expired [Refurb] Apple iPhone X 64GB $979, Apple iPhone XR 64GB $999, Apple iPhone XS 512GB $1599 under Apple Wty - Shipped @ Phonebot


Hey guys, clearing a bunch of iPhones still under Apple wty. Refurbs only to the extent of wiping data and physically cleaning the device.
Handset comes with charger & cable in a generic white box.

Apple iPhone X 64GB A grade 6 months warranty - Apple consumer law wty also applies $979

Apple iPhone XR 64gb Like New 12+ months Apple warranty $999

Apple iPhone XS 512gb Like New 12+ months Apple warranty - $1599

Brand New Apple iPhone XR 128gb full warranty $1149

All devices are ding and dent free and classified as "Like new" for having no or very minimal scratches. If you do end up with something you dont like, you can always return it back to us for a refund within 7 days by and claim your postage back via paypal return postage refund scheme. Battery life over 90% on these handsets

Orders will be dispatched express post by Monday latest from reservoir store.

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