SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C Flash Drive - 16GB $6 (OW PM $5.70) | 64GB $15 (OW PM $14.25) C&C (or + Delivery) @ Umart


Good price on both these type C flash drives.

SanDisk Ultra 16 GB USB Type-C Flash Drive

Both can be price matched at Officeworks.

SanDisk 16GB Ultra USB-C Flash Drive - $5.70

SanDisk 64GB Ultra USB-C Flash Drive - $14.25

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    I like how Sandisk are aggressively pricing these, although I think it is too early for me to be buying USB-C USB drives!

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      Yeah look out for the double sided USB C and USB A drives. They're really handy.

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    Suggest you do a price match with Officeworks to avoid the credit card fees, postage, security checks and the uncertainty od supply. Read the forums regarding this company

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      Umart is a great company to pick up from. Much more organised than MSY. No idea about shipping but. Move closer to a store? :P

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      Security checks? Wut? I've bought plenty of stuff from umart anonymously, under business names, and under joke names for cheap gifts to be sent to friends… Heck, once I walked in and wanted a replacement for a broken one of those old white MS mice for CS, they had nothing similar (and in my budget) but one of their front desk machines was still using an actual old MS mouse, he sold "it" to me for ten bucks cash and replaced their one with a random crappy $10 mouse from their sales inventory. Do you mean to tell me I've been outsmarting their elaborate security checks all these years? I'm a criminal mastermind and I didn't even know it!

      Edit: you also just reminded me of a time I had a paid pickup order that I wasn't going to make before close so I simply emailed them at the last minute to approve somebody else's name to collect, with no other verification than the fact that it was sent from my email address. They approved my friends name for collection, he collected it with no hassle. That's pretty slack security really, pretty easy to spoof an email. Are you seriously mad that they don't just hand out your prepaid $3000 order to anybody who claims it? And if you're talking about delivery, that makes even less damn sense as per my first paragraph.

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        've bought plenty of stuff from umart anonymously, under business names, and under joke names for cheap gifts to be sent to friends

        Sounds like you're just bring an idiot.
        I'm not sure what that has to do with security checks.

        but one of their front desk machines was still using an actual old MS mouse, he sold "it" to me for ten bucks cash and replaced their one with a random crappy $10 mouse from their sales inventory

        Sounds like the person went above and beyond what they needed to do so that you could get EXACTLY what you wanted.

        They approved my friends name for collection, he collected it with no hassle.

        What are the odds that somebody knows your name, email address, what you ordered, when you were going to collect it and that you had even made an order.

        You probably replied to the order email too.


          You quoted a lot of my comment but failed to offer any counter nor supportive information. What's your point? What "security checks" are you guys having such issue with? I'm genuinely baffled by you two guys. Are you salty your credit card was declined or something? You're only further proving my point about them being excellent and rational. Wutz ur point??


          Wow, thanks, I'm glad you agree with me? Did you even read the comment I responded to or my comment? Do you have absolutely no comprehension of written text?


    On umart site rrp for 16gb is $25 and 64gb is $19.. am I missing something?


    thank you OP I just got 1 each from OW South Melbourne. no more 64gb, could be some more 16gb left.

    raised a few eyebrows on the other side of the counter price matching 64gb XD


    Type-C = forward looking tech.
    16/64GB = backwards facing tech.

    Interesting combo.


      Type-C = forward looking tech

      Not really. It is just a different connector and it gives a false impression of forward looking. So many USB 2.0 USB-C cables (even Apple recently did a cost cutting trick on their lightning to USB-C 1m cable (used to be USB 3, now USB 2) - very "forward" looking). Apple's official USB-C to USB-C cable is USB 2.0 only (though its PD side is pretty good).

      You have so many USB-C multi-port dongles cannot do 4K @ 60Hz (and don't even think about 5K unless it is Thunderbolt). Then, you have the USB-PD mess, which only resulted in so many 3rd party cable makers (inc. Anker) stuffed up the e-marker which Benson and Nathan pointed out. You also have cable makers passing Nathan's test with their first batch of cables, but then did cost cutting in subsequent batches (so newer ones have issues). More importantly, the quality of a lot of 3rd party USB 3.1 gen 2 cables are sub-par.

      With USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 – (10Gbit/s*2 =20Gbit/s) announced, USB-C is sure to confuse consumers even more. It basically copies the idea of Thunderbolt 3 and yet it doesn't exceed TB3's max speed - is that really forward looking?

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        yeah my laptop has 4 type-c ports, 2 of which are also thunderbolt 3. I don't know how that works, but so far I have been reluctant to buy anything type-c that is not a type-c to type-a adapter.


