a chance to setup a divert), didn't happen, so your number will get disconnected (and therefore you can't organise a divert), then it's apparently Telstra's fault.

        I was called out to a clients place to help her with setting up those Cisco boxes that bridge your old phones to VoIP. Aussie Broadband sent out 2 to her preconfigured. One for her beach house and one for her home, I plugged in first one and connected phone/internet waited for it to sync up. The phone worked and I configured the dialtones based on a whirlpool post to make it so you don't just have silence when you pickup a phone, the calls worked but came up as her beach house.

        Packed that VoIP box away and got out the 2nd one they sent for her home phone. I plugged it in and dialed myself… the number was not one she recognized. The dialtone was already configured on this box but the username/password belonged to another customer of theirs, we'd stolen their phone number (and I presume all calls would be charged to that). Had to call up their support and spend an hr on the phone with them as they tried to work out how it happened. The guy I spoke to gave me the VoIP username/password (you can get this from "my account" but she didn't know her password so got him to reset that too).

        After logging in with correct username/password we could dial out from her phone with the correct number but any attempts to call in were just sent to her mobile from a call diversion, she told me she never set that up (her mobile is also with aussie bb so perhaps they did it as a convenience?) I asked the CS rep to remove the divert and he said it's not possible for him and he will have to refer it up to a supervisor and that he wasn't sure why a diversion was placed as apparently it's not procedure.

        Their internet is great but probably don't recommend them to people who still use a landline. To their credit the support was local, we weren't on hold for too long (the hold message says the word "bullshit" multiple times which made the elderly customer a bit shocked as they say "sick of the bullshit from other providers? we offer no bullshit support") and the support guy was lovely to speak to with a great attitude which stopped me from being upset/angry.

        • I'll add my positive VoIP experience to these 2 negatives.

          Signed my folks up for NBN Fixed Wireless. When this was up and running I cancelled their ADSL2+ with Telstra as I had heard is is easier to port a landline across that doesn't have ADSL on the line.

          Once the home phone had switched to a standard line i then submitted the VoIP porting request.

          Was given a day it would happen.

          That day came around and sure enough the landline dropped. I plugged in the Cisco SPA112 I had purchased. I had copied all the recommended settings from their Website and a Whirlpool post. Only issue I had was the VoIP password. My Aussie listed a 4 digit password. I called and the guy generated a new one (this now shows in My Aussie). Saved the username and password in the Cisco SPA112 and all worked perfectly. He could see it register as I hit save.

          One thing I also did was routed the VoIP line throughout their whole house and shed. This means their outdoor extension bells still ring as well. (After disconnecting them from the Telstra network)

          Yes, I do work in IT and have an idea what I am doing, but not all landline to VoIP stories are bad! The only downtime they had was from when it when offline until I arrived home from work and connected it up.

          Note the above wont work with FTTN or FTTC. Should be fine with FTTP & HFC

    • Congestion and speed is excellent. Absolutely 0 complaints.

      Can't say much about the customer service though, since I've not had to call them once since being with them for over 12 months!

    • I have a measurement box that Choice magazine aggregates into their broadband provider performance page

      ABB have been at the top of the 100/40 HFC list since they had enough data points to start reporting on 100/40 HFC

      There's seems to be some uncleaned data in there, but if you search on your technology & speed you should see where ABB rate (nationally) for each

      Tech support - quick, smart - the person who answers the phone can probably solve your problems

      Only place where the ball is dropped in communication on wider NBN issues, but I suspect NBN is the cause there

  • Good thing I waited for another deal - I knew there was another one on the way!

  • I can thoroughly recommend Aussie to anyone considering switching.

    When we did have an outage, we didn't get a generic 'Sorry, we'll try and fix it soon!" But a detailed breakdown explaining the wholesaler's fibre card on the backhaul to the PoI was down, they were sending a tech to collect parts direct from the airport, etc. This went on every 3 hours or so with detailed status updates so everyone knew what was going on and the expected resolution time.

    Every time I've called tech support I talked to someone who had high-level knowledge, so could understand my specific symptoms, and get me resolved quick.

  • Highly reccomended, great support, helped me on a couple of occasions.

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    No terms and conditions or webpages displayed but presume based on past codes new customers only and no stacking with refer a friend although referrer usually still gets $50.

    Our general promotions terms and conditions still apply-

    • My sister signed up only 2 days ago (I talked them into your company instead of iinet that they were with).
      Any chance of them getting this deal? They don't even have your modem or anything yet.

