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Sony 75X90F $3395.75, 65X90F $2120.75, Hisense 65P7 $1270.75, 55P7 $845.75 C&C (Or + Delivery) @ TGG


Greetings everyone, recent price drops overnight on these TV's and combining with the 15% off code makes these great prices from what I can tell! The 75X90F is the cheapest for a long time for what I can see!

Sony 75"(190cm) UHD LED LCD Smart TV KD75X9000F $3395.75
Sony 65"(165cm) UHD LED LCD Smart TV KD65X9000F $2120.75
Hisense 65"(164cm) ULED UHD Smart TV 65P7 $1270.75
Hisense 55"(139cm) ULED UHD Smart TV 55P7 $845.75

As always, enjoy!

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  • Ah damn! now I’m torn between Sony X9000F and the hisense 65p7,
    Is it worth ~900 extra?

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      1000 times yes! i bought the 75x9000f when it was $3596 through TGG 20% off ebay sale in Nov18, and have never looked back - With this TV, you really do get what you paid for

    • +3

      I mean its ozbargain, not sure one recommended TV can be almost twice as good as another…

      • Agreed, best bet is to go instore and compare the picture quality of the 2 tv's and see which one you prefer. For me personally, x90f was the winner

    • SAme question I have. but looking at both Tv's features i dont think its worth extra $900-

      • Got same dilemma here… what to do!?

    • I can't comment on the hisense, but I just bought the Sony about a month ago and I love it. I don't have a 4K bluray player yet, but even just regular 1080p bluray looks fantastic on it, as does the PS4 Pro.

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      Sony TVs are superior in almost every way but $900 extra? I mean if you got the money 100% but if it is gonna hurt the bank then I wouldn't recommend it.

      • What this guy says. I saw the value in it. I don't care what anyone says, hisense is still a bit Hyundai for me so went with the Sony and most importantly, my eyes.

        Try and take some media with you or if you're lucky and they have them hooked up to FTA, compare those images because all of the demo's will have you sucked in to the Hisense like you won't believe, myself included.

        When I watched some real content on the Sony, it was a no brainer for me. (just purchased this arvo).

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    I'd cave in if the hisense 65P7 is less than $1000 lol

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      That's my trigger point too

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      I just came from Harvey Norman, they are matching TGG price ~$1274 plus $100 Gift Card

      • +2

        You should put that up as a separate deal. Considering the $100 card it's probably the best price so far

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      It is sort of at the $1k mark now that HN has dropped their price to $1274 and a $100 gift card back, if you bought Domayne/HN giftcards with the Amex deal.

      Kinda dodgy maths:
      -$300 (2x Amex statement credits)
      = $874

      Even with only one Amex statement credit you are only just over $1k.

  • Has anyone watched sport on the Hisense TV's? Does it handle the fast movement well enough?

  • Hisense P7 55" only works with 104u (10% off). Can someone else please try and confirm?

    • 15OFFTV is a working fine on my end right now? I'm not logged in for reference and just deleted the coupon and re-entered and it worked.

      • +1

        I'm an idiot. I put 0 instead of O. Retract my comment. Thanks for the posting OP.

  • Is the 50P7 a good price for $764?
    Due to my small apartment, I pretty much sit less then 2 meters away from my current TV so 55 will be too big.

    • +1

      urm, well if you do follow samsung's guidelines for tv, 55" is good for 1.7m, 65" at 2m, 75" at 2.3m, and 82" at 2.5m. Well, they said, the tv should occupy at least 40 degrees of the viewers field of vision. so, technically, you can still get that big tv.. :p

    • I bought it for 679 for I'm JB HI FI last week. It was the westfield Doncaster store. Ask for their best price.

  • Champion

  • Sweeet maaaite, just in time for the foody.

  • I have the 65 x90f and it was everything I wanted it to be. Love my tv. This is a great price for it, lowest I've seen. Like someone else said it's worth every dollar

  • Can we use TGG gift cards along with the code? That will be another 5% off

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      Yes i just purchased the Hisense P7 65" with TGG giftcards for the extra 5% off.

      • can we use giftcard with shopback and claim 2.3% cashback?

  • Coupon is valid now.

  • Just ordered the 65x90f. Thank you for the heads up.

    • They raised the price on this overnight. If you wait, you'll get it cheaper than $1865 they're doing it for.

      • What was the price of you don’t mind me asking?

        • It was $1995 on their site last night.

        • It was $1995 yesterday. Increased 10% today so you're basically getting %5 off using the 15% off code for this promo.

          I was hoping they kept the price at $1995 too. Ah well.

          Appliance Central on ebay has it for $1699 + delivery with the 20% off (w/ max $300) PUPGRADE code.

      • You can buy it from Bing Lee ebay instead, $1998 disc 15% = $1698

  • Does anyone have 55p7? are they good?

    • I have read there is no Iview app, which is a critical requirement if you have kids

      • Just train the kids to use the green Freeview button when turned into an ABC channel, then they can search for whatever show they want

        Or get a $72 Vodafone TV box. ABC and SBS are currently testing Android TV catchup apps so I'd expect them to be available within a few weeks or a month or two tops

        • Is the interface the same as the app?

