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Ergohuman Leather Seat & Mesh Back V2 Plus Deluxe Chair $499 (RRP $649) Shipping to Sydney ~ $42 @ Temple & Webster


Hey guys, it seems like recently Ozbargainers seem to love the Ergohuman V2 chairs. I just recently bought the Ergohuman V2 Leather & Mesh, but sadly now Temple & Webster has it even cheaper at $549 (normally RRP $649), and you can take a further $50 off using code "F4N8T8479E" (can only use once per account, but you can easily create a new one) to make it $499 before shipping costs.

This is the price for the Mesh back and Leather seat. The price including discounts for the full leather headrest + back + seat is $599 before shipping (price on sale is $649, originally RRP $729).

I think this is the cheapest I've seen the Mesh Back + Leather Seat variety.

Please be aware the mesh back + seat version is not discounted and remains at RRP $599 ($549 with the F4N… discount code).

All prices not including postage.
Don't forget Cashrewards (etc) 3.5% cashback Coupon code not valid for cashback apparently.
Unknown expiry.

For those who are curious about how comfy it is… I just received my package and haven't had a chance to assemble it yet :S.

Edit: For 22/2/19 only (4hrs to go), you can get this chair even cheaper at Temple & Webster Ebay with discount code "PSAVEIT" for 12% off - total price excluding shipping $483.12.

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  • is pick up available?

    • I don't know, as I live in Sydney I never thought about it. Their Click and Collect page is blank, and that option isn't available when you checkout your cart. Click and Collection option also not available on Ebay.

      TLDR: Probably no.

  • -1

    Bad.. Not for mesh back + seat.

    • +2

      This is essentially the same price as the Mesh Back + Seat which got 142 upvotes in Oct '18, only that this has better leather seat and mesh back.

    • +1

      This is far better than all mesh. Read long term feedback as the all mesh people complain of it digging into thighs. Leather and mesh is the way to go for all day comfort!

  • from personal experience, I wouldn't want to deal with Temple & Webster ever again. long story short, I bought a chair from them in January and I'm still waiting. the amount of time I wasted dealing with them (and Toll) was worth much more than the chair itself, not to mention having to spend a day at home waiting for a delivery that never happened.

    • Fair enough, there has been quite a few bad reviews for the delivery courier (Allied Express) on productreview.com.au.

      I received mine no problems though, the courier was kind enough to even take the 24kg thing up the elevator to my unit for me (he did mention he was an e,employee not a contractor when I enquired).

      Temple & Webster seem to respond quickly on the productreview.com.au site (and probably facebook as well). They did say there is a backlog which now has all cleared.

      • I suppose their customer service are too busy replying on productreview.com.au and have no time left to deal with customers that email them through ebay.
        I emailed them the first time on feb 6th, received a reply on the 11th, and the next time I managed to hear from them was on the 18th.
        other customers might have had better luck, but that's my experience so far.

  • Yikes, delivery is quite substantial to regional NSW:
    $156 on eBay
    $60 on the Temple and Webster site.

    • +1

      Ask if they can match the delivery price, by doing a "request a total". Obviously send them a eBay message before committing to buy.

  • +1

    Been needing a new chair for a while and been waiting for this to go on sale - thanks OP
    Working from home suddenly makes the 500 bucks seem not too bad of a price for keeping a healthy back

    • +2

      And you can claim it against tax 😁

  • I bought the Ergohuman V2 in full leather during the 20% off sale…haven't had time to unbox it yet.
    I have been using the Ergohuman Fit High Back Office Chair for the past 10 years.
    I would definitely recommend full leather over the mesh.

  • Does anyone know if shipping is free for eBay plus members?

    • it's not ebay plus item. No free postage.

  • +2

    I’ve had an Ergo Human V2 mesh back and mesh seat for about 7 years now and it’s still going great. I’m a massive unit that works from home a lot so I’ve put this chair through a lot of punishment and it’s still awesome. 7 years later and the only things worn are the arm rests which you can replace if needed.

    Can’t recommend these office chairs enough.

    • Can I ask how tall and heavy are you?

      • Yeah, sure. I’m 196cm and my weight at me heaviest was 167kg.

        I’ve also spent years studying and working 8+ hours a day in this chair.

        I’ve really put it through it’s paces and the only worn things are the arm rests and they’re replaceable for cheap.

        • Wow, thanks man. Sounds like it is big enough for my bum.

          • @DisabledUser225214: Definitely. As I said, I'm a massive unit and I've put this thing through hell.

            I'm planning on buying another one of these for my wife once we've moved interstate because I know that even though they cost a lot, I'll buy it on a 20% off sale and it will last a lifetime.

  • I'm interested in this, the ergohuman, and a few of the other 'good' desk chairs discussed on here from time to time. Is there a decent retailer/showroom in Sydney where you can go and test them out? I'm reluctant to spend $500 on a chair without having at least sat in one somewhere and been able to compare it to at least a few of the other options.

    • +1

      I'm afraid I don't know any places to try. I am going purely based on reviews.

      So many Ozbargainers love this chair, it can't be too bad. The other cheaper ~$300 option seem to be the Buro Metro, or the IKEA $300 chair.

      Or, Ozbargainers seem to love the $1k Herman Miller as well.

      • +1

        Way better than the Buro Metro (I have both). I'm tempted to go for another in all leather if I can get the right price and I'll probably give the metro away… But a second hand miller would also be nice

        • The Millers are what I most want to compare this to. The people that like them seem to really them.

  • -1

    lured in by $42 and realised it was shipping only

  • Thanks! I purchased the Leather V2 Plus Deluxe for $599 for use at work.
    I've had the mesh one at home for a couple of years and it's been fantastic.