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Pork Krackles 50g $1.50 (Normally $2.15) @ Woolworths


Delicious deep fried pig skin, gently garnished with salt and msg. I love these, you need a drink with them (bighead)… What's not to love? Less than 0.5g of carbs per 100g. Tuck in peeps.

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    Time to start my keto diet

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      Things like this are the reason keto gets a bad rap.
      Fats should should be plant based and RAW. cold pressed if processed.
      Animal fats and Animal protein should be consumed in moderation. (Pork Krackle)
      unless its from eggs, sardines or grass fed organic butter.
      only use coconut or butter to cook with.

      • Keto is different, good quality meats and animal fats are highly promoted on Keto/Paleo. This has some vegetable oil which is not recommended on Keto generally. But otherwise this is actually quite a good snack on Keto based upon the carb content:)

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        "Plant based and RAW" and "only use coconut oil" sure scares me away from keto a lot more than pork crackle

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          avocado, Chia, virgin olive, nuts, seeds, Sesame, coco butter, flax, coconut and high-olic peanuts or jungle nuts.

          Can cook with butter or water if you dont like coconut

      • I wasn't even joking though

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    These are the perfect snack for keto

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        Give big head a go (drinking one now), far better than Pure Blond.

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          The only problem is the 65 dollar a box price tag!

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    What's not to love?

    the sodium!
    1360mg per 100gm

    best to avoid food with over 400mg sodium per 100gm

    having said that if this an occasional snack it should be ok :)

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      i put them in broth without adding anymore salt

      i like them soggy

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        Great idea!

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        That sounds absolutely disgusting. Why would anyone want to eat soggy pig skin.

        • Well, in my home town, that's how they serve it in various noodle dishes. It's actually quite nice!

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          didn't neg you but i like that chewy texture and it's soaking the broth like a sponge so when you 1st put it in your mouth, the broth gushes out.

          it also makes pip pop sound when soaking

        • My first taste of pig skin as a kid was in a hotpot with other ingredients. Kinda looks like these crackers dunked in a pot. Then when I discovered these crackers in Franklins, It was like they turned my hotpot into a packet of chips, which I loved too!

    • Per 100gr… But this is 50gr.

      Alarmist much.

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      Sodium is essential, especially for people on low carb/keto. You need around 5-6g per day

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    Pork Rind, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Hydrolysed Soy Protein, Tapioca Starch, Yeast Extract, Flavour Enhancer (621), Anticaking Agent (504, 551, 341), Food Acid (262), Colour (150c), Herbs And Spices, Vegetable Powder, Flavour

    • Recipe of crunchy delight!

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        I'm sure these are tasty, but I generally try to eat "clean keto" or whatever it's called when avoiding potential allergens.
        I make my own though with just pig skin and a little pink salt.
        Having said that I might try some of these on Friday and see how I go.

        • Lol, why would people neg trying to improve health by eliminating potential allergens.

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    I used these last night to crumb a chicken breast (keto schnitzel). Epic.

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      I'll give it a go. Ta. I fancied making zero carb wraps, but almond flour is a bit easier.

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      OMG that is a brilliant idea.

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      Can confirm. I made breaded prawn cocktails with these and some almond meal. delicious.

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      The absolute madman has done it

  • These are a must have in my work snack drawer.
    There are very rarely keto friendly snacks put in the kitchen at work, so I gotta supply my own.

  • awesome im on Keto, will be stocking up on these.

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      Everyone's on "keto", so they think.

      Insert: can't tell if serious meme

      • measured my ketones this morning ,im in ketosis so therefor im legit doing keto……. haha

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    Is it Halal?

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      Pigs don't eat meat so yes this is halal.

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        Pigs are omnivores, they do eat meat. Farmed pigs probably aren't eating much, but feral/wild pigs will not only eat other animals but will on occasion cannibalize their own off-spring

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          "They will go through bone like butter. You need at least sixteen pigs to finish the job in one sitting, so be wary of any man who keeps a pig farm. They will go through a body that weighs 200 pounds in about eight minutes. That means that a single pig can consume two pounds of uncooked flesh every minute."

          Snatch (2000)


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      Ihope you peeps are joking coz it's Totally حرام; Harām

  • Beats youfoodz

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    Is this cheaper than pork crackle we see at Asian supermarket? Can't remember the price for one bag but the bag is bigger than this for sure.

    • Yes, cheaper $/g. Around $7 per 200g example

    • 200g for $5 at the one in the same shopping centre as my local Woolworths. Far tastier than this variety too, still quite a bit meaty!

    • I've tried the no branded pork crackle and it's no where near as good as this

      • Put some MSG over it.

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    Not kidding I am actually scared of these since about 5 years ago I was choking on them and I thought I might die

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      Incredible anecdote.

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      I know it's not listed on the packaging but chewing is required

    • I'm surprised you can talk about that ordeal without having flashbacks.

      Edit - also what is with all this talk of keto? Am I missing some cool new fad?

      • Yup.

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          Oh :(

          • @brendanm: I'm sure experiences differ but keto got rid of my brain fog in the mornings. Now I wake up refreshed and I actually sleep 2 hours less now. I also noticed I have more consistent energy. Doing late shifts is also far easier now and I don't fall asleep before brushing my teeth anymore. Another huge bonus is that my muscles recover far quicker from a physically intensive day. The only downside is i find keto works too well and I will have trouble sleeping or even wake up wide awake in the mornings but feel a bit restless. A simple fix for me was to eat Westbix once a week.

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    Am I missing some cool new fad?

    Just a diet that was invented about 100 years ago to assist kids with serious epilepsy that's recently been jumped on by everyone who thinks the paleo is soooo last year and Atkins is soooo last millennium.

