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Alienware AW3418DW 34" UWQHD IPS Curved 120Hz G-Sync Gaming Monitor $1,494.24 Delivered @ Dell


Best price for this Alienware 34" WQHD monitor.


  • 34" UWQHD IPS Panel with 4ms & 120Hz
  • Curved 1900R IPS Display with NVIDIA G-Sync
  • DP1.2, HDMI1.4, 4xUSB3.0
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology
  • Alienware design & AlienFX Lighting
  • Gaming-centric On-ScreenDisplay (OSD)
  • Tilt, swivel and height adjustments

Thanks to lostn for the coupon code.

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  • I've seen these pop up sub $800 for a refurbished model on the outlet for those that would like a cheaper option.

    • If only you can snatch one tho

    • Point me in the right direction. I'm looking for either this of the x34p.

      • X34P sometimes goes as low as $1200.

        • It's already $1200 on ebay, and with a 10% discount, it'll be around $1100. However, I missed a 2nd hand bargain that sold for $850 while I was driving and I've vowed to match or beat that price no matter how long I have to wait.


        • I bought mine last week for $1076 from futuonline. I did post a deal but it was moved to the limited stock posts. I have been using it and I have no regrets! It's great!!

  • I got this monitor a few months ago and it is spectacular. I will never go back to a screen less than ultrawide ever again, the difference is hard to explain until you have been gaming on it.

    Ignore the HDR plebs, they are the ones that probably buy mobile phones based on camera mega pixels as well…

  • Don't forget about the Dell 7% cash back with cash rewards. So it brings it down to about $1360.67.

    Cash reward ends on thee 27th of December so I'm not too sure if it's at 12am midnight or midnight of 28th…..

  • Wonder how they get the extra 20HZ over the others.

  • Thanks OP - I'm very tempted! What is the difference, besides exterior design, between this and the x34p which can regularly be purchased for sub $1100 on ebay with their 10% sales? Trying to work out if this one is worth the additional $300…

    • It's not worth the extra, generally the higher up you go the less worth it is. Just depends if you want to pay it.

      I'd say mostly paying for quality/branding/accessories (like the "gaming centric osd").

    • From what I've read, the QA and warranty provided by Dell are much better than that of Acer.

    • I was in the same position and eventually settled on the Alienware because of the following differences:
      Alienware has:
      - NO power brick - the X34P requires one
      - Preferred the very clean look of the Alienware over the X34P - did not like the Predator logo bottom centre of the screen. Personal preference only.
      - LED lighting is located on the back of the monitor, which I preferred - X34P has them on the bottom edge of the screen
      - Stand more solid and stable, some reviews said the X34P could wobble slightly on desks

      I think both are great choices, but the Alienware ticked all my boxes.

  • Guys, i own and it is a great monitor, however, be aware that you cannot play Xbox One X or PS4 Pro at 1440p @ 60Hz as this resolution (2560x1440p) is not supported by the monitor (Same with Predator), only 1920x1080p at 120Hz on the Xbox One X on this monitor, other than that it is faultless. I have this and a Phillips 436M6VBPAB 4K HDR10 43" Monitor and Sony 45ES Projector and i play everything on this Monitor (other than movies or HDR10 content).
    No idea why they never chose to add support for the 2560x1440p resolution but they didnt. Other than this monitor is awesome, i got it for $1600 a few months back but this is definately the lowest it has been in Australia.

    • +3 votes

      For hardcore gamers, every ms respond time count. Here is a test result from TFT Central

      Signal Processing Response Time Average Lag
      Acer Predator X34 5.25ms 3.95ms 9.20ms
      Asus ROG Swift PG348Q 5.30ms 3.90ms 9.20ms
      Alienware AW3418DW 0.35ms 3.45ms 3.80ms

      Neither X34 nor PG348Q come close to AW3418DW.

      • Dell is the manufacturer. Dell is probably number 1 for monitors. Your logic is floored @jake93s

  • Ordered last night at about 1am. ETA delivery tomorrow!

    • You wont be disappointed mate, it is an awesome monitor…..

    • Congrats dude! Your life is about to change…

      • Cheers mate. Just finished setting it up. I've never had a curved monitor before so its a bit strange at the moment.

        • Congrats dude! i got my first curved last week also! its the Acer X34P and boy am i loving it. Its much bigger than the one i used to have but i have definitely gotten used to the size from when i initially got it that's for sure!

  • I have ordered mine on the Boxing day 25th Delivery ETA 3/1/2019 for $1574.24 -minus 7% cashback = 1440.67

    Damn didn't have coupon for additional 10% which would be amazing value $1,494.24 minus the cashback of $133.57 = Total price $1360.72

    i have checked Website Offer and coupon still Valid Until Thursday, January 3, 2019..

    Can you guys let me know if you guys get delivered latest Build/Revision A05 which minimizes BLB and Yellow screen issue with the Unit. Cheers

  • Its Normally on the Box side Labels it will say something like this Manufactured Date : 10 November 2018 REV 05

    Check this link

  • got mine today - revision A05

    • How's the panel uniformity, are there any dark patches or yellow tints?

      • That was normally on Rev 03-04 or when switching from 100 Hz to 120 Hz on the Panel. and sometimes IPS glow or top corners only noticeable in very dark Room.

        Rev05 only minimizes the IPS glow, there were few reports with park patches and stuck pixels

        Few people reported REV 05 to be flawless , have to wait and see , Hopefully we do not have to RMA the Unit otherwise you get refurbished one.
        The refurbished ones were going cheap for 850+ not long ago from EBay and Amazon Dell store. i was tossing between two and went for New unit instead.

    • Awesome, you can also do color correction and Calibration check TFT central .
      Wao that was quick delivery mine scheduled for tomorrow delivery cant wait to test it out.

    • I also got A05 - No issues so far.

      • Looks like I got an A06 - Manufactured November 2018.
        Bit of BLB on the corners (right side) other than that I cant see anything bad.

        • Looks like I'll be returning/RMAing this unit. Developed a dead pixel crosshair. Pink vertical + black horizontal line across the whole screen.

          Going to push for a new unit as it isn't even a week old…

  • Mine says coming on the 9th, can't wait!
    I tried the cashback yesterday and it worked, brought it down to $1399 shipped.

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