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Qantas Premier Titanium Card: 150k Pts after $5k Spend in 3mths, 2 First Lounge Passes, 20% Bonus Status Credit ($1200pa Fee)


A brand new Mastercard credit card that Qantas announced today. Large annual fee and an expected annual salary of $200k+…. :)

- 20% bonus on status credits on eligible flights.
- 10% off eligible Qantas flights for up to two bookings per year for two people on all fare classes (domestic and international).
- 2 First class Lounge invitations.
- 2 Qantas club / international business lounge invitations.
- Bonus 150k points after spending $5k in 3 months - ends 30 April 2019
- Complimentary travel insurance
- Dedicated concierge
- Qantas wine premium membership
- 6 months interest free on first Qantas purchase.

Points earning rate:
1.25 points per dollar on Domestic Spend up to $12,500 per statement period, then reverts to 0.5 Qantas Points per $1
2 additional Qantas points per dollar on Qantas Spend
2 Qantas Points per dollar on international spend

Bonus Status Credits will not contribute to the following:

  • Platinum One tier attain or retain (i.e. members receive the benefit of bonus Status Credits up to Platinum, however beyond this the bonus Status Credits will not apply);
  • Lifetime Status
  • Loyalty Bonuses
  • Platinum Bonus Reward; or
  • Platinum One Member additional benefits.

Bonus Status Credits are not available in conjunction with other Status Credit promotions.

Qantas Premier Titanium Credit Card Benefit Terms and Conditions

To apply:
Be at least 18 years old
Earn at least $200,000 per year
Be a permanent Australian resident
Have an Australian mobile and residential address
Be a Qantas Frequent Flyer member
Be a new Qantas Premier primary cardholder

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  • +8

    20% bonus on Status Credits is very nice.

    $1,200 Annual fee! & $200k minimum income, not so much

    • +1

      It's a whirlpool special.

  • +28

    Only $200k annual salary? Based on the forums the average OzBargainer should qualify then.

    • +1

      The bar is so low here.

      • +4

        Chump change for most of us.

    • +15

      Be at least 18 years old
      Earn at least $200,000 per year

      Do you think there are 16 year old kids on $200k+ who are upset by this?

      • I can hear them crying in their BMWs from here.

        • +1

          *investment BMWs

    • +2

      Replace OzBargain with Whirlpool.

  • +4

    Lovely. So there will be flounge passes for sale in the near future.

    • +4

      Nope, you can only use those F lounge passes if they're traveling with you. Can't be transferred to anyone like the Qantas Club passes.

  • +10

    So what’s so good about this deal? I can’t see any real benefit.

    • +2

      $1200 for 150k points. 0.8 cent per point compared to 1.2-1.3 cents per point.

      • There are plenty of fee free cards that gives 80k points

        • Yeah there's that too but if you're low in points and want a couple of RTW in J then you need every point you can get, short of risking your account being banned by QFF when buying points off here or the brokers.

  • +6

    the better option is the Amex Platinum compared to this one plus you get an additional supplementary card which can also apply for priority pass.

    This is just ridiculous and benefits are not worth the fee.

    • Only reasons I can see for getting this are the fairly high points earn rate & status credits. Maybe extra wank factor from the metal card?

      Amex Platinum might be nice, but Amex isn't universally accepted and often has much higher transaction fees.

      • Amex Platinum in Aus is ofcourse not as good as the one in US but still a good option when compared to benefit lacking card like this one. Also you will have to be flying with Qantas to earn the status points and use the four annual passes.

    • Sorry noob here, what is a priority pass?

      • Airport lounge network

      • +1

        With Amex Platinum and other similar cards you get one which you can use it to get into affiliated lounges irrespective of airline you are flying with. Some cards allow free guest as well along with the member to use the lounge.

  • +2

    Cheaper to get the Qantas Club + ANZ Black (or equivalent) than this..

  • +2

    Say I was rich, what would the benefit of this card really be, compared to just getting a normal card? I don’t get it.

    The % off flights is capped. There’s no real benefits a normal card doesn’t have. Unless you fly. Business class and the 10% makes up the two flights?

    • 150k FF points and extra status credits is not bad.

      • +2

        True. But I remember getting 75,000 points with ANZ @ no annual fee.

        • Unfortunately, due to regulatory changes restricting how much Amex can charge merchants, the days of these huge credit card sign up bonuses might be over.

          • @dust: There aren't restrictions to what Amex can charge merchants, only the banks. Hence the banks dropping bank issued Amex cards.

  • Is this the result of the banking commission?

  • +13

    1200 fee and only 1.25 points Domestic Spend (up to $12,500 per statement period) then reverts to 0.5 Qantas Points per $1

    lol who are they kidding

    • for $1200 annual fee, I would expect the spending would be unlimited and not capped at pathetic $12500/month

  • Any way you can get a discount on the annual fee?

    • -1

      Probably not, but with a $200K min income I am not sure many would be asking for it?

      • $200k isn’t rich we just have bigger mortgages for the same house on a better street and pantene instead of fructis.

