expired $55 Cash Back on $40 Unlimited 20GB amaysim Plan @ ShopBack (New Customers Only)


I just received an email from shopback stating it was $55 cash back on the $40 Unlimited 20GB Plan. $15 profit as stated in there email.

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    Its good but $40 is too much in case cash back fails for some reason

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      Username checks out

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      I agree, I had hit and miss experiences with them on Amazon. I'd be worried about the strike rate outlaying $40.

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      i agree and $15 isnt really worth it

      if it was $40 and the profit margin was 100% i'd give it ago

      im still waiting my cash back from the last time something like this came around

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        Not worth the risk. I never got cashback on two occasions with Amaysim even after activating within the specified timeframe. No other cashbacks have ever fallen through


          Did you try signing up to Amaysim with new email addresses? I have had issues in the past, seems to randomly fails sometimes. I am using the Shopback browser extension now, seems to have stopped the failures since then.


          Also, sometimes I am logged out of my Shopback account for some reason. Just need to log back in as the site doesn't make it obvious that you are clicking through anonymously.


      Good point. I almost buy

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      My 'spend $10, get $40 cashback' was a flop. The sim didn't arrive until the day after it needed to be activated.

      A few emails back and forward and they will not give me the cashback, but will provide some Amaysim credit. I've already got unlimited internet for the next few months…so that was a waste of money.


    how long usually do you have to wait until you get the cashback?


      Shopback website states 75 days

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        ah thanks.
        not really a good deal then, you pay $40 in advance for 75 days (possibly more until you actually get the cashback in your bank account)

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    Is it $55 cashback or 55% cashback? Clicking through to the Shopback website says the cashback is only 55% so until the rep confirms that it is actually $55 cashback then I would hold off on this deal for now.


      I agree. Looks to me like this:
      Unlimited 10GB plan = $30 —> 30% of $30 = $9 Cashback.
      Unlimited 20GB plan = $40 —> 55% of $40 = $22 Cashback.
      Unlimited 30GB plan = $50 —> 55% of $50 = $27.5 Cashback.

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      Hey Rodo, thanks for spotting this. We have fixed this. For those who received a % cashback by purchasing just before the fix, not to worry as your cashback amount has been fixed (due to caching it may take a bit of time before you see the updated amounts).

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    The only thing that stops me from ordering from Amaysim is the sim is pre-activated. By the time you receive it you lose a few or even 10 days.


    I made a 300%-profit investment on a Amaysim deal from Cashrewards not long ago.


    Do u need to use a new email account every time u sign up with amaysim or can u use ones that u used before?

    Whats that trick with the gmail accounts where u change the name slightly but it still works?

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    Too risky, shopback has been hit or miss for me.

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    Note Amaysim activates this as soon as you sign up, on the last one I had the renewal process before I'd even taken the sim out of the plastic, so it cost me $80 :(

    Will never go with Amaysim for anything ever again.

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      so.. how long after you received the sim did you "take it out of the plastic"?

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        Must have been over 4 weeks after ordering as it had already auto-recharged!

        Why would Ozbargainers buy a SIM service & not even use it, or check everything is OK with the account?

        Yes, we buy for the Cashback profit, but we might as well get everything we can from a deal😉


          I had another SIM I was using at the time, from the previous Boost deal. The boost one didn't activate until I put it in the phone, neither did the OVO one, or the Optus one. Caught out because Amaysim appears to be the only provider who activates before you put it in your phone.


      You didn't 🚨turn off auto-recharge🚨 as recommended in almost every deal??

      You didn't 🚨check your Amaysim account🚨 for at least 28 days after order??
      That shows next billing date (28 days after activation) with option to turn off auto-recharge!

      Failing to turn off future billing can happen with many prepaid offers, not just Amaysim. But that's your responsibility😢

      Did you contact Amaysim?
      eg I contacted OVO when I was billed even though I was sure I had turned auto-recharge off. They said their records showed I hadn't, but gave me a refund, eventually. From comments I think Amaysim would be easier to deal with.

