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Phillips 43” 4K Monitor BDM4350UC $623 Delivered + $50 Phillips Cashback @ Futu Online eBay


Found this on eBay $779 - 20% = $623 Phillips also offering cash back of up to $200 , this particular model is $50 off CB - total $573.


Good size monitor for the price.

Original 20% off All Items at Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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  • +3

    Can an owner of one please provide a review of their experience?

    The last 40" Philips monitor I bought for $1050 was unusable. Video below showing the ghosting issues. Philips Australia refunded me after 4 months.


    Edit; found it's model: BDM4037UW

    • +9

      Yes I have one, primarily for productivity and I love it. This size/res combination is perfect at 100% scaling.

      It's not a "gaming" monitor but it's good for RTS type games where the extra res shines.

      The UI is quite confusing.

      It is quite reflective so not great for a room with lots of windows.

      I initially had issues with windows resizing on sleep but fixed it by going into the factory menu and disabling auto source.

      • +2

        I initially had issues with windows resizing on sleep but fixed it by going into the factory menu and disabling auto source.

        Ahh, thanks for mentioning that. I fixed it by switching to HDMI instead of DP.
        How do you get into the factory menu? I've tried holding the joystick right while it powers on but the menu doesn't appear.
        edit: never mind, it just worked. :)

      • I have two of these monitors and have the same issue with windows resizing. How on earth do you get to the factory menu. I've gone through all the menu permutations and can't find it either.

        The submenu options I can get to are Input/Picture/PIP/PBP/Audio/Color//Language/OSD Settings and Setup.

        If you can solve this issue, then I'd have zero issues with these monitors.

        • +2
          • Switch the monitor off with the physical power switch (not the joystick power button)
          • Assuming you're facing the front of the monitor, push the joystick to the right (outwards towards the edge of the screen)
          • Switch on the physical power switch on the monitor and wait till it comes on

          The factory menu should then appear in the OSD. Use the joystick to go down to auto source and change it to off.

          • @eug: But by doing this you need to be careful. It won't find inputs automatically and won't even turn on the screen. So if you accidentally change the input to VGA then you need a VGA device to change it back. At least I think. Not sure if you can reset it without any input and I'm too scared to try.

            • @Presence: Hmm interesting, I'll keep that in mind. Using HDMI instead of DP also solves the problem, I'll just continue doing that.

            • @Presence: couldn't you just factory menu it again and reenable?

      • I've had this monitor for over 2 years now and the windows resizing on sleep has been irritating me the whole time, so hopefully this has fixed the problem for me - has worked fine twice now since going into the factory settings!

        My workaround was an AutoHotkey script to reposition all of the windows that get moved around - the script made it so that it wasn't too painful, but it'll be nice to not need that any more!

  • +2

    Good size.. but i owned this monitor.. and it had all kinds of issues.. wouldnt recommend.

    • Such as?

      • I had this one. No Issues. But its too big and you can't adjust the position. Image contrast is not very good on the top of that

        • Is it really too big? I tried a 55" and started using it all the time as my desktop monitor, it's fantastic IME.

          I wasn't expecting this, I got it for gaming.

          • @Diji1: i assume a 55" TV used a monitor? if so which one?

            i'm considering a cheap 4k TV 55"- 60" but am worried the input lag might be a problem. I dont play any FPS games and currently use a 32" Samsung TV as my main screen with two 24" either side.

        • I agree.. I have it, and at work have a 38 UW….. I would replaced it with a 38UW in a flash (but they are triple the price!)

          I found that sitting close to it (at a desk) 60CM away, contrast was not that good.

          For example, the bottom 2 thirds of the screen were nice and bright and everything was great, but the top third I had to actually raise my head to get a clear view of it.

          It is a good monitor, and I haven't gotten rid of it, but if you are up close, its a bit much I think.

          Also if you have issues with window reflections in the room, its quite reflective.

          As for gaming, its not a very responsive screen. I tried playing Apex Legends on it, and it was horrific. I got slaughtered even more than usual… Other non FPS twitchy games run fine on it, and the res is super high… I have a 1080 geforce, which drives it pretty well, but still the input lag is about as bad as you can get.

          • @dekkar: how does it look when you watch 1080p/720p
            and the resolution is set at 4k
            does it have more black bars or same as watching at 1080p resolution.

            • @pinkybrain: hmmm… I dont recall…. I watch netflix on it, but Its always in a window maybe half the size of the screen…..

    • what was the problems?

