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Intel Core i5 9600K Processor $381.92 Delivered @ PC Meal eBay


First time posting so please take it easy =)

MSY Selling them for $409, so around $28 cheaper, which is decent if you are looking to buy this

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  • Need MOBO and RAM too. ;(

  • Need to buyer a cooler too. Ryzen a better option?

    • Not for gaming alone.

      It is if you want more cores and pci lanes though eg gaming and streaming on the same machine.

      • Tbh, while I completely understand the need to get the fastest IPC/clock speed by going Intel, I'd still recommend going AM4 at this point.

        Why? Well, if you needed something now I'd be looking at a 2600 or something cheap, then drop in a 3xxx chip later this year/next year - which is probably going to be better than these.

        Another reason is I don't particularly feel like rewarding Intel's '2 iterations and it's time to upgrade your motherboard' approach. But fully understand if people don't care about that and just want the raw power, which Intel still has the edge in.

        • I have to agree, not really because of the Mobo approach (although it's a very good point I forget to take note of) but their general lack of improvement, cooler and poor finish.

          The frame rate difference is negligible at such high numbers anyway and with 3rd gen not too far your looking at a much cheaper chip that is much more powerful than Intel's offering.

    • Ryzen a better option?

      I think we're past the point of there really being any difference for the majority of users.

      The trend for gaming these days tends to be towards higher refresh rate as opposed to higher resolutions, quality textures and more anti-aliasing, which were the trends just a few years ago. If you're interested in reaching 144Hz+, going with Intel over AMD can make a significant difference. If you're at 4K 60Hz, then you're more GPU bound and I'd personally go with AMD.

      Beyond gaming, there are certain application-specific tasks which may feature one CPU over another. For example, if you edit video in Premiere Pro, Intel would be the much better value option as it seems to prefer Intel's architecture as well as being able to take advantage of the iGPU for QuickSync, which makes a huge difference.

      Overall, I'd say AMD is the better overall value on average, but there are certainly groups who will be better off with Intel. It's not the sort of whitewash we saw with the Athlon 64 vs. Pentium 4 back in the day.

  • Need to buy a new case to fit the new cooler too.

  • Thanks for the share Ben!

  • Switched from my Ryzen 1700 to this to improve FPS which it certainly did while x265 encoding performance remained the same which is fine for me also i never did anything else so this CPU was perfect for me.

  • I recently bought this and paired it RTX 2070, 16GB Trident Z 3000 RAM , AIO Liquid coolmaster 240ML, Z390 Gigabyte Pro motherboard, 256GB Evo 970 M.2 NZXT H500 Case Couldn't be happier. Awesome gaming machine and under $1800 for all parts.
    If you are looking for a medium build gaming machine the i5 8400 is a good sweet spot and you can get a cheaper z370 board to go with it.
    As soon as you move into any video editing work then a AMD build is better

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