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$10 Popcorn Chicken Bucket (~80 Pieces) @ KFC


KFC is running the $10 popcorn chicken bucket promo again. You can add 2 large sides for $5.95 (Large Chips, Large Gravy, Large Potato and Gravy, Large Coleslaw, 1.25L Drink). If I remember correctly from the last promotion 1 of these buckets is about 80 pieces of popcorn chicken.

The $2 large chips will be starting around the 19th of march, will be app only like previous promotions.

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  • Have always wondered, for each order do they actually count 80 pieces or just hope for the best?

  • Took me 3-4 days to finish the bucket as a side dish. Good stuff. Thanks OP

    • Even better

    • Good. I specifically avoid halal meat. Practices that meaninglessly make animals suffer gruesome and painful deaths are disgusting and should be outlawed in all civil societies.

      • I just researched the difference and I will now avoid Halal meat as well.

        It's barbaric and needlessly brutal.

        • Not to mention it is a highly scammy and unregulated certification system that a few people make big $ from. All whilst manipulating who are suppliers and who can even be employed in certain roles. But you're not allowed to question it… or else.

          • @Xizor: Pity so many don't know the truth about it.

            I was actually under the impression that it was a MORE humane slaughter!!

            Cruelty for a fictional character… it's just insane

        • Talking about brutal and barbaric, did you know that chicken farms will grind the baby chicks alive that are small, sick or look unhealthy.

          You should just become vegan if this is your best argument


      • LOL, talking about halal in reference to Chickens is kinda silly given that few places stun Chickens before the heads are lopped off. Infact you'll find that Chickens are killed in a lot crueler fashion to satisfy the Asian Market, who perfer cooking chickens with the head still on.

        Also FYI, almost 100% of Australian Halal Beef/Lamb is Stunned prior to slaughter.

        If you are really concerned you should really avoid kosher meat as they wont accept anything that is stunned.

        Or dont be a hypocrite and become a vegan….

        • But the internet told them it was so…. Must be true!

        • Of course one should avoid kosher meat as well. I cannot hope to control the industry, however what i can do is take a stance - however minor its influence may have on consumer demand. I can not however, stand to see animals treated in inhumane ways for religious or other ideological beliefs.

          I am in no way a hypocrite. There is a significant difference between wanting to lesser the suffering of an animal and believing i should not consume them entirely. I should hope that much is obvious.
          I should also point out that i am indeed aware that some Australian meats claim to be "Halal" even with stunning, but this is not true Halal.

        • Incorrect.

          Halal and Kosher meat is stunned directly after the slitting of the throat and by using a reversible method of stunning while is less reliable.

          Source: [RSPCA] (

          • @imurgod: Your first point about the stunning occuring after the killing blow is administered is incorrect.

            As it states in that article, that applies to the 8 or so abbatoirs in Australia that are authorised to slaughter without prior stunning (for Halal or Kosher reasons, presumably).

            The majority of abbatoirs utilise pre-stunning for regular or Halal slaughter. Interestingly only Kosher meat doesn't allow any form of pre-stunning.

            As you've pointed out, the difference between Halal and non-Halal stunning is whether the stun in reversible or not.

            • @Nomadesque: Thanks for clearing that up. It's still horrific that it's allowed in 8 abattoirs!!

              I love it that a supposed benevolent, loving God wants humans to kill animals in a barbaric, painful way as opposed to a more humane method.

              I suppose he/she was also cool with paedophilia, so…

              Nice one, God.

      • Sorry to hear you believe that. I have heard a lot of butchers and farms brutally slaughtering and abusing animals and have seen it too and am against it but I have never seen it done at Halal butchers/farms so not sure where you're getting your information from.

        I specifically researched this and have asked educated people in this area both Muslims and non-muslims and they say to abuse an animal and brutally slaughter it is against Islam and makes it NOT Halal. For it to be halal the animals needs to live in a free and enjoyable life and when being killed they need to die instantly as if they feel pain it is not halal.
        I very much feel like this humane.

        If you research what companies did before they came up with killing vaccines for animals you will see that animals in non-halal farms suffered they did not die instantly without feeling any pain. Also Nowadays only some companies use stun guns like vaccines and stuff.

