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Bahco S106 106 Piece 1/4" & 1/2" Square Driver Socket & Spanner Set - $209 Delivered @ Tools Warehouse


Bahco is well Known Throughout the Mechanics Industry as Being one of the Very Best Manufacturers of Hand Tools, Hence Why We Love the Brand. They make a Huge Range of Great Hand Tools and this Set is Another Fine Example. The Bahco S106 106 Piece Socket & Spanner Set is a Very High-Quality Tool Set, Made from Precision Hardened, Chrome Vanadium Alloy Steel and comes with a Fantastic Variety of Sockets and Spanners for the Professional Mechanic or Keen DIY User to perform a Large Variety of Common Automotive Jobs. Coming in a Neat Carry case Makes this set Perfect for the Workshop, Garage, Car Boot, Back of the 4x4 or Work Ute, the Boat, the Caravan, etc, etc. All Bahco Hand Tools Come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


12 pcs 1/4″ 6-pt sockets dynamic drive
10 pcs 1/4″ 6-pt deep sockets dynamic drive
15 pcs 1/2″ 6-pt sockets dynamic drive (metric)
9 pcs 1/2″ 6-pt sockets dynamic drive (Imperial)
4 pcs 1/2″ 6-pt impact sockets
3 pcs 1/4″ socket drivers slotted
4 pcs 1/4″ socket drivers, Phillips HD
3 pcs 1/4″ socket drivers Pozidriv PZ
1 pc 1/2″ spark plug socket 6-pt
3 pcs L-keys Hex
1 pc 1/2″ reversible ratchet 60 teeth
13 pcs Combination Spanners
Case: Oil and temperature resistant polyethene 340 x 260 x 75mm
6 pcs 1/4″ socket drivers Hex
8 pcs 1/4″ socket drivers TORX
2 pcs 1/4″ extension bars
1 pc 1/4″ sliding T-bar
1 pc 1/4″ universal joint
1 pc 1/4″ spinner handle
2 pcs 1/2″ extension bars
1 pc 1/2″ universal joint
1 pc 1/2″ T-adapter
1 pc 1/4″ reversible ratchet 60 teeth
4 pcs Flex head spanners

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    OP, your title screams ONE DAY ONLY! but your deal is set to expire on Sunday night, 23:59:59.99 to be exact. Is this really an one day only or an 1.5 days deal?

    Also, deal titles should not include

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      A shame really - all they really needed to do was put "Swedish Steel" in the title [hoping that they still are:-/]


        Not sure what it's like now but when I was looking for new tools 7 or 8 years ago not all bahco was made in Sweden at the time. Guess they could have been sending their steel to Asia for assembly?


    I have this set and very happy with it, it’s good quality


    very good tool set. I bought 1 maybe 10 years ago and still going strong after general maintenance and 2 engine replacements.
    I’ve lent this set to friends who have later bought 1 for themselves
    Highly recommended.


    I have 3 Bahco sets and this is the best 'grab and go' set, impact sockets, spanners,full set of bits etc.. even a sparkplug socket. I paid $320
    Best feature with Bahco tools - being able to snap the 1/4" Ratchet handle onto the end of the screwdriver bit holder. You can quickly twiddle in a bolt with your fingers on the screwdriver handle and then torque it down by using the ratchet for leverage.
    Built well, better than Sidchrome from my discussions with trade shops and tradies.

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    Country of origin is Taiwan

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    Sydney tools will price beat this plus 11%


    Taiwan is actually a good place to source cast and forged tools 👍