  • +7

    High annual cost and shit benefits.

  • +4

    Can I get 2 if I make >$400K ?

  • Good …This will make Amex to up their game. Currently you only get 80,000 Bonus points with the Amex Platinum

    • +3

      Yeah nah. Plat Charge comes with AFR subscription, hotel status, AccorPlus which comes with 1 free night accommodation, travel credits (somewhat useless as it's usually slightly pricier than other channels and can't book the LCC's either) and doesn't cost $100 for each supplementary card. I think they'll be safe.

      • Travel credits are good for experiences, not for flights or accommodation.

        • Experiences cost helluva lot more than what I managed to find or what I’m after didn’t even exist on their site. Klook etc was cheaper. Some inter-Asia airfare was substantially cheaper through the airline’s website or Ctrip which Amex refused to price match. Struggling to use the credit these days unless you don’t mind paying more just so you’ve burnt the credit.

  • Clever, this is trying to convert big spenders into big spenders with QANTAS.

  • +16

    What advantages does this have over say, a train, which I could also afford…

  • +2

    Yikes at card fee.

    I snagged 160K in 4 months over two cards for only $170 total in card fees

    • +2

      A Joke of Card Fee in Australia!
      I earned 150K Asiamiles Pt with 0 Card fee in 2 months time.

    • Which cards did you land on?

    • Well there goes 2 credit file hits. Not much of a problem if you aren’t chasing a new mortgage I suppose.

      • No harm even if you are looking at getting a mortgage. Just make sure you minimise the number of cards you have on the day you apply and then restock after receiving the green light.

  • +1

    Definitely applying.

  • +4

    Seems a bit bizarre to me. A lot of people earning over 200k already have QF WP status (or at least Gold) so this doesn’t really add a huge amount to the equation.

    • Aside from conceptually not making a lot of logical sense, it’s also incredibly lukewarm.

      The yanks do a far better job at this stuff, though I guess there is more competition.

      • User name checks out. Need to do something about those cold feet.

  • After having the Qantas amex express card for 3 years, i couldn't get them to budge on the annual fee.
    Last time when i called, they offered 25k QFF points[250 p.a annual fee] to stay with them for another year. I called twice to cancel, first guy said to drop to a lower annual fee card[amex discovery], second guy straight up went to almost cancelling it :(
    It's getting harder to negotiate with amex to reduce the annual fee or getting extra points.

    • +1

      They are not allowed to offer you this year due to the new legislation. Don't waste your time to try this year, take it or leave it.

    • +1

      I cancelled an AMEX companion card and they had no issues with me walking away. No enticements. I guess I never made them a cent of money with a free first year and no interest payments. So that might be why.

  • Thanks OP! will be certain to sign up myself and the wife. Might also enquire with the family to see if others are interested as well.

  • +1

    Is there a cap on the 10% discount on flights?

    Not that I earn anywhere close to enough, but people who earn over 200k who take a couple international business flights a year might have a net zero fee is there isn't.

    • +1

      If they spend $12,000 on two qantas tickets, than yes.

  • +3

    Doesn't make much economic sense.
    For a spend of $100K p/a on the ANZ Black card one would get 100K QFF points at a rate of 1 p/$
    On this card for the same spend one would get an extra 25K QFF point p/a, at a rate of 1.25 p/$
    The ANZ black can be had with no annual fee. This means that you're paying $1200 p/a for extra 25K QFF points and other marginal benefits.

    The 20% extra status points also offers very limited value IMO. People who travel frequently with Qantas and earn $200K p/a, already heave some status with Qantas, and the 20% doesn't go towards the lifetime status which is a shame.

    lounge access for people who already have status with Qantas ? - Meh

    • I wonder how the 20% SC bonus will apply during DSC promo.

      • +1

        "Bonus Status Credits are not available in conjunction with other Status Credit promotions."

  • +3

    Sorry but this sucks and is too intangible. Just make it instant qff gold and people would be all over it.

    • The pubs are already packed with people they don’t exactly need to find new ways to fill it up even more.

      • +2

        I agree but the task at hand is incentiving people to plonk $1200 down on a credit card. You can buy membership for half that amount, I’d sooner do that than take these incremental incentives.

  • +2

    For the $1200 fee they are asking, I would be expecting 2 qantas points per dollar on everything uncapped and instant Gold FF at the very least. If you already have status, you get bonus points/status credits.

  • +4

    3% international fee is brutal… Deal breaker when combined with the $1,200… THREE PERCENT for a card targeting high end travellers… Seriously!¿?

  • failed marketing

  • What a joke. The 20% bonus status credits do not even count towards lifetime status. Also, most companies will not let you use a personal credit cards to book work to flights. 1.25 points per $ is not much more than since much cheaper cards that offer 1 point per $. No travel credit.

    I think Qantas are a bit out of touch with the market. For that price we should expect to see so much more.

    Card looks nice but I pay on my phone these days anyway so I don't care much for what the card looks like.

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