    • I wonder if ACCC would look favourably on the no asterisks or link to terms and conditions on the marketing spiel. It's not obvious to me and I think the reasonable person that it's for new customers only.

      I don't want to be rude or mean but just a suggestion.

      Having said the above the promotional terms and conditions look reasonable and something a lawyer would have written so maybe it is ok?

    • Hi rep,
      I sent you a message, hope you can help me. Thanks

  • Hi rep,
    can I sign up for a $99 plan (100/40) for the first month and change it to the $79 plan (50/20) for the second month? Will I get billed only $79?
    I just got NBN HFC activated in my area, but I'm not sure if I can get the full speed


  • Hi AussieBB rep,can I try a faster plan on the first month then downgarde on the second month?

    Also is the custom plan under $99 included in this promotion?


  • Thinking of getting NBN but can't see any price including FETCH TV.

    We currently have FETCH TV with iinet and my wife uses it several times a day and there is reluctant to swap if there is no FETCH TV.

    I can see that the Family Package is $79 per month with a casual phone plan.

    How much more would it be to add on the FETCH TV with all the channels?

    • https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/nbn-plans/fetch/

      Ultimate channel pack is $20/month. If you need to rent the fetch box that’s another $10-$15/month

    • If you are moving ISP use it as a reason to buy a retail Fetch TV box.

      Once you own the box you can pay fetch directly for the channel subscriptions if you want them and then you aren't paying for a box you don't own which stops working if you ever leave your ISP.

      • On the flip side due to you not owning it the $15 a month fee basically gives you unlimited warranty due to it being leased.

        I don't know if it's just bad luck but I know my parents have had 2 replacements due to faults in the time they've had it with Optus.

        • Have also had 2 failed Fetch boxes and switched to a Beyonwiz T2 when the 2nd one died.

        • But you're just paying for the 'unlimited warranty' anyway.

          Fetch Mighty boxes have previously been on sale for $320.
          Renting for 24 months means you pay $360 so even if the box breaks after 25 months you are still better off.

          However Fetch have recently increased the RRP from $399 to $449 so they might not sell that cheap again.

          Even buying one at the current RRP, the box only needs to last 34 months before you are better off.
          Those extra 10 months beyond the warranty period would easily be covered by the ACL (or your credit card insurance).

          Renting the Mini makes no sense.
          They have a RRP of $169 or a monthly fee of $10 so even if the Mini you own breaks every 25 months and you buy a new one you're still saving $70 every 2 years!

          • @spaceflight: Yeah I'm just saying, there is an upside to the lease thing. It is a bummer it's not a lease to own type thing though. Some people might prefer the $15 a month get rid of it whenever type deal.

            • @brad1601:

              Yeah I'm just saying, there is an upside to the lease thing

              Is there?

              You're financially worse of.

              If you really want the 'unlimited warranty' then buy an extended warranty.

              A 4 year warranty with the Fetch Mighty from Harvey Norman is $558 which then gives you a total of 6 years warranty ($7.75 per month)

              You'd pay $1,440 to lease it for 6 years.

              Some people might prefer the $15 a month get rid of it whenever type deal.

              I don't doubt that, but it isn't the best financial thing do to.

              You can always sell the Fetch that you own if you want to get rid of it.


    If I sign up for fetchtv does that include a fetch box or do I have to purchase the box serpately. Which box does it include (if any)

  • I'm on Optus FTTN, should I switch to AB?

    • Are you having problems with Optus? If so, for sure.

      Otherwise why switch from what's not broken?

  • My NBN is planned to be connected sometime between JAN-MAR, any chance I can get this deal for when I am able to sign up store rep?

  • Does a technician come out and set everything up so its ready to go as soon as you boot up your PC? Or is the modem sent out and left to the customer to do it all?

    • It is usually the later. What type of NBN do you have FTTN/FTTP/FTTC/HFC/Fixed Wireless/Satellite?

      • I think FTTC

        • You will get a special NBN FTTC modem - just plug it into your old phone socket. You will still need a router, which you then plug into the NBN modem. You can use your own router or you can get one from the Aussie/other retailer.

