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Tile Mate 2018 4 Pack with Replaceable Battery $77 + $7.95 Delivery @ Catch


After the deal for the old Tile Mate without replaceable batteries was posted I was on the hunt for a multi-pack of the 2018 model that did have the replaceable batteries. Turns out for less than the cost of 2 @ JB you can get 4 from Catch instead. Absolute bargain if you ask me.


Tile tech accessories
Model: Mate
Colour: White
Package contents: 4
Compatibility: iOS 10.0 or later, Android Marshmallow (6.x), Nougat (7.x), Oreo (8.x) or newer
Range: 45m
Works with Siri, Alexa & Google Assistant
Replaceable battery
Volume: 1.5X
Battery: 1 x CR1632
Battery life: 1 Year
Wireless technology: Bluetooth
Materials: N/A
Dimensions (approx. mm): 35 x 35 x 6.2
Weight (approx.): 7g
Country of origin: N/A

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  • +3 votes

    For these to be actually useful you need lots of people runing the Tile app…
    The question is How many people are running it in the locations you live or go to….?? They should publish a heatmap showing where these users are…

    • +3 votes

      For them to be useful outside the house, yes. But these are also good on their own if you've left your keys/wallet/etc somewhere in your house and can't find them.

    • +8 votes

      I used it to track my Alzheimer's suffering dad when I lose sight of him. He carried a Slim in his wallet. I told him it's to help locate his wallet if he loses it, but it was really for me to locate him. I'm not going to hear the beeping, but I will know when I'm in his vicinity, which narrows down the search radius and helps a lot.

      A few months ago I bought a 4 pack which included 2 Mates and 2 Slims for $69 on ebay because his was in need of a new battery. But before I gave it to him, he passed away in an accident while we were overseas. :(

      Now I have a 4 pack unopened.


      If you download the app and sign in, there is a map showing you how many users are nearby


        These people need to have GPS turned on if you want the data to be useful. Cell tower is too broad a range.

        I don't leave GPS on when I'm not using google maps. I'm not sure how many people walk around with GPS on, but it heats up your phone and drains battery.

  • -1 vote

    I got a whole stack of these as a promotional freebie from my company. Chucked them all out as I find these BT devices pretty useless. Should have probably sold it or given it away to people that may find it useful


    They're currently 50% off from the manufacturer: link

    $50 USD for the 4 pack
    $6 shipping
    $5.60 GST

    Comes to $61.60 USD total

    According to Mastercard, purchasing that today will cost $85.61 shipped, so slightly better from here but if you want to buy directly from the company or get any of the other trackers (eg the flat one for inside a wallet or similar) then might be a better place to order from.


      I believe the slim version doesn't allow you to change the battery though.


        Oh that's interesting. They let you replace the battery in the Mate yourself now. You used to have to throw the whole thing away and need to buy a new one. It was so wasteful. It benefited the company though.


          Only on these new versions in this post. Plenty of old Mates still in stores that aren't replaceable. They also have a "reTile" program where you send it back, you get a discount on a new one and the company recycles the product.


        Correct, slim battery isn't replaceable.

  • +9 votes

    Since I’m an Amazon Prime member I ended up ordering from them a few days ago from here
    Not in stock yet so my delivery ETA is 21-27th Feb.
    I’m in no rush to receive them so I didn’t bother with catch’s $8 delivery.


    great thanks bought one this would have been really useful a few weeks ago when my daughter had my keys and we could not find it for days

  • +1 vote

    This reminds me of an experiment me and a few mates conducted a couple months ago

    Planted this in a wallet with some cancelled credit cards and placed it somewhere in a mall. Someone obviously picked it up and a group of us tracked it back to a house in the burbs.

    When we questioned the tenant he denied finding a wallet. We used the beep function obviously and heard it coming from his kitchen bench. Should've seen the look on this guy's face when the beep went off.

    Great experiment for a lazy Sunday afternoon


      Did you have any cash in the wallet? Or other items of value? Or any ID?


        Couple of cash notes <$20, expired credit cards and a sports club membership card


          You were prepared to lose all that and had total faith that the tracking will be accurate enough to pin point the exact address?

          Or did someone else report its location for you?


      Curious how you tracked it to a house. Did you follow the guy or what?


        Tracked using the app's location history function

        • +2 votes


          But someone else nearby would have needed to fetch that information in order for it to be registered.

          • +2 votes

            @lostn: That's what I'm thinking. The guy would have to have had the Tile app on his own phone for it to have recorded his own address to the history.

            • +1 vote

              @potplanty: It would have been really dumb for the thief to not have noticed the tracker inside the wallet also.

              I definitely would not have left any cash in the wallet if it's for an experiment. Nothing to gain, everything to lose.

              Unless you are filming this for a youtube video and you're popular, like those guys who make a channel destroying expensive products.


                @lostn: If it was a completely empty wallet with nothing, the dude probably wouldn't have picked it up. You gotta make it real enough with a little bit of money.

                • +1 vote

                  @Letrico: You put some cards in that they won't know are expired until they take a close look at it which they won't do until they've taken it safely home.

                  These days cards are tap and go.

                  It's not uncommon at all to have a wallet with no cash in it.

                  This is still risky, because you're going to be confronting the thief and you don't know what they are like.

                  And if no one picks it up, it is still valuable data for your experiment. Did they leave it because they searched it and found no cash and weren't interested even though there were cards in it? Or did they not search it at all and left it because it's wrong to take a wallet? Or did they pick it up and take it to center management / police station?

                  If your experiment is to bait someone to steal it and you want them to steal it, that's just the equivalent to entrapment. You desire a thief, and you set them up, when they wouldn't have been a thief if you didn't set them up.


                    @lostn: Definitely interesting to do the experiment in a long run to see what people would do to a wallet in different scenario but he seems to be just doing it for fun with his mates just for laughs. Probably was confident to get back the wallet or in dangerous situation, they can call the cops to help.

    • +1 vote

      Most with intent to use cards etc would chuck the wallet (& tracker) at the nearest bin (to distance themselves from potential crime), keeping only what is useful (cards, ID & $).

      A person who kept the wallet can easily say they were taking it to Police station next time they passed it.

      I've picked up a wallet in the street, found ID, called to reassure the person, & dropped it over on my way home. Others have done the same for me.
      The thought I was a victim of your sting would mean I would not try to help another😱 Not nice!!

      But exposing your possible criminal behaviour by setting off the beeper in the wallet - just proves you were stalking / tracking them without due cause!

      Sounds like a good way to lose money,
      waste time, risk assault, or Police attention - not an "experiment".

      And strange how you knew they were tenants??
      Worrying others effectively helped you track them.
      Some probably track ex-partners the same way. Creepy!

      Verging on entrapment & vigilantism😱
      Don't think Police would be happy with your "experiment"!

      Surprised no one else found your behaviour troubling!


    I picked up a set of 4 in November from the original store, USD72 Inc tax and shipping. They ship locally so I had it within days. My wife tends to lose her phone, keys, wallet about 10 times a day. Works a treat. Absolute life saver. You can set the tiles to share across multiple devices and set other phones as a tile also. Really quite smart.


    "• The KeySmart Pro holds a charge for three months and you can recharge it with the included micro USB cable. "
    "• Battery life: One charge will last 45 days (but using the flashlight will reduce battery life)"

    Their maths is a bit off…

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