      There has been plenty of discussion of how to avoid SIMs arriving preactivated. I recommended in a comment & took the option to port a number in those $40 Amaysim deals, but activated as new number. Discussed again above.

      That's a paddlin from Amaysim😱
      But seems you could have made the same mistakes with with other prepaid providers!

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        Every other deal and provider doesn't activate automatically. No problems previously with Ovo, Boost or Optus. Even turning off auto recharge on those.

        Honestly, I didn't because my time is worth more than this. Which is why I'm not bothering with future deals. I needed the SIM I just didn't need it for 30 days after the deal.

        I had the same thing with a BOOST CR and the boost deal, where CR didn't pick it up. TA offered to help me out (I'm sure they would have sorted it previously) but after three times submitting untracked orders via the app and having them not show up in CR's I gave up on that one too.

        I'm sure it's all worthwhile but TBH the couple of $ isn't worth the time of keeping track of which sim you need to activate in which order on which date in order to keep a consistent service running.

        I have a bucketload going on IRL, and this is a bit rich TBH, people are saying I should have seen the warning in the thread, but when I WARN in THIS thread it's downvoted. So how the (profanity) is the next person going to see THIS warning then?

        Clearly great deals with people who have a lot more time free and less money, assuming the warnings about this sort of stuff aren't downvoted.


          Honestly, I didn't because my time is worth more than this.

          You spend so much time complaining, saying why it's others fault you didn't understand the process, saying you don't have time to read warnings from others, unnecessarily paid for another 28 days because you didn't turn off auto-recharge (as you hopefully did with Catch, OVO, etc!)…

          …Rather than spend a few minutes checking your Amaysim account for activation & turn off auto-recharge….

          If your time is worth that much, you should use it more wisely!

          Seems like you have a high price set on time checking you are doing the right thing to get the outcome you paid money for (so don't spend it where it's needed), & a very low price for time spent complaining (which achieves nothing)😱


        I agree. If signing up for these deals, it really is important to keep track of what is required. If one buys multiples from multiple providors, keep a spreadsheet for tracking them and the important info that relate to each. This way one can cross check (and also have a ref to past purchases and what email account used etc.
        One of my many columns is "Have I disabled Auto Pay" which I mark accordingly. I was burned once in the past when one renewed regardless of me thinking I had in fact disabled. That was with Moose Mobile and they refused to refund……nasty people hahaha.

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          Yeah absolutely. What's important to note, and the reason for my post is that unlike the other deals, Amaysim is activated before they send it to you, so potentially 21 days after it arrives in the post, you'll be rebilled. I had 2 boost sims and an ovo sim on the go and both in addition to my actual mobile plan and the amaysim one as I was using them for the data (ADSL is pretty shit). Basically, the plan was, use data, change to next sim. Stuff went down and I didn't end up using the data as quickly as I thought and bam, the first thing I know about the Amaysim being activated was the rebill. Having stuff activated in the post makes a mockery of the security provided by supplying your ID.

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            @DisabledUser110229: For what its worth. I called Amaysim about this and they agreed and was something they are looking into i.e. not to send pre activated SIMs. They noted to call them
            - if the SIM does not auto restart from the date you insert it.
            - if like you noted the sim recharged by itself after the initial period expired i.e. 28 days from time of purchase (and you have activated it). They will refund and also reset the date (back to the day of activation).
            Sidenote: Assuming you activated within the provided period noted at time of purchase.

            If however SIM condition noted that it needed to be activated by XX date and you do not activate it at all, then I am unsure of what their take is as I didn't ask.

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              @Borg: Yeah there was a date to be activated by in order to qualify for the promotion, that's what threw me even further, as mentally I had in my mind that I had to take no action until just before that date. Why bother having a date to activate for a promotion if you're going to activate it right away.

              Unfortunately, I have about 50 other phone calls that are more important to make than this one :\ Which I should probably be doing rather than whinging on here.

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    Ain't worth the risk. I rather buy $5 or $10 sim valued at 40


    Wish I had not taken the risk. I purchased it last night, at 20.12, the click is recorded, but it still has not tracked, more than 18 hours later.

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