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Jetstar to Honolulu in Apr/May from $199 One Way / $375 Return from Sydney/Melbourne


Dates at end of April to mid May

From $299 later on as well (June-July)

Available until 18th or until sold out.

Airline: Jetstar
Points: QFF (certain tickets)
To: HNL (Honolulu, Hawaii)

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  • I keep getting this when I go to choose flight times:

    Access Denied
    You don't have permission to access "http://booking.jetstar.com/au/en/booking/select-flights" on this server.
    Reference #18.2b1e3617.1550126576.687897ba

  • Thats effin cheap!


    Maybe I've been watching too much border security shows on TV. But I thought we go to 'secondary' and then get interrogated if we only have a 1 way ticket to foreign country, then they turn you round and send you home, thinking you're there to stay permanently and work.
    Or is it OK for Australians to fly to overseas with no return tickets, maybe just show our ozbargain browser history, and explain we shall await a 'bargain deal' for our return flight . Which is what I would be doing, waiting/hoping for a great deal coming back, if just booked 1 way.

    • I think you have some misunderstanding. This price is a one way ticket, but does not necessarily mean you can just fly there without a return. It is up to you to purchase the return leg (which may not be at a discounted price).


        I don't just mean with this deal (this one seems to have return).
        But with any fare, of course I need to purchase return leg of journey, but can I fly there without return ticket purchased yet then purchase return ticket some time while I am there already ?
        Or is this a guarantee to get 20 100 questions, from authorities, asking me what I am doing there etc. (Like on border security).

        • Im not sure about other countries, but I’m pretty sure a condition of entry into the US (as a visitor) is that you have an return or onward ticket.
          In Australia, airlines will generally confirm that you have an return/onward ticket at check in.

        • This is an extremely hard to answer question. It depends on so many factors and for each combination, the answer can be wildly different. It depends on what passport(s) you hold, what kind of visa if any that you need, what country you are flying in to, what country you are flying in from and a host of seemingly trivial things like what kind of trade arrangement your home country and destination country has. Your answer can even change if your only variable is what airline you take.

          There are many, many ways to circumvent the need for an exit flight, but without specifics, it's hard to tell. Some travel agents will even print out fake flight itineraries for you, even for free with a smile. I have done this in Mongolia and a couple of other countries.



            Some travel agents will even print out fake flight itineraries for you, even for free

            Lol, sounds like a surefire way to fame on Border Patrol . Off to secondary inspection and interrogation for you!

            It makes sense what you say with visas and trade agreements etc. Of course if you have permit or trade agreement to work there, than no need for return ticket or even to ever return.

            • @DisabledUser271064: This is usually used for your visa application. Once your visa is approved, immigration doesn't really check. You have approval to enter. Another method although extremely expensive initially is buying a one way ticket back that has free cancellation. These tickets aren't available on airlines and are usually 5 X more expensive than sale fares.

      • What if you don't know when you want to go back?

    • The one way fare may be very attractive for someone who wants to fly from Hawaii onto the USA main land.


        very attractive for someone who wants to fly from Hawaii onto the USA

        Good point. I just checked, and mainland USA is closer than I thought. <6 hours flight time to LA from Honolulu.

        I guess that means you can have onward flight to USA, and airport security should be fine. Still probably have to have USA back to Aus etc booked and show them ticket.

  • Sorry to sound stupid but what did you mean by

    Points: QFF (certain tickets)

  • Cheaper than flying to some other regions in Australia.

  • Couple weeks ago Melbourne to Honolulu was coming up at $305 return, but this is still pretty darn impressive. Just be wary of the accommodation expenses there, be it hotels, hostels or airbnb. Budget accordingly with your flight dates, as it's expensive per night.

    • Seems the return flights are over 3 weeks later as well in order to get the $375 price. So a bit of accom there.

      • Yep, not quite as good as the impromptu one that came up - when I was looking at it, return flights were available after as little as 5 days, also 7 days too. Here I was thinking that wouldn't be long enough, so I didn't book. Doh!

  • Dear Jetstar.. Why the hell am I paying more to fly Melbourne to Sydney? Or worse Avalon to Sydney?

  • Currently on a holiday to Vietnam, plan was to fly from BNE to MEL yesterday and then connect after four hours onto a flight to SGN.

    Jetstar texted us the morning of to let us know the flight was delayed by a cool 15 hours…

    This morning they've just delayed the flight another 2 hours. If we ever make it to Vietnam I'll be highly surprised and delighted.

    I know this can happen with any airline, but buyer beware.

    • I think I'm at 8/11 flights delayed for Jetstar – one was even on the tarmac for 3 hours in tropical heat with no aircon.

      Just pay the extra so you're with an airline that maintains their planes better instead of having to ground them constantly.

  • Woohooo! Going to Melbourne in May (from Syd). $165 return all up for two people :)

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