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Gaming PC Intel i7 16GB RAM 120GB SSD 1TB HDD RX 570 8GB Free KBM & 21.5" Monitor $1288 Delivered @ FTC


What will you get :
- Intel i7 7700
- 16GB RAM
- 120GB SSD
- Radeon RX570 8GB Graphic Card
- H110 Chipset motherboard
- Thermaltake V100 Case
- 550W power supply unit
- TPlink 881 Wifi Network Card
- Philips 21.5" monitor
- Gaming Keyboard , Mouse & Mouse matt
- 2 Years Warranty

Limited to 15 units.

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  • That's RTX 2070 money from TechFast rig build.

    Flamesuit ON

  • something wrong with links- cant add the unit at that price to cart

  • 7700= 4 cores 8 threads

    8700=6 cores 12 threads

    2600= slower, but,still 6 cores 12 threads

    • The CPU is overkill for this GPU.

    • For most games, the only CPU spec that really matters is the single core clock speed. The i7-7700 has 4.2Ghz turbo, which is more than enough….especially, as pointed out above, when it's paired with a relatively weak RX570 GPU.

      • battle field 5 and shadow of the tomb raider could use more than 12 threads

        with 7700 you may have high average, but more cores give you much smoother experience, 144fps produced wont show more than 60fps on average monitor

        $1288 total price includes a sub $250 gpu( pc case gear has gigabyte rx 570 8gb for $219), they charge you full rrp for 7700( a 2 yrs old cpu)

      • Neg. 4790k to 8700k improved so much contrary to what I thought too. 4790k-> 8700K, 16GB 1600 -> 16 GB 3200MHZ, both on 1080ti 2k res

        • Sounds like high refresh rate. Any examples of the improvements you gained. At 4k there probably similar.

  • How can this be a bargain?

    This is such an average deal compared to this one: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/431464 (albeit out of stock)

    • I've seen a better price with similar build a year ago

      • To be fair.

        Here are the additions this PC has over the TechFast one and the cost techfast charge for said upgrade

        Windows 10: $149
        wifi card: $19
        keyboard+mounse: $30 (and this looks better keyboard mouse than techfast generic)
        memory (8->16): $120

        Add to that using amazon, ryzen 3 2200G ($147) -> i7 7700 ($445), $298 diff

        So that is $616 bucks extra to upgrade the techfast one which cost $529, meaning it would cost $1,145 with similar spec from techfast.

        So this is costing around $150 more than upgrading said techfast, comes down to if the monitor plus better quality parts and better keyboard and mouse covers that $150.

        edit, missed this also includes additional 1tb drive which techfast charge $59 for, so all up this is less than $100 more than techfast.

    • This is comparing Apples to Oranges, these two PC build deals couldn't be more different, except for the graphics card and SSD capacity. No wonder there's gonna be a big price difference.

      • It is different, all I am trying to say is you can get a much better rig with similar price. e.g.https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/426113 (sure it has no monitor or keyboard or mouse, but these are worthless from this deal and you may need to buy your own monitor,kb,mouse anyway)

        Ozbargain should not be dumping place for excess product from shops disguised as bargains.

        • I sort of agree that the deal is maybe not amazing, but again, that rig is inferior in almost every way except the graphics card. I don't feel like it's useful to compare some of these deals to Techfast deals, because Techfast use the absolute cheapest Mobo's, RAM, SSD's, PSU's and Cases. The only thing good in them is the CPU and maybe the GPU (though they're often a cheapo brand as well).

          I feel like there's inherently more risk in buying from Techfast unless you're going to replace the PSU and maybe even the Mobo, which means they aren't really a good deal anymore.

          • @Demarque:

            Reliable & Powerful 550W Power supply unit

            Yes, I have heard Reliable & Powerful is one of the best PSU brands…

            • @djkelly69: Yeah, not gonna say that this deal is anything amazing and yes, the lack of branding on the PSU is definitely a red flag. But it appears that the majority of parts in this build come from well-known, tier-1 brands, not Biostar or anything.

      • The 2200G is also 4c/8t if that's all you're comparing from a CPU perspective. I don't think the AIO, tiny monitor, kb/mouse and 8GBs of extra ram is $800 difference though.

        • No, I don't think it necessarily warrants $800 difference either, but you simply can't compare the Ryzen 2200G with the i7 7700 just because they have the same core/thread count. The i7 is faster across the board. The Ryzen 2200G is about $145 on StaticIce and the i7 7700 is around $450 at it's cheapest price.

          I just keep seeing people here comparing TechFast deals to other PC pre-built deals and assuming that if the CPU and graphics card appears to be the same/similar in both deals, then anything non-Techfast is a "Shit deal". The reason Techfast deals appear to be so cheap is because they scrape the absolute bottom of the parts barrel. If you understand what you're getting into, fine, but it doesn't mean that all the other deals are "bad" by default.

          • @Demarque: In that case compare apples with apples. THIS Techfast deal smashes the one listed here in terms gaming performance and it's even cheaper ($1200) https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/432702

            Heck, if you paid an extra $100 on top of the techfast bundle, you could even get the rtx 2080 previously.

            • @Feeblely: Yep whp buys an RX 570 system over a NVIDIA RTX 2070 system??? Lmao.

            • @Feeblely: Yes, you're absolutely right. Comparing these two builds, I would definitely get the Techfast deal, as it'll be faster.

              My point again though is that I don't think it's helpful to compare literally every pre-built machine we see on OzBargain with those Techfast deals. I see it happen all the time and it just doesn't make sense to apply that logic to everything.

  • Aside from issues already mentioned, why a 21.5" monitor??? Appears to be aimed at gamers (or parents of young gamers perhaps), but I seriously doubt a single person has bought a 21.5" monitor for gaming in the last 5 years.

  • Someone with more time might like to jam this in partpicker, but on a brief inspection I reckon it'll be a dud..

    But I glad to see there's another computer package competitor?

  • I am gonna be honest, this isn't a good deal. First of all being it a H110 chipset, which the VRM's would try its hardest to run an i7. The VRM and Power Phase Design in an H110 motherboard is rubbish. Second of all, being it a not bad - not good case. And the Power Supply, I am pretty sure they would place a trashy priced one to, first do the job, and finally to reduce costs. Not worth it at all.

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    Sorry guys. The link is back to work now. Thank you for your supporting.

  • It’s such a bad idea to buy i7 7700 at around it’s MSRP in 2019.