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Ryzen 3 2300X RX 570 4GB Gaming PC + 24" Monitor & KB/M: $569.05 Delivered @ TechFast eBay


Hi all, a new bundle deal with a new CPU for us, the Ryzen 3 2300X. Best paired with the B350 motherboard upgrade in the listing if you want to utilise the unlocked CPU potential.

Ryzen 3 2300X, RX 570 4GB, A320M mobo (upgrade to B350 via listing), 8GB RAM (upgrade in listing), 550W PSU (upgrade in listing) + 24" Allied 1ms 60Hz monitor and wired keyboard mouse: $569.05 delivered with PLACE10. Available as bundle only.
Link: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192823842252

The entire store is 5% off with PURCHASE5 too - here's the store link: https://www.ebay.com.au/str/techfastaustralia



Original PURCHASE5 5% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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  • PLACE10 is expired

  • hi luke, just a question, on your website there is an option to add a $0 monitor, is that only available for bundles or is it a free monitor that comes with the PC we purchase.

  • This company is a scam, do not buy from them, I'm asking for a refund and they refuse to contact me. There phone doesn't even work.

    Try it cause they don't answer 1300 898 956

    Do not be fulled by the cheap prices as all the computer parts they offer are cheap and junk.

    For a full review please check this video out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBbzaLNO8iM&t=2s

    They operate with no registered ABN number and are not paying Tax.

    They operate also under a different business called "Origin PC".

    You get what you pay for when it comes to PC Gaming.

    • I ordered from them and got my system delivered as parts. It was exactly as they described in their listing so I don't know what you're on about?

      Granted it took some time to be delivered but that was over the Xmas and new year break plus Lukes wife just had a kid so I think all those warrant a little delay in shipping, don't you?

    • TBH I'm very satisfied with my 2600 rtx 2080 rig I purchased from TechFast late last year. Albeit slow shipping because of Christmas rush, communication was very transparent - had some issues when it arrived, but they arranged for the rig to be shipped back, fixed and shipped again quite promptly. Happy with the build quality also, especially considering the price. Contact the rep on ozbargain - he'll sort it out.

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      Hi Mike, this is the first I've heard of your case. Can you please PM the details and I'll get it sorted for you?

      We're aware of that review, and wouldn't seek to defend that particular build as the quality is obviously poor. But it does not represent the vast majority of our systems or service levels, and I believe many people here will attest to that.

      I can confirm the phones are working (I just called it) and there have been no outages that I'm aware of.


      • What entity do you guys trade with? I think that is also what OP wanted to know.

      • A valid question has been raised. What is your ABN?

        • ABN 23 102 755 879

        • Why people care about what is their ABN? If you have concerns about this company, go report them to ATO who will look into this and might conduct an audit.

          From my point of view, I don't understand how "not paying taxes" can be a thing. Think about the logic of it. We all agree, this company is trading at razor-thin margins, there is likely no profit to be taxed.

          As for GST, yes - they need to pay GST on computers they sell but then again - they get GST refunded on all parts they purchase. If their margins are really thin, then their GST liability is minimal at which point they might just pay it since not paying is not really saving them much.

          • @lubos: LOL so how are people going to claim taxes if there is no valid tax invoice?

            • @plmko: You don't need valid tax invoice to claim tax deduction. Bank statement is also acceptable evidence of an expense. Not to mention, these are gaming computers which almost nobody is eligible to deduct on their tax return anyway.

              • @lubos: I'm certainly claiming it (proportionally to time used for work). It turns out my gaming computer is capable of running office applications when needed.

          • @lubos: disagree.

            Providing ppl with cheaper products cant exclude an entity from paying tax.

            Earning taxable income and withholding tax(pay or refund tax is yet to be determined) is written down, black and white.

            Thinking they have razor-thin margin, you may not understand what is volume discount and whatever ebay discount codes applied were counted towards ebay promotion cost. They, as a seller, still pocket the listing price less fees.