          Macbook Pro - which I called mine Donglebook. The reality is Apple don't want to support USB 3.1 gen1/2, Apple want you to go Thunderbolt 3. That's why you don't see any USB-C USB 3.1 gen2 cable or peripheral from Apple (only from third parties).

          Thunderbolt 3 supports 20Gb/s and 40Gb/s (cable length restriction applies) so it has sufficient bandwidth to drive 4K/5K monitors. However, every maker of TB3 peripherals and/or cables charges you a lot. Some also have bandwidth issue (i.e. not taking advantage of the full bandwidth). Despite it can support up to 40GB/s, you cannot just have put everything through one port (i.e. 5K + 4K + 4xUSB 3.1 gen 2/USB-A ports from 1 TB3 port is just unrealistic - even 40Gb/s is insufficient to drive so that many high speed devices) so if you look at multiple port high end TB3 docks, they still have to make some compromises - which in terms means you have to make a compromise. If you don't do your research properly before you buy, you could easily be in for a big unpleasant surprise.

          It's pure arrogance from Apple. Why change a laptop which had every decent port customers want (2xUSB-A/USB-3 ports, HDMI, card reader, 2xThunderbolt 2, MagSafe) with just 4 USB-C ports?


            @netsurfer: mine is Dell XPS, but they copied Apple on this obviously. they also included microSD card slot instead of full sd. insanity


              @kasaresj: Ah… Dell XPS, It is a really good laptop so why copied Apple's stupid design? Just a couple of extra USB-A ports would make that laptop close to perfect.


                @netsurfer: yeah. but well, I got it for an insane price and can't really complain. type-c ports it is for me then! at least it came bundled with an adaptor.



              they also included microSD card slot instead of full sd.

              I'd rather have micro SD. It goes fully inside your laptop. Full size SD sticks out, which makes it not suitable for use as permanent storage. It also isn't spring loaded, so it can slip out easily. It's designed for temporary use, not for you to leave it in there as a secondary storage drive like with your phone.

              You can put a microSD card into your camera (with the supplied adapter). Micro is just more versatile, and cheaper (you get deals galore on micro, not so many on SD).


        Not really. It is just a different connector and it gives a false impression of forward looking.

        You misunderstand me.

        Let me rephrase, "Type-C only" = forward tech.

        The day when Type A is is fully replaced with Type C (i.e. you no longer have Type A ports on your computer) is surely a future (forward looking) day?

        A lot of people still have devices that a Type-C only USB stick won't even fit into without an adapter. The day when everything is Type C is far away, hence future looking tech.


          The reasons I feel Type-C only is NOT forward tech are:

          • Apple actually want people to go Thunderbolt 3 route (that's an expensive path). With at most 4 ports, if you go down the USB 3.1 route, the total bandwidth you can obtain from MPB 2016 onwards would be less than MPB 2015 (since it simply has 3 more ports at least). To actually be forward, give us at least 6 Thunderbolt 3 ports (give us more bandwidth, not roughly the same as before through less number of ports).
          • Currently, if you use USB-C to HDMI route, most dongles struggle to do 4K with HDR. If you looked at MBP 15 inch, using those dongles is kinda silly (the GPU can do 5K, dongles holding it back).
          • Even with TB3, it is insufficient for LG 5K monitor. As such, with just 1 port used, the USB downlink ports on the monitor are ALL USB 2.0 (that's sad). It really needs another TB3 port (but hello… isn't that basically like taking another USB 3 port? Not to mention that means 50% of ports on MBP gone). In what way is that forward tech??
          • USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 is coming. This will add more confusion. And, it is still slower than TB3 (despite basically copying the idea from TB3).

          USB-C is fine for mobile, but not a good port for desktop or laptop - too fragile. Look at the latest mirrorless camera trend, HDMI port is now preferred as mini-HDMI is too fragile.

          Most of us are buying compromising USB-C related cables, dongles, peripherals. Those makers are simply milking us for money.

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    Just be aware that reviews note that these drives run extremely hot and only write around 20MB/s.

    I’m not sure if these contain a micro SD card like the older Sandisk USB-C drives but you might want to look into this.


      Yeah, at 5 bucks these are definitely just a purchase to put in a drawer in case of emergency type drive. It'll pay for itself that one late night where you desperately need a USB C drive to fix something. But yes, this would be painful as a high use daily drive.


      for a guy like me anything with type-c connector is super cool: my laptop has 4 type-c ports (the freaking thing fell out of time machine), but alas! no type-a ports whatsoever. so when I want to park some files for future reference, or have an encrypted secure partition that can be attached and mounted, and will be mostly read, not written, these should do.