          Router > NBN FTTC Modem > wall socket

          Just be aware that if you are planning on using a landline you will need one of 3 things

          • a router with a built in phone port from normal phones (Phone > router > Modem)
          • an internet Voip/IP phone (plugs into the modem. IP Phone > Router > Modem)
          • an ATA (a small device that turns your phone into a IP phone. Phone > ATA > Router> Modem)

          Your retailer will provide a router with phone port (may be a fee) that is the easiest way, it is already set up and has the least parts.

    • Technician coming out depends on what NBN you have at your property (FTTP/FTTN/FTTC/HFC/Fixed Wireless/etc)
      You will get a modem if you sign up to a 2-year contract. Month-to-month doesn't get one.
      If you do get one, it will be pre-setup for you, plug and play.

  • I am on Telstra Cable…nbn just got activated in the area. Do I want to jump to NBN or I drag this as long as I could (another 2 years?)

    • It's 18 months isn't it? We get NBN here next month, but I'm probably going to just stick with Cable until I'm forced to change, or there is an incredible offer.

    • Me too. $90 per month (was $70 until end of November 2018) for 50/4 cable that to be fair has been pretty reliable for a long period of time or $99 for 100/40? NBN for theoretically twice as fast download and 10 times faster uploads but a bit of an unknown quantity. I also thought I would wait until the end of the 18 months but now not so sure.

  • I’m thinking of getting rid of nbn….with Aussie atm and they are great but so is mobile 4g speeds and for $69 per month its too much. I’ll be using data from phone. NBN prices r crazy high

    • I'm waiting for the NBN to arrive, which 4g service has decent enough quota that you can dump for?

      • Atm I just burn through Kogan $1 sims with 42gig a month. I’d prob go to Optus long term. Good to split among several phones. 200 gig for 3 sims @$60

  • I'm actually scared to change providers now that I don't have congestion. But I'm with iiNet so RIP me regardless.

  • Aussie Broadband have been great! No qualms on reliability however they are a tad expensive. Does anyone have suggestions on a no-contract and no set up fees ISP? Ideal speed will be 45mbps at a minimum for 500gb+. Will also be interested in 23mbps plans for 250gb+ if the price is right.

    • if only one existed

    • Not with any reputation for decent service. I'm changing from Internode to ABB as it's cheaper and it's not a TPG arm.

    • Head on over to Whirlpool forums and check out the "Other Broadband" section. You will find a number of smaller ISP's that are doing good things at on going prices better than Aussie. The main difference is Aussie are a proven product and you know what you are going to get month on month. They deal directly with NBN and it shows. The smaller ISP's, it's a gamble. They start out great but as they grow some have problems competing, service suffers. My advice is if you are looking for a cheaper on going price, give one of them a go, I did and am happy, but make sure there is no contract so you can leave easily if things go south.

      • Thanks for responding! Much appreciated. I'll take a look but I admit I am cautious. We've had companies like MyRepublic who started great but turned awful after the first year.

  • I already have Telstra cable broadband. Can I reuse my Telstra cable modem to get NBN?

    • Don't believe so, changing to NBN means a new modem which is supplied by NBN (no charge) and you connect your own router to that.

    • NBN comes with it's own modem but that only has 1 wan port and you can use your existing Telstra Cable Modem as a wifi router.

    • If you have one of the recent Telstra cable modems then you can.

      They have a port on them which connects to the NBN supplied modem.

      • Define recent.

        I've a at least a few years old Telstra Cable modem that only supports 2.4Ghz that has a red WAN port.

        • that has a red WAN port

          That's what you need.
          I couldn't remember the colour and didn't want to guess.

          Define recent

          Any modem with a red WAN port :)

  • Completed the sign-up form, activated and connected in 15 minutes. Nice.

  • I am on a out-of-contract Telstra unlimited cable plan with speedboost. I am paying $90 a month. Should I jump on this or use my cable as long as possible? Someone told me that NBN isn't as good as Telstra Cable in most cases.

    • Stick with Telstra cable imo as you should be getting 115 down which exceeds what you'd get on NBN HFC (only 100). Unless of course you have a need for more upload speed.

      • I am leaning toward that since it's not getting much more value switching to NBN HFC ($9 extra, 24 months contract). I mainly watch Netflix and some online games so upload speed is not essential to me.

  • I'm switching from ADSLto NBN. Will Aussie Broadband provide a modem if I want a month by month service without locking myself in a contract for 24 months.

    FTTN and FTTB require a VDSL2-compatible modem. This VDSL2-compatible modem should be supplied by your RSP when you sign up to a plan. It is not supplied by nbn.

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