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Alienware 34" Curved Gaming Monitor: AW3418DW $1504.29 Delivered @ Dell


On special once again is the Alienware 34 Curved Gaming Monitor AW3418DW for $1,504.29 from $2149.99.
Ordered this last year in October for a little higher price then canceled my order before it was shipped out as my monitor fixed itself.
A month ago my monitor played up and have been waiting for this to come on special again.

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    WQHD 3440 x 1440 at 120 Hz


    Remember to go through Cash Rewards for another $40ish back.

    Have had my eye on this model myself but was waiting for another $1400ish deal like the recent one via eBay. One thing that did turn me off a little after looking into it is even though it's often referred to as a 120 Hz monitor, it is indeed an overclock and some users are unable to achieve that refresh rate without issues.


    Only 100hz, which I suppose is plenty.

    But for that sort of price point I would have hoped for HDR or at least more colours.

    Like this one is also 34", QHD, 100hz, 300cd/m2 brightness, but 10 bit colour, and cheaper, https://www.pccasegear.com/products/34726/asus-pg348q-rog-sw...

    Or this guy, same specs, https://www.pccasegear.com/products/41229/acer-predator-x34p...

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      They're all 8bit FRC not native 10bit.


      Only 100hz, which I suppose is plenty.

      It is capable of overclocking to 120hz.

      But for that sort of price point I would have hoped for HDR or at least more colours.

      There are no other monitors with similar specs and HDR anywhere near this price point, so not sure why that is a realistic expectation.


        The thing with overclocking is that it doesn't always work every time. If the monitor was guaranteed to work perfectly at 120hz, Alienware would have it permanently set to 120hz and market it as such.

        Maybe not HDR, but the Asus and Acer both at least display 8Bit FRC.


          While that may be true most of the time, the latest revisions of this monitor appear to have resolved the stability around overclocking.


            @DisabledUser166986: Well that is good, and its good to know that AlienWare are updating the monitor. Only issue is that were they hardware revisions, earlier versions will miss out. If they were firmware issues, at least people can update it, but in honesty, who thinks about updating the firmware in their monitor?

            And like I said earlier, it is still an overclock, and if it was guaranteed to work 100% of the time, and have no ill effects on the components of the monitor, Alienware would set it to 120hz permanently and advertise it as such.



              Only issue is that were they hardware revisions, earlier versions will miss out.

              I agree, although that's where Dell's warranty comes in to play, those with earlier unit that are struggling to obtain a stable overclock are able to have it replaced with a revised unit.

              And like I said earlier, it is still an overclock, and if it was guaranteed to work 100% of the time, and have no ill effects on the components of the monitor, Alienware would set it to 120hz permanently and advertise it as such

              That's still the case for most Ultrawide monitors with similar specifications, this particular one is no different and shouldn't be labelled as such.

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    Why does anyone even look at this monitor when the X34P exists.

    It's also 3440x1440, IPS, 120hz, GSync and is around $1199.

    I got mine for $1076 shipped last week.

    Am I missing something?

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      Dell's warranty exchange process is hard to beat and has saved me quite a bit of hassle over the years. More conservative design is a plus for some. But yeah, when the difference is like $300, it's harder to justify.

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        This exactly was the reason i purchased my one of these. The monitor i got has a single dead pixel, dell sent me a new one the next day to replace it. It cant be beaten for this reason


    240hz 1440p should be out this year, very excited!

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    this isn't a good deal. its a horrible deal. first its alienware, its also really expensive. As partrioticpickle and Adoshouse said the X34P from Asus is $1199 and the same specs and arguably a better display
    $300 extra over the Asus when the x34p isn't even 'great' value makes this alienware monitor unjustifiably expensive even on sale. i bought my asus rog pg348 for $800 on sale last year, so deals do come up for these monitors. or maybe just buy one of the older generation as they are still 100hz ips 1440p ultrawides

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      Yeah Alienware is always so overpriced


      It's aimed at a certain niche market of people, one that it does not include (no offence) the likes of you and I, but agreed, you're not getting value for money here compared to its competitors thats for sure.