            How could you be sure that a company without social responsibility would stick to its promises.

            • @Faraam Knight: You are absolutely right about everyone's obligation to pay taxes and I'm not arguing otherwise.

              Anyway, we don't know how much profit they make if any so everything is just pure speculation. I do think accusing someone of not paying taxes just because they omit ABN on invoice is premature. You'd be surprised how many business owners don't know about this requirement. It's just a honest mistake which is really not even a big deal. If you are a business getting paid into bank account, it's a lot more difficult to hide income than takeaway shop around the corner accepting cash only.

    • I am very happy with my purchase last Dec, communication was great, I found a better deal (free BF5) 1 week after I placed my order, then I called, got refund, and placed my second order on eBay again. I did read replies from other other people before I placed the order. You get what pay for. I know I would spend about $400 extra for ram, case, psu, ssd replacement or upgrade. But overall the deal does save me lots of money.

    • I purchased the rx580 build and added the 27" curved monitor and couldn't be happy. The build quality is good no issues at all. Luke's communication on here is also fantastic. Would 100% recommend this company and purchase from again.

    • You register brand new account to accuse someone of scam without providing any evidence for your claims.

      Your post does have some grain of truth to it but clearly the company is not a scam.

    • I don't think you can call it junk when they at least use Thermaltake PSU (for power hungry build, that is).

    • I bought a PC bundle from origin. their auctions were something I could never win. not sure if they are reputable but I could ring them.

  • Dam, like , to think you can get a full gaming comptuer setup for less than $600

  • Anyone have benchmarks on the Ryzen 3 2300X? What's the intel comparison…an i3-8100?

    • it has faster clock speed but less cores than a 2600. It is also launched very recently.

    • 2200g pars slightly below 8100

      this 2300x hitting 2400g performance in games

      so 2300x > 8100

      • the problem with ryzen 4 cores though is not their average fps, but their frametime performance (i.e. their 1% and 0.1% lows).

        Here is an example

        You can see both the CPUs get the 60 ish fps average but the 2200G has a 0.1% low of 21 where as the 8100 has a 0.1% low of 47. This is a huge difference in how bad the stutters will be that you get on games.


          You linked the video at Witcher 3, but with AC game, the 2200g totally demolishes the intel CPU.

          • @DisabledUser255003: only in 0.1% low, the 2200G in AC:O doesn't even get reasonable average fps, with only 45 fps. Then the intel CPU gets 1% low of 45 where as the 2200G gets 34.

            This means on rare occasion the 8100 had a bad stutter, but on average stutters less often and generally plays the game a lot better with a higher average of 58 fps.

            you will find most often the 8100 does stutter less and less severe though with its 15% better single core performance.

  • Any chance of getting a deal on a similar Ryzen 5 based system?

  • How would this perform as a plex server?

  • FYI the monitor they include is complete garbage. So keep your expectation low.

    • Eh, at this price it's effectively free (got my system, same but with a 2200g at the same price).

      Might be nice for a temp monitor or a second screen, people on a budget would also likely appreciate it.

  • Is it possible to get this system without the monitor or the RX570? I already have one of each.

  • how does this compare to the 2600?

  • Which system is best for a hotter climate. Sometimes my room can get really toasty and those days I probably won't even bother using the computer then so cooling performance is probably important for my next build as it is not always cool and breezy.

    My previous pc in this room died due to extreme room temperature heat.

    • +1 vote

      might want to research on how to cool your system. this incules extra case fans, aftermarket cpu/gpu cooling and download software to check your temps.

      • Main question is whether an Intel system or Ryzen system with same setup would run cooler as I remember reading that the Ryzen setup might run cooler under heavy gaming loads with day a gtx 1060 or rx 580.

        I forgot which setup runs cooler asking if anybody knows. If you have only low level basic information don't bother replying.

        • Without mods? Ryzen, because Intels stock coolers are garbage

          With mods? Probably still the ryzen thanks to lower clocks.