  • thanks op …been waiting for the kd75x9000f for ages..cheapest price yet as far as im aware

  • I just spoke to a store member at a TGG store and he was telling me that it would have been better to order this direct through the store as the price would have been cheaper. I can't see how that could be possible as I always thought that buying online, most of the time would lead yo the lowest prices. Can anyone comment on whether the store person is correct?. Thanks

    • +8

      I think he just wants the sale commission

      • last time i bought an oven on the website for 20% off I also went into store and they said they couldn't match the online price even though its the same company….go figure?!

        • Many TGG are franchises like harvey norman.

      • or meet his sales quota for the month

    • Staff price was just over $3100 which is below cost, I walked out of the good guys at just over $3200 so I'm happy.

      I was snooping at his screen while he was trying to work out if he could do anything with it and no, I wasn't allowed to have the staff price.

  • Is anyone still waiting on a confirmation email?
    I ordered 45 minutes ago and nothing. There doesn’t seem to be a charge pending on my credit card either.

    • Same with me. No email, my card's been charged too. Ordered like 3 hours ago :)

      EDIT: Just received order confirmation email (14:25)

      • Yep me too. Thanks for helping me stress a bit less!

  • I just had TGG call me saying they were out of stock for the 65X90F in Melbourne and will have to order more to their warehouse which would take a few weeks. Going to keep a look out on any better deals in the meantime and cancel my current order with them if I find anything.

    • That's a pain!

    • I ordered the X90F and it's saying BackOrdered on the order status, even with a few stores within an hours drive having them in stock. Lets see what happens here.

      • +1

        We're in the same boat IR, wanted to bought the NU8000 and opted for X90F instead :)

        • Lets see if we get them! If it's backordered too far, the LG B8 65" is looking fine… (although almost $1000 more than I first thought I'd spend)

          • @iRMonkey: Just got a call from TGG, delivery tomorrow mate (if that helps)

            • @ciscoarc7: Also just got a call from the store. Sadly can't get mine delivered until next week. Let me know how yours goes!

  • +1

    I can vouch for the Hisense, we have the 65N7 (previous model) and it's really nice.

  • Price match with JB HI FI, free delivery and 2 years warranty.

    • Nice, didn't know they price match coupon prices. What store if you don't mind me asking? I'm guessing you got the price in store?

  • Picked up the 43P6 for what i reckon is a great price of $480. $595 less 15% discount less 5% discount off TGG gift cards from my corporate employee program.

    • How long did it take to receive the e-gift cards?

      • +1

        instantaneous - i bought it in front of the checkout chick at my local TGG store in Alexandria

        • Damn I wish i had access to something like that

  • +1

    Just got the 65X90F. Thanks a million, now to tell the missis…

  • Code worked once for me today for the P7 (when I was tossing up whether to buy it) but I've since tried two different computers and two different phones and it won't work. I type it in and it accepts the code but doesn't deduct any discount from the total like it did before. If I type the code again it says it's a duplicate. Also tried another browser which does the same thing…

    edit: wasn't working Chrome or Edge but Firefox seems to have fixed it :)

  • Which one for gaming mainly pc gaming but I might try some console gaming down the line.

    Also using as pc monitor.

  • +2

    Just pricematched Sony x90f at JB Hi-Fi Watergardens. Bonus is that it also comes with 18mth extended warranty and free delivery!
    Used Suncorp rewards to buy JB vouchers @ 5% off also bringing price down a further $100 odd dollars!

  • 75x90f seems to big for me and my budget. Is the 65x90f the cheapest it has been? I'm thinking about getting it, but if it can get it at 2k mark, I will jump on it…

  • Anyone know if concierge credit stacks?

  • Picked up Sony 75X90F from TGG Melton $3250

    • +1

      How come $3250? Price match with HN?

      • I told them JB would price match and that they need to do better than $3398.

        • would you mind pm me your docket number so I can claim refund from tgg within 30 days?

  • Harvey Norman seems to have matched the Good Guys price($3395) for Sony X90F 75, plus they offer $150 Fuel EFTPOS Gift card..
    Effective price $3245

    I bought it from Good Guys for $3395. Hopefully they can match price and bring down to $3245

    • Managed to update my price to $3245 from Good guys after price matching with Harvey Norman..

  • how longs this deal last?

  • I used Harvey Norman's deal to negotiate with the Good Guys.

    Walked away from the store with a Sony 75X90F for $3,200 with delivery included.

    • Best price seen so far

  • I snoozed, I losed

  • Got the 55p7 seems pretty good from initial set up and inspection. Menus and set up pretty quick in terms of navigation. Most importantly the ARC to my receiver is working out of the box, thank God!

    • Although I've been playing with settings all day, following suggestions, and cricket looks pretty rubbish. My old Samsung LCD handles motion infinitely better and it was a mid range TV when released 5 years ago… rather surprised. Really hoping there's something I have overlooked

  • Ordered the 75X90F with coupon + cash rewards. Marked as BackOrdered now :(

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