    Also the reason why diabetics have trouble buying ketone measurement strips despite needing them to make sure they don't die.

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      Plenty of research starting to come out showing how this 100 year old diet is helping people manage and reverse their diabetes. They'd need the strips less if they cut carbs from their diets.

      I use ketone (and glucose) strips to dial in on TDK & CKD. I've never ever had a problem finding them. Hint, these guys always seem to have stock

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        Sure, in its pure form it's supposed to be a medically supervised diet to assist in the treatment of specific conditions.

        What I expect most people are using it for is weight loss as it's the latest in a long line of low-carbohydrate diets, where its benefits have been shown to be negligible in comparison to many other forms of dieting.

        I can't speak for one pharmacy's constant availability, but the shortage did make the news last year.

        • No need to adopt the super strict medical version of the diet to see benefits for diabetes management, here is just one study.

          I did miss the shortage thing being reported mid-2018, and I agree that's not good.

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            @ChickenTalon: Yes, I'm agreeing with you. For people with certain medical conditions following a low carb diet is useful. For most people without medical conditions it doesn't provide a greater weight loss benefit than any other diet (including the government-supported "balanced" one). The conclusion to the study you linked to suggests the same in terms of the diets that were compared.

            Both diets achieved comparable weight loss and HbA1c reductions.

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        Diabetics can cure type 2 diabetes and greatly help type 1 by just eating a diet high in sugar and low in fat. Plenty of studies prove this. Expert panel of doctors here prove it.


        Oh don't eat the pork crackles here, they will kill you.

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          Diabetics can cure type 2 diabetes and greatly help type 1 by just eating a diet high in sugar and low in fat

          Horseshit they can. If they're eating high sugar then they will need to eat a severe calorific deficit, which is important to include in that statement. Any form of weight loss will improve outcomes for diabetics, that study I posted (not video of a doctor talking) also shows this.

          For people who have the self-control to eat a high-carb diet and control their calories, then good for them. Stick with what works.

          Me, I'll be eating my pork crackles, bacon and marbly rib-eye cooked in duck fat. All while I drop 18kgs, increase my muscle mass and athletic performance and don't feel hungry. 12 months keto for me, love it.

          • -3

            @ChickenTalon: You are wrong, keto diet will kill you. Even if you have lost 18kg remember that up to 5kgs of that weight is loss of water from the body, that is why those slim shakes work is they have so much protein the body has to use water in the tissues and expel it with the protein through urine. You are going to get cancer, heart disease and a whole bunch of degenerative diseases. All the Atkins diet promoters are fat, Atkins was obese, Jimmy Moore is obese sally falon is obese. You are badly informed to choose to be on a high protein, high fat diet.

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              @freemoneyhunter: You’re making some crazy claims and you’ll need to site the studies to support them. Youtubes of quack vegan doctors aren’t going to cut it, show me the science.

              Yes, there is some water loss. I’m well aware of this and the electrolyte balance that also needs to be restored when starting on a very low carbohydrate diet. But what about the other 13kgs??? What about my body fat% changing from 26% to 19.8%?????? Tell me the comparitive relative risk ratios on a VLCD compared to a BMI in the overweight (borderline obese) range. Don’t forget I have far lower blood pressure, fasted glucose readings and lower LDL on a ketogenic diet.

              I have no idea about the Atkins diet as it’s not what I follow and I don’t eat high protein. I think that it’s important to moderate your protein intake.

              You are going to get cancer

              Very much looking forward to you posting the studies which show that by limiting your carbs to <20g p/day you’ll be getting cancer. Please list them. I’ve looked. There are none.

              While I think it’s a VERY open debate and I don’t agree with keto for fighting cancer (until there is more evidence), there are some studies which show that limiting carbohydrates can actually starve cancel cells which rely on them. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/ketogenic-diet-to-fight....

    • Ah I see, it's one of those things. Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure a varied diet of everything in moderation is generally best for most people.

      • most people

        Are obese

        How’s that advice we’ve been pushing about everything in moderation working out for them?

        • Haha people don't eat in moderation, that's the problem. It's why lite and easy etc work to lose weight.

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    Year of the pig 🐖

  • I had a hankering for some of these salty bastards after seeing this post but my local Woolsacks doesn't seem to stock them. They should be in the chips section, right?

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      They're not usually in the chips section, but often nearby with the jerky and salty nuts

      • Thanks, and yeah, looked there. No go.

        • Check high and low? The two woolies near me have them on the very top shelf or the very bottom. Easy to miss.

          Having said that, they're out of stock maybe 30% of the time.

          • @ChickenTalon: Had a pretty good look, but I'll ask next time if I can't spot em. Cheers.

  • Are they Halal?

    • +4

      Couple of hours late with that comment friend

  • How do you know if someone's on keto.
    Don't worry they'll tell you.

  • Do they have any MSG in them? Oh yes, 621

  • Personally I prefer Myron’s brand of pork crackling, available in most Asian stores. Highly recommended

    • I'll take a look, that my Asian grocer site had a ton of different types as well.

  • You had me at Pork!

  • Holy crap where has this been my whole life? I just bought a pack and demolished it in 5 mins. It is so crispy but not overly dry, and just salted enough I don't feel like needing to keep drinking water as I eat.

  • I ended up trying these.
    I like the texture which is much lighter than my homemade ones, but they have what I would call a processed/commercial flavour. Overall I prefer the taste of homemade but as an occasional thing these will be good for camping trips etc. However, my wife likes these a lot more than homemade and despite not eating keto wants to try the "schnitzel" mentioned above.