        • Ryzen with 1060, as 580 would run hotter. Cheapest way is open the side panel and put a floor fan facing the desktop.

          • @Richardc: As much as I dislike Nvidia, their cards definitely run cooler.

            If you're after 580 performance the 1060 (6gb) is close enough.

            Make sure it's the 6gb version though, 3gb is a rip off

          • @Richardc: I might try setup a desk fan facing the side panel and me at the same time for my next setup (kill two birds one stone) and see how that goes.

            Yeah Ryzen / Nvidia seems like it would be the best value and best cooling performance while still good overall performance.

            Was just trying to remember if AMD GPU had any bonuses in cooling but iirc it was nvidia GPU that was much better.

    • Check the video above.

  • I want to ryzen 2600 rx580 !!

  • How would this system perform for video editing? I'm not familiar with the Ryzen…

  • How hard is it to load an operating system onto this and where is a good place to source an oem copy from? Trying to avoid the $150 upgrade

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      You can download Windows 10 directly from Microsoft and create an install USB.

    • have a look on reddit :)

    • System will come with an unactivated version of windows. All that means is backgrounds have to be changed in a slightly different way, and you'll have a watermark on the bottom right side (can be annoying in some games)

  • I recommended a previous system to a friend (i3 8100 + RX 570). It arrived and worked fine, 1 week later it wouldn't turn on. I believe it was a dodgy motherboard, anyway he contacted support and it took 2-3 months to get it picked up and looked at. it got returned a week later in the same broken untouched state. no message/email, nothing.

    • it's pretty clear they must be using second hand components to offer such cheap builds… if people on ozbargain want to believe in fairies, good luck to them.

      • That’s why I requested my build in parts only. It was all sealed, brand new with the only suspicious package being the motherboard but I cannot verify if that was used. Everything else was 100% brand new.

    • feedback looks concerning. the amount of negatives in the last month is half of all negative over the year. If it keeps up they will have no account by next month.

    • can confirm - i had a similar situation with the motherboard.

  • Honestly, just buy your components from umart and build it yourself, it will be cheaper and more enjoyable.. there is THOUSANDS of how to vids if you're not sure how to build a PC.

    • Would like to see how you could build this cheaper?

      • I agree, the price is too good to be true. Even with the junk generic name components, no one could make money off this build. I'd proceed with caution.

        • if it's too good to be true (but actually true)? Why build your own lol. Just buy from techfast.

        • Have bought a system from them before. Only objectively bad components were the PSU and SSD (both of which are still working by the way).

          CPU - ryzen 3 2200g
          CPU fan - stock
          MoBo - ASUS Prime A-320M-E
          RAM - team group 1x8 2400
          Storage - 120gb SSD, allied
          Graphics card - ASUS ROG STRIX RX 570
          Case - Leaper PRO RGB Case
          Power Supply - Allied 550w.
          OS - Windows (unactivated as of now)

          I honestly have no idea how they get the price so low… although I'd assume it has to do with not charging/being charged the "Aussie tax" (that extra cash that doesn't come from the Aussie dollars worth and GST) and, of course, eBay coupons.

          Regardless, they've yet to close down, my system's yet to give me any troubles (of Techfasts fault anyway), so they're pretty safe to buy from IMO, at the very least from the low end (can see legitimate concerns from an a320 board and sub par psu with higher spec systems)

  • For all who buy from Tech Fast. I recommend doing what I did. Messaging them and saying you want brand new sealed parts only no dice. Worked for me. I had to build it but I saved about $1200

  • need a board that can fit in a nvme drive, looks like these cant :(

  • While I personally can't recommend the build/system, but for those who are going to jump on it, use the new eBay discount code "PSAVEIT" (which TA posted here) to get price down to $527.12.

  • Any guarantee these parts are new?

  • Ordered using the above link but link directs to 2 games instead not monitor. Would prefer monitor for arcade.