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      confirmed: ~30 MB/s write, then drops to ~10 MB/s after about 20 seconds. quite appaling :D
      not only it gets hot, it also gets the computer hot!
      I may take both back for refund tomorrow :D
      it is not hard to fry some eggs while copying files around.
      Read speed is ~120 MB/s, but not instanteneous, starts up around 20 Mb/s and reaches the top speed in about 3 seconds.

      above that is 16Gb one.

      64Gb one behaves a bit differently: ~17 MB/s for write, but after a minute drops to the same 10MB/s or even worse (bigger buffer on 64Gb model?)
      Read is slightly better at ~130 MB/s, same observation as with 16 Gb model: starts up slow, reaches top reading speed in 3-4 seconds.


    Op, can you please put in title delivery cost?


    Anyone know if these would work with an Android phone with supposed support for otg ?


    I heard these get extremely hot and can melt


    Dont like USB C on a USB drive. Normally the drive is a lot bigger than the connector, its too easy to break off accidentally…


    I checked into my local (underwood, qld) OW - THEY said the umart listing is for a device with a one year warranty, where as they offer a 5 year warranty. As such, they won't price match it.


      nonsense I would say. I price matched at OW South Melbourne without an issue both 64 and 16 gig model last night.

      after all it's all manufacturer warranty, OW has nothing to do with the warranty. if the product part number is the same, it's in stock somewhere in the state, and pickup is free, they should match.

      I matched things from UMart at another OW (Melb CBD) without issues as well.


      Was able to price match at OW Highett last night.

      Had two different staff check the part number and it all checked out.

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    Quick Review: 64GB one.

    Performance (laptop - Donglebook / aka Macbook Pro):

    Read Write
    Sequential 141.1 MB/s 51.5 MB/s
    4K Random (QD:1) 5.7 MB/s 2.1 MB/s

    It's within the typical Sandisk Ultra USB flash disk range. Unable to reach performance anywhere near Sandisk Extreme range.

    It is average. The width of the device means you cannot have 2 of them right next to each other. You can have the Apple USB-C charging cable next to it but there is virtually no gap in between.

    The actual USB-C plug - quality wise is average. It is not a single piece type (generally Benson and NathanK feel the single piece one (no joining gap/seam) is better).

    When connected to a Donglebook (Mackbook Pro), it gets hot easily, even when idle. It is the hottest of the USB flash disk out of all the ones I own by a large margin. Even my Sandisk Extreme USB flash disks (which are faster) are much cooler than this. Read the next section though.

    USB-C/OTG on mobile:
    Works fine, and actually runs much cooler (still a little bit warm though, but acceptable). I didn't run a speed test on it.

    In summary, it is basically just a standard Sandisk Ultra USB flash disk with USB-C plug. The high temperature when using it on a laptop is a concern (even when it is not reading or writing, by simply connecting it to a Macbook Pro, it heats up).

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      probably MBP is being nice and is trying to charge it.


        Cannot be bothered trying it on my PCs with Thunderbolt 3 ports. Testing was done using a Donglebook (MBP) running Windows 10, not MacOSX.

        Besides, we are used to hot USB-C devices / dongles. This one is extra hot.


        Read your other comments. So you already observed it runs really hot on your laptop. So it's not just MBP, even Dell XPS as well. I also observed it affects the neighboring plug too (which in my test is the USB-PD charging cable plug).

        Sigh… Also feel like returning it.

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          correct, to sum it up:
          - gets warm when plugged in
          - gets hot when writing to it
          - gets very warm when reading a lot, but not as hot as when writing
          - when idle, gets warm, but then cools down probably due to power saving


    OW Doncaster wanted to include shipping (+$11) for price match due to Waverley store being closed for renovation.


      Fair play I guess, I'm surprised the staff were that invested though. I'm guessing from a previous deal or something their manager told them to not offer price beat on umart while it was closed? Did the clerk look it up or immediately tell you umart includes shipping? If it was by his own deduction, you could maybe go back later and try again with other staff, but to be fair if you can't get it local pickup from umart they have no reason nor obligation to honour price beat on it.


        The girl asked someone else and the other guy told her to add shipping due to the item being "unavailable for pickup immediately". I went into their site and discovered the renovation closure.


    For those intend to get it for Macbook Pro or Dell XPS, please be aware that this flash disk does get very hot quite quickly and can affect the port next to it. kasaresj reported that it also gets the laptop (XPS) hot. I haven't used it on my MBP long enough (part of the reason is because it gets hot very quickly so I wanted to unplug it).

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    North Parramatta Officeworks was insisting that freight charges of $11 have to be included but after checking with manager they were fine with it.

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