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Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus (Dimmable 2m LED Strip) $86.90 Delivered (Pricebeat with Officeworks for $82.55) @ Amazon AU


Hi All,

I received a Philips Hue Bridge for my Birthday the other day and I was looking to expand my lights. I came across this great price from Amazon.

I price matched with OW to get same day delivery. Cashrewards is currently 5% off too.

There are also some other great prices on hue accessories too:
+ Bridge - $59.90
+ White and Colour Ambiance Bayonet Cap - $54.90
+ Philips Hue White Bayonet Cap - $17.90
+ Wireless Motion Sensor - $45
+ Philips Hue White Eddison Screw - $19.90

And More

Enjoy :)

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  • What is the benefit of going Philips and requiring a Bridge device, rather than simply getting a $25 wifi bulb that does not need a bridge or similar device (I have a Sonos speaker with Alexa)?

    • I used to have LIFX bulbs, but I returned them. I'm not sure if the lights were buggy or they had poor wifi signals, but I would have to reset the lights everyday. So far with the Hue system, I have had no problem at all.

      Also they are compatible with Apple Homekit :)

    • I've had wifi bulbs and the Philips bulbs and with the bridge they seem to work a lot more consistently and without any active internet. They also create their own mesh network using the Zigbee standard which means you don't need the bridge in a central location, each bulb/strip is a node that other bulbs can connect to.

    • I’d say zigbee which the hub provides is a far more suitable technology for smart home devices than WiFi. It’s lower power and devices will form a mesh network so the more devices you add over time the better the performance. In contrast consumer routers often have device limits and adding devices will degrade your network. Zigbee tends to be more responsive too.

      Also as new technology is introduced you can just swap out the hub rather than replacing all your bulbs.

      If you’re doing only half a dozen lights then maybe wifi makes sense. If not then the cost of the hub will largely be insignificant anyway.

    • This is a lightstrip not a bulb

  • Don't the Xiaomi strips, which costs a lot less, do the exact same thing?

    • I have both, and the Hue Lightstrip is brighter and works a lot more reliably - plus its homekit compatible if that matters.

      There's a way to get the Xiaomi strip working with homekit through homebridge, but that doesn't suit everyone.

    • +1 vote

      I have the Hue lightstrip, LIFX lightstrip and the Xiaomi strip

      The Xiaomi stopped working after about 8 months, came from china so not easy to get a replacement

      The Hue is good but the whole strip lights up the same colour. Performance has been rock solid tho

      The LIFX would be my favourite as you can display multiple colours at the one time which can be useful at times

      If something goes wrong with the Hue or LIFX its much easier to get a replacement than the Xiaomi so I think the additional cost is worth it for the quality.

    • The Hue lightstrip is RGBWW, and brighter then the Yeelight Lightstrip.

      The Yeelight is great tho better then cheap ebay ones. I have 5 yeelight lightstrip and 1 hue lightstrip

      I only got the hue as it was part of the aldi bundle, and wanted to hook it up to the hue entertainment app for movies as its easier then the Yeelight one that needs to be opened each time and find the right lightstrip while turning all the lightstrips on and off to find it

    • Petrol would cost more than $4.34 to drive to Bunnings and back. You can get it delivered for free from Amazon or OW (even same day!)

      • +2 votes

        Yes depends on where you live, the car you drive, how you drive, the route you take…….. but there are lot of Bunnings in central areas, which means on average less than a 15 min drive, which costs less than $2 there and back in petrol.

  • Hmmmm would work out much cheaper than the Corsair RGB strips for PC, although no controller and would have to feed it out of the PC to power point.

    • Don't be afraid of this method. I did it recently with the same light strip with zero regrets.

      Philip Hue (and now various other RGB lighting sold by PC brands) can all be synced with Razer Synapse. Therefore I have one piece of software that controls all the RGB in my Battlestation.

      I have a NZXT H500 case which has a whole in the bottom that I run the cable out to a powerpoint. Definitely cheaper then buying the PC branded RGB strips and I have full creative control via one program instead of three.

      I'm not at home to provide a solid quality photo, but heres a compressed GIF of all the lights synced with Razer Synapse. https://twitter.com/PezLP/status/1075347660125532160

  • Didnt think price matching was a deal?

  • Are these able to be used outdoors i.e. weatherproof?

  • Quite tempted to replace all my LifX bulbs…. this appears to be quite a reasonably priced setup, considering I can count on one hand how many times I have used colours other than cool white… this would also fit in nicely with HomeKit, rather than the HomeBridge setup that I am having to manage.

    • How do you mean "manage" the homebridge setup?
      I have 5 LifX bulbs, all in Homebridge running on a Pi. After setup, I never had to touch it again and it just works.

      Not sure why you'd spend the money to replace the LifX ones tbh.

      • I have 16 LIFX bulbs, a vacuum, garage door, and a few wifi power plugs… it’s not terrible, but it’s not entirely user friendly to support if I am ever out of town and someone needs help. An out of the box solution would sit the needs of others.

  • Is this only the strip or is there a power supply in the box?
    Also can you extend these with more strips if you needed to?

  • This is the biggest rip off item in the market. 5m led strip off the ebay plus

    Support both Amazon and Google home.

    Plus the 12v power supply of the ebay.

  • Blitzwolf LED strip RGW that works with Alexa and Google Home sells for 2m for $30 shipped from BangGood.

    Had mine for about a month , works well but of course not sure how it will go long term

  • The Bridge has gone back to $85