  • +7

    I have this unit. It is fine for regular browsing, emailing etc. It does not have a high refresh rate, 60Hz for 4k. I did have some difficulty initially getting 4k in 60Hz but it came down to the quality of the cable I was using. As a non technical user it is fine, while the screen is not dim I would also say it is not bright. I used to be an avid Battlefield fan, however I simply can not succeed since getting this monitor, there could be many reasons why this is - but I genuinely feel the monitor has something to do with it (input lag, low refresh rate or something!) - I am running everthing on auto with a 1080 card in a 1920x1200 window. The inbuilt speaker is rubbish. I have had no technical issues, no dead pixels no problems for the past several months - If you want to have a couple of browser windows open, have outlook open and watch youtube or foxtel all on the same screen at the same time, you won't do better for $500ish. This was my primary requirement and it does this well.

  • +2

    Mine had image retention and green pixelation whenever blue was displayed… plus there is such a thing as too big if your sitting in front of a monitor.. and this is too big… whenever white is displayed it burns your eyeballs out.

    I really wanted to make mine work… but i couldnt.. went back to a quality 32 inch.

  • +3

    Thanks you all for your feedback, I'll steer clear of this model as well.

  • +1

    check reviews:


    of note, rear ports are all at 90 degrees, meaning you need right angled cables if this is going to be mounted

    otherwise bang for buck is pretty good if you can handle the eccentricities

  • +2

    Horrible monitor. Inconsistent colours throughout the whole panel and pretty bad gamma shift.

    • Did you check the colour calibration chart provided from factory showing the consistency of your monitor across the panel, did it accurately reflect the issues you had?

  • I've got one of these and I think it's awesome - I've also got a 24" monitor on either side of it - I'm sort of tempted to drop the 2x 24" monitors and replace it with another one of these at this price!

    Just to add - yes the monitor does seem huge at first - initially, it looked like the edges curved away from me when sitting in front of it - just because the edges are noticeably further away than the middle of the monitor - it would be nice if it was curved. I'm now used to it and I really hate going back to "small" 24" monitors! (I remember buying a 20" Sony Trinitron CRT screen - that thing seemed massive at the time but like a lot of things, you get used to it)

    • jeezz.. you got 24" on sides, so you're actually sitting on normal distance in front of 43"

      how did you manage that.

      • +3

        Yep - normal distance from the 43" - a bit over an arm length away from me.

        I've got the 43" in the middle so I'm looking at it straight on and the 24" monitors are angled on the sides so that if I turn to look at them, I'm also looking straight at them as well - if that makes sense?

  • -7

    No hdr, poor quality and connections.

    Found better results on "tv" screens made by hisense for less that do have HDR, tons of connections and work great as pc and gaming monitors.

    • We aren't debating quality on items here… he is merely letting us know that it is at a good price, and as stated above, is very appealing for some people.

    • +1

      No hdr. Serious bummer when cheaper screens do it.

      Dont get why its not more widespread.

  • +1

    I have one of these and am satisfied with it. I use it for photo and video editing alongside a few other monitors. I calibrated it with an i1 Display Pro and it looks fine. I'm running it at 280cd/m2.

    It does pixel orbiting so the image shifts 2 pixels every now and then. I've gotten used to it so it doesn't bother me. Only just found out it can be disabled in the menus btw. :)

  • +1

    I got the first generation Philips 40" 4K monitor, I find at this size it's too big and the VA panel is not good for the eyes. I also find tired eyes and my neck hurt after awhile. Also get headache from using this monitor. I'm now using 34" Ultrawide IPS…all of my problem above have gone away.

    • This model is IPS not VA

  • +2

    If you're a designer of any sort this definitely isn't the monitor for you but for gaming and regular desktop use these monitors are great. The third gen with slight curve to the sides is even better (yes at wide and large sizes over a shorter distance curves can actually be useful).

    Purchased first gen on release and its still going strong. Would like to add 2x24" verticial to the side though.

  • +5

    Obviously you're not going to get a top-notch monitor with all the bells and whistles for $573 at a 43" size and 4K resolution. Corners had to be cut, so it's really a matter of whether you're willing to accept those cut corners or not.

    Whether this monitor is good for you or not depends on your intended use case. For office tasks, I quite like the very big screen real estate. If you want to do things like write reports, read, check emails…etc. then it's really good because you can think of it as four 22" (or something like that) 1080p monitors arranged in a 2x2 grid. It's also excellent for spreadsheets if you have huge ones and benefit from seeing more.