        This is why as a non-muslim I either eat halal food to be safe or eat meat from companies that I know have been humanely killed and treated with respect.

        Please I urge everyone don't speak before thinking as false words are what causes hate, killing and wars.

        • As a muslim, I appreciate that you wrote this. It's far too often that discussions about food devolves into pro/anti halal and both sides claim they know the truth.

        • The people you asked obviously don't know.

          A google search or reading previous posts will help you here (there's a reference provided from a recognised body rather than muslim and non-muslim friends)

          From what I read, ordinarily, animals are irreversibly stunned before slaughter so that they are not conscious and therefore feel no pain.

          Halal and Kosher slit the animals throat and then stun them using a reversible, less reliable method. Thus the animal certainly does feel pain albeit hopefully briefly.

          This is nothing to do with hate or anything like that. It's an unnecessarily brutal way to slaughter animals when there's a humane alternative.

          • @imurgod: I'm not sure what you mean by friends.

            I study religion at the University, one of my essays was on how Islam and Christians treat their meat.
            I did not ask friends or do simple google searches which can easily tell you false tales.

            I did extensive research days on top of that I have asked Scholars/Phd in Islamic religion and other organizations and based on that I wrote what I did.

            Now if your saying something different then maybe that company wherever it is it saying it is halal but in fact it is not halal because one of the most important things about killing an animal in Islam is that it can't feel pain, which means when cutting the throat it needs to be done in a way that it needs to be fast enough that the pain receptors do not activate.

            • @michael9865: They must use a magic method then, instead of an available, reliable method.

              If what you say is true (and I don't doubt that you believe it is). Why bother with post slaughter stunning at all?

              Its ludicrous that, in this day and age, people still act cruel and blame a made up fantasy creator.

              I wonder if humanity will ever do away with such idiotic notions and just do the right thing because it's the right thing to do.

              It's called integrity. You don't need to follow a pretend God to have it.

              • @imurgod: Why bother with post-slaughter stunning at all.
                Which companies do this?
                I've heard about making the animals go to sleep with anesthesia before killing.

                I agree with you I am not sure why people blame a religion for the cruelty when the religion does not even teach that. It is the people and maybe the culture.

                People can only blame themselves for their wrong-doings, not a religion or anyone else, this is why we have brains which give us choices.

                • @michael9865: Check the RSPCA website. Halal slaughter apparently does it this way.

                  I agree with your post.

                  Religion is an archaic, dogmatic problem for humanity and stands in the way or progress and enlightenment…. all for something that there has never, ever been any proof of!

        • Also Nowadays only some companies use stun guns like vaccines and stuff. - michael9865

          What? Vaccines are stun guns?

          • @cwongtech: vaccines(sleeping or killing liquid) are a form of stun guns yes.. but there are a variety of stun guns and I was clarifying the one I was talking about is the one where they inject the animals to go to sleep via a needle.

            Sorry vaccine is a very poor choice of word, it's not a vaccine

            • @michael9865: I don't think that's called a vaccine..
              That's just called lethal injection.
              They stun chickens using an electrified bath of water, or gassing them. It's faster than injecting a chicken one by one and waiting for the chicken to pass it.

              Please don't throw the word "vaccine" around as if it kills.
              It already has enough unjustified negative connotations associated with autism.

              • @cwongtech: yep which is why I said sorry for the poor choice of word.

                And yes they use gas for the chickens with sleeping gas with halal and only some companies use lethal gas.

                When i was talking about injection i was referring to cows…the bigger animals which i have seen done.

                Forgot we were just talking about Poultry here….forgot this was a kfc post…thanks for reminding me to get a bucket of popcorn these

      • It's funny that halal meat is what turns people into activists but kosher never gets mentioned.

      • Are halal deaths more gruesome and painful?
        Do you have a link (not google, you are making the claim)?

        ….seems inconclusive mainly because non-halal can be gruesome and painful too.
        ….the non-stun loophole stinks.

  • When you bringing Hot rods back OP :D?

  • Does anyone count to make sure they are getting 80?

  • The damn KFC branch @ Town Hall is now closed for renovation; can't be bothered to look where's the nearest branch.