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      this isn't a good deal. its a horrible deal.

      I disagree, it's RRP is ~$2k and this is $500 (25%) off, so for those that are genuinely interested in buying one, it's a good deal.

      Plus, what you paid for a different monitor with similar specs last year doesn't really apply to this monitor presently, as others have said Dell's quality control and warranty process is second to none, and the monitor itself has received multiple revisions to date.

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      Acer warranty blows compared to Dell/Alienware.

      Acers styling is different and IMHO looks a lot worse - plus will date quickly.

      Acer and Asus not guaranteed to do 120hz.

      Alienware much lower input/processing lag than Acer/Asus. This is a gaming monitor so thats critical for me…

      Alienware all the way for me.

      Jake sounds like he is trying to justify his Asus Strix purchase. I bought this late last year and don't regret it at all. Have seen the ASUS and Acer - wouldn't swap.

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    Plenty of discussion about this from previous sales:



    I own one of these and do not regret the price difference at all. Sure it's worth $200-$300 extra than some of the competition, but I am more than willing to pay slightly more for something that I'll likely keep for 6+ years.

    Love this monitor.


      but explain why it is worth $200 to 300 more? if your happy with your monitor, awesome! be happy with it, but was it 'good value' and worth recommending?
      did you buy it over the others because you own a alienware pc, keyboard and mouse and just want to complete the set? did you really like the design, or was it brand power? because on a visually, features, performance and value the alienware losses or ties with other offerings from asus and other competitors. i just want to understand your point of view

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        Sorry, my previous replies on this monitor were found in the links I gave. Give them a read as the differences are outlined in detail there already.

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        It's subjective, but in my view the AW3418DW has the most understated styling, as far as these monitors go anyway (a U3419W with these specs would be my ideal).

        But is it worth more? I'd pay $120 for Dell's warranty. $150 to not have something I less like the look of for such a prominent, 3-5 year item. $50 to not have an external power brick as I hate unnecessary clutter. $50 for its potential compatibility with my existing UltraSharp monitor stand.

        On the other hand, I like the idea of the X34P's OSD joystick and would value that at say $30, and $100 for its internal speakers (the clutter thing again, and my speaker requirements are modest).

        So broken down like that, there's maybe $240 extra value in the Dell for me. But when you do like one thing more than another overall, it can amount to more than the sum of its parts.

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        Ok - to condense the general differences I chose it for:

        Alienware has:
        - NO power brick - the X34P requires one
        - Preferred the very clean look of the Alienware over the X34P - did not like the Predator logo bottom centre of the screen, Alienware has no logo. Personal preference only.
        - LED lighting is located on the back of the monitor, which I preferred - X34P has them on the bottom edge of the screen
        - Stand more solid and stable, some reviews said the X34P could wobble slightly on desks
        - Dell warranty

        I think both are great choices, but the Alienware ticked all my boxes.

        Monitor comparisons below:

        Header Signal Processing Response Time Average Lag
        Acer Predator X34 5.25ms 3.95ms 9.20ms
        Acer Predator X34P 5.20ms 3.95ms 8.00ms
        Asus ROG Swift PG348Q 5.30ms 3.90ms 9.20ms
        Alienware AW3418DW 0.35ms 3.45ms 3.80ms
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    I got this monitor on the last deal. Display and design is amazing. All the games I play support ultra wide and everything just looks so good.


    Guys, for those of you who do buy, don't forget to ask about Dell Advantage.

    You should get a coupon for 5% of your price paid. In my case around $80.


    You must spend at least twice the value of the coupon to redeem it.

    I bought a $210 rrp computer power brick/bank for $88 after it was already discounted 25% to $168, then take away my $80 discount.

    Just another reason why Dell/Alienware is a good option :)

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