    For anything that requires colour accuracy, e.g. photo editing and video editing, I'd steer away from this. There's also much less benefit to a huge monitor. I'd rather go with a 27" 1440p monitor which has at least 100% sRGB coverage. I used to be a professional photographer and there's a huge difference between editing on a budget monitor vs. one that's actually colour accurate.

    For gaming, I think this is just too big unless you're sitting terribly far away from the screen, not to mention some of the ghosting issues that others have mentioned. There are definitely games which benefit from the real estate, but I find that I game much better on a smaller screen where more of what's going on is in the centre of your field of view as opposed to your periphery.

    TL;DR for office productivity, I'd rather spend $573 on this, but if you're primary focus is gaming or anything that requires colour accuracy, I'd go with a smaller monitor with more relevant features. Plenty of great monitors at the $500 mark that are better for those purposes.

    • IME it's only competitive games such as PVP FPS that benefit from small screens. So I have a 24.5" for comp FPS gaming and a 55" for everything else.

      • I play fighting games, I find that my win rate is much higher on my 27" monitor than my 65" TV. It's in part due to the input lag, sure, but I think a large part is that it's easier to focus on a small screen.

    • Finally some logic in this thread.

  • So many nasty opinions and personal reviews

    • +1

      Which is helpful when making a purchasing decision.

      • Just remember that people tend to fixate on the negative, and people complain more than praise. If Philips sold 50,000 of these and 100 were faulty, you will definitely hear about the 100 faulty ones while the 49,900 happy users are just happily using theirs with no comment.

        • Of course, but if you see virtually no negative remarks on other products or in this case monitors, then that can give an idea on the quality of the product.

          • +1


            Of course, but if you see virtually no negative remarks on other products or in this case monitors, then that can give an idea on the quality of the product.

            If you go looking for negative remarks, you will probably find some. The Dell UltraSharp range is very well-regarded. I'm completely satisfied with my Dell UltraSharp U2713H, but if you read through this thread while making your decision, you'd probably end up avoiding it.

            What I'm saying is, just about all products will have negative reviews. One has to keep in mind that people complain more than they praise, so if they fixate on just the negative reviews which may not always pertain to their usage, or just be a early/bad batch, they might be missing out on a perfectly good product.

  • +1

    For anything that requires colour accuracy, e.g. photo editing and video editing, I'd steer away from this. There's also much less benefit to a huge monitor. I'd rather go with a 27" 1440p monitor which has at least 100% sRGB coverage.

    This monitor is rated at 100% sRGB (but actually measures at 97%). I think it's good enough unless you're a colorist or your photography requires extremely accurate results. You wouldn't be looking at such a cheap monitor if that were the case, though!

    For the rest of us, the missing 3% is not a big deal as everybody will be viewing/watching what you produce on uncalibrated screens anyway.

    I place my Dell UltraSharp U2713H on the left of mine as a preview monitor. The color accuracy on the Philips is fine.

  • Dell's 43 inch one had been available recently at around sane price on the outlet website, keep watching if you need that product.

    • Dell has one 55 inch monitor for about 700 dollars on outlet website

      • That's a VA panel monitor, this is IPS. This is designed for desktop use, the other is meant to be far away like a TV.

        • I think Philips model with glossy screen is more for entertainment, while matte screen is more proper for desktop use.

          • @TimWn: Right, that's why this has a matte antiglare screen.
            It's not a heavy antiglare coating, but it certainly isn't glossy like my laptop.

    • Read the review of Dell's 43". Its far worse than this. It doesn't even do 60Hz for 4K. I have 2 of this Philips and before I got them my friend at Dell stop me from buying their 43" when they had a special on. He says lots of returns for the 43".

      • I read this thread before, in which some report Philips one is like crap.


        • +1

          I read this thread before, in which some report Philips one is like crap.

          1 person (who doesn't have one) said it was crap, others say they're happy. I guess it's human nature to fixate on the negative? :)

          • +1

            @eug: One reported with issues that philips did not want to fix and that person seemed to indicate it as common issue (burning screen? )


            "Several people in the BDM4350UC thread has reported burn-in problem and problem like this http://i.imgur.com/PiLZYWz.jpg

            • +1


              One reported with issues that philips did not want to fix

              You need to read it in context. Here is what the original review says:

              We do agree with their assessment that this is really a non-issue for most users. We are just highlighting this issue here for completeness. In actual use, although the juddering is there, it isn’t as obvious as it is in constrained viewing environments such as TestUFO tests. We didn’t notice it whilst using the monitor on the desktop or watching movies. Whilst we did notice it in game, if they were running at a solid 60fps, we didn’t find it overly distracting and it didn’t impede our inputs or the playability of the game. It is also far less obvious than any stuttering or juddering you would experience if the frame rate drops at all below 60fps.

              that person seemed to indicate it as common issue (burning screen? )

              The same review says this:

              Also note that we mentioned that there was no ‘burn-in’ (or more accurately any temporary image retention) on our unit. This was the case despite correct despite performing a wide variety of tasks with static content displayed on the screen for quite some time. Some users have reported temporary image retention on their units, something which may affect some units but not others. We don’t feel users should let this put them off trying this model, especially if their retailer offers an efficient returns service for peace of mind.

              • @eug: Below is the full context, the context you posted is the review not the philips model thread where some one reported the issue.

                Several people in the BDM4350UC thread has reported burn-in problem and problem like this http://i.imgur.com/PiLZYWz.jpg

                and according to this review

                We would like to round off this section by discussing a ‘juddering’ issue that occurs on this monitor. Every 2.5 seconds or so, the monitor appears to skip a frame.


                We have spoken with Philips Product Manager Albert Ulfman about the issue. He confirms that there may be a juddering issue, but that in their fairly extensive testing they did not see it as a problem during normal usage. Due to this and the fact the issue is really intrinsic to the panel, this isn’t something that will be fixed by a firmware update or anything like that.

                So this is will be true for all BDM4350UC and it won't be fixed because is not considered to be a problem

                • @TimWn:

                  Below is the full context, the context you posted is the review not the philips model thread where some one reported the issue.

                  Did you actually read the review? The text you pasted is from that review.

          • @eug: There was no "others" who reported happy with this philips model because this thread was mainly about dell.
            Only person claimed happy was about a 40" model.

            • @TimWn:

              There was no "others" who reported happy

              I was referring to people here.

          • @eug: I have had several different Philips and aoc models, out of those this was one of them.

            Not great at all and people get upset and defensive when you state why you weren't a fan.

            At work we actually use games for both training as well as team building, and a lot of these pc focused monitors just aren't that great for it.

            It seems like right now there is a huge divide in price between what they can do and what they should do, vs what shopping around for a good tv panel can do, probably won't be on the same level for graphic design but for office use and gaming these monitors get even alive by mid tier tv panels at the moment for cheaper prices.

            • @typhoonadventure:

              Not great at all and people get upset and defensive when you state why you weren't a fan.

              Problem is, people either don't state why, or haven't actually owned one and are just going by what they feel.

              Or they're trying to use it as a gaming monitor when it isn't one.

              Or blame the monitor for problems not caused by the monitor (e.g. Windows scaling issues, font shaprness etc)

              • @eug: My big issue with the philips monitors are just value for money and statements.

                It reminds me of the genuwine panaphonic next to the carnivale with molded channel changing knob.

                It makes a big deal over standard operations as if they are features.

                The last one we had in bragged all over the box about it being 4k…. you are buying a 4k monitor ok brag its 4k… but then bragged on about a ton of other features, that are completely standard issue.

                If it had stated it on the side of the pack fair enough, then you get the ui… it is horrible.

                My only two complaints against hisense is region/model locking which firmware changes fix this and half the time turn a non hdr monitor with a poor UI into a great one with full hdr, as well as the joystick UI models having the "ok" button as pushing in the joystick…

                The philips while beating feature barren and bland all have a very cheap feel, I always thought hisense and panasonic screens felt cheap until touching it, the button controls and ui are absolutely horrible to use.

                But out of all the features that got to me the most, is lack of support for input switching.

                Yes it does it, but here is what i mean.

                We had a point at work where we had monitors like this on 4x stations and a tv on the wall. We needed to run some employees through an induction handbook on the computers, all using one input, then we had a practical which we run out of a game on some gaming consoles, and then after that we switch back to the pc's to do some reports word processing. Then followed by a bit more, then at the end of the session everyone likes to switch back and have a game as a team building fun session.

                We got to a point we went out and bought a second tv and were doing it as 4 player split screen on each of the tv's as constant switching between these monitors, philips and AOC being the worst for it with Asus and HP of all things being the best for switching between inputs, philips and aoc hated switching, lengthy delays, horrible UI, frequently loss of signal even automated switching with hdmis.

                So we got to a point of just putting 43" tv panel screens on each desk, easily switching between tasks no issue, so I borrowed a couple from work and found them out performing my own gaming setup at home.


                • @typhoonadventure: Wow that was long. But is that really a problem with the monitor, or were you just doing an unusual task?

                  BTW would a good HDMI switch solve the switching problem?

                  • @eug: we found hdmi switches a pain in the ass. None of the <$100 are any good.

                    Switching between a pc and a gaming console, literally two inputs. The Philips and AOC monitors were despite advertising multiple inputs just weren't good at it, when contacting the manufacturers over it and even the seller, we were told the minors despite "offering" various input methods, were never designed to "handle" multiple inputs.

                    This in despite them all showing off claims they can do it and do it well…

                    • @typhoonadventure: I only just use mine with my 1 desktop so can't really comment on the input switching performance.

                      With your frequent loss of signal, are all your cable runs short? i.e. ~2m.

                      BTW if you don't need 4K resolution, maybe an Extron matrix switch like this would work for you. It'll let you send any of 4 inputs to any 4 outputs in any combination you want. It has cable equalization for all inputs and outputs, and the output is reclocked so you'll get a stable signal even with long cable runs. They come in 4K versions but they'd be really expensive.

                      This in despite them all showing off claims they can do it and do it well…

                      They actually claimed they can switch inputs well?

      • I don't see any reviews that claim Dell one is even worse than Philips model.

  • I had one of these before, very nice for Stardew Valley :)
    Text quality a bit horrid tho, ended up selling it. Not great even for productivity wise.

    • +1

      I have no issues at all with the text quality. I run it at 100% scaling and have a Dell UltraSharp U2713H on one side, and a U2412M on the other. Text at 100% looks fine.

    • Text quality a bit horrid tho

      Make sure you aren't using sharpening filter on the monitor.

  • +7

    I have this monitor and honestly have no idea why half of the people complain about the screen.

    The screen is crisp and clear, no issue at all. I use it for work (MS Office mainly) and the clarity of true type fonts is very important and I don’t have any problem with it.

    I also use it to watch YouTube when not working or read websites.

    I occasionally plug in my google chrome cast and play movies on it, they all worked really well. I paid $999 for it back then.

    The only down side is, the monitor is too big, you need a desk with the depth to give your eyes some distance to not have neck ache.

    • +1

      Do NOT get this monitor if your desk depth is 65cm or less, 80cm is recommended as a owner of a 43" monitor

      • +1

        It depends on how you intend to use it. My desk is 60cm. I run it at 100% scaling. I don't maximize all my windows, rather, when e.g. editing a video I would have my main editing window maybe the same size and position as a 27" monitor, then fill the rest of the space with various toolbars and windows. That way I'm not looking all over the place all the time, and all my frequently-used tools are within easy reach.

        • Even when I kept everything fairly minimal and rarely used fullscreen I had the "its too big feeling/bad for my eyes" for 6 months till I finally got a desk with more depth to create the necessary distance

          • @backslashio: I guess different people have different preferences. The way I've set it up, text on screen looks about the same as it did with my 27" so I can just place it the same distance away as my 27", but now I've got extra screen real estate all around it as well.

            If I'm feeling particularly lazy I can lean back in my chair, prop my feet up on my PC tower, and enlarge the text on screen so I can easily read or watch a video from a distance.

      • I've had a $400 49" Bauhn TV for about 10 months now. It's set 45cm into the desk.

        Is it good? Oh hell no. Even adjusted as close to my liking as I can get it it's too bright and the angles are bad.

        Is it fine? Yeah, it's totally fine. I use most things in ~1920x2160 windows. Sometimes I'll have two ~1920x1080s and one ~1920x2160. Other configs as required. I've been doing some Sketchup recently and I tend to use around 2400x2160 on that.

        I'm sure it'd be a nightmare for some people. Totally fine for me though.

    • +1

      I bought a 99x160 desk for it specificly

  • cashback, I'm signed up with cashrewards. and I thought it doesn't work with eBay. so are their other cashback websites? Edit: Reread the post, OP was talking about the phillips cashback?

  • i wouldn't go with Philip brand since my 27 monitors hurt my eyes sight..

    • +1

      Sounds like all those monitors would hurt your neck too!

  • I use a 4K 43" LG IPS monitor with remote (not a tv), its doable at close range - about 75cm but 40" would be better imo. When watching Youtube or other media I avoid fullscreen and I keep the brightness fairly low

    If you've got a couch in the same room as the computer it comes in very handy for instant transition to couch gaming/netflix

  • This is too big. I prefer the old 40” I’d prefer a 35-40” now days.

  • +1

    I have the older 40" one at home and we have 4 of these 43" ones in the office.

    40" one is OK, apart from some audio issue where it takes a while to start playing anything, so any short sounds get missed. Not a biggy. It's only 60Hz on DisplayPort which my old laptop can't do but I run it at 30Hz at it's fine for me. Watching videos isn't the best but I only watch the odd YouTube.

    43" has random dropouts on various connections (HDMI, DP etc). Cables and whatever's driving the thing makes a difference (XPS13 direct via TB3 to DP, GT1030 via HDMI and a Surface Pro 5 dock via DP). Lately the GT1030 HDMI just turns to static and the fix is to power cycle the monitor.

    The other thing as that the 43" backlight/panel has developed an somewhat uneven bright patch, that's annoying with certain colours e.g. light background of a text editor. One of the others has a similar problem I noticed. Not a deal breaker as long as it doesn't get worse.

    So they're in no way perfect, but I'd still recommend one particularly at $570ish and mainly for productivity (programming for me). The ability to have 4 Full HD screens at 100% (so no Windows high DPI nonsense) is very useful.

    And yes you do need a large desk to put it far enough away.

    Edit 2: Finally I didn't get my $100 cash back from Philips last time. Jumped through all their hoops, they said it was sent, never received and they ignored my attempts to contact them.

  • +3

    The reviews here are super critical. I've had one of these monitors for ages and it is unreal. I do alot from home with work and use it for gaming. It is perfect in my eyes.

  • +3

    I have this monitor in front of me right now and I'm happy with it, but it's not hard to see why it's an acquired taste.

    80% of my use is productivity, and of the 20% of gaming I do none of it is fast twitch. This is not a gaming monitor. No 4k monitor is.

    This monitor is a good match for my eyes. I don't have great vision, and an oft forgotten variable when dealing with that is screen size. I have a 28" monitor gathering dust right now because 4k at that size is too small to be usable (at least with crappy OSs that don't understand how to intelligently resize content). Even the smallest elements on this screen are manageable for me.

    The version I have does have some temporary image retention. Stuff like if the same elements are left on display for hours and hours you'll get some temporary burn-in. That doesn't bother me but YMMV. No issues with ghosting like others have had.

    It has speakers. They're not awful. You probably don't care. I only cared whilst my proper speakers were out of commission.

    Nobody makes monitor arms for TVs disguised as monitors. This is a tiny bit annoying.

    If you want to drive 4k you need a decent graphics card. A less than decent card will turn 4k into a sufferance. There's no point buying a monitor like this without a card good enough to push the pixels, so even if you are saving money here you're not going to be so lucky with that.

    You will have to start downloading higher resolution totally legal movies and TV shows when you've got 4k one arm length away from your face.

    Buy a microfibre cloth for all the spit and bug crap this huge screen is a magnet to. Every bug in the city will be attracted to a light source this big.

  • Thanks for the post OP. I have been using 2 x 27” Benq (1920x1080) monitors for a couple of years, which have been doing a great job. Hope this will be a great replacement with extra virtual real estate. Is it correct to say 43” 4K monitor is equivalent to 4 x 21” FHD monitors?

    • Yep - just without the borders between them!

    • what size monitor would be equivalent to 4 x 24” FHD monitors

  • good image just the features you are missing out on. Though i think unless you need super accurate colours a 4k tv might be better for some people. At least then you get a remote control , better sound, apps , tv ect

  • +1

    It's Philips, with one l.

  • Had one of these and had a bunch of issues with programs scaling well. Had to move houses 6 months into owning it, was very careful because it’s such a large panel and the panel broke. Be careful of how fragile this is if you’re going to buy one.

    • Had one of these and had a bunch of issues with programs scaling well.

      Scaling issues are OS-related. You would have had those issues with any 4K 43" monitor.

      Had to move houses 6 months into owning it, was very careful because it’s such a large panel and the panel broke. Be careful of how fragile this is if you’re going to buy one.

      It's not any more fragile than a 43" TV really.

      • I've moved 55" TVs multiple times with no problems but this monitor panel cracked even though the glass was untouched/looked fine without turning the monitor on. No idea what happened or when because it looked fine.

  • Note this monitor is HDCP2.0, not HDCP 2.2. So you can’t watch Netflix 4K without a converter (not that cheap).

    Otherwise, I haven’t had any problems with my two that I have.

  • Pair with a tv tuner, does this make an ok TV?

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