This was posted 10 years 5 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Half Price off 500g Buckshot and or Original Geronimo Beef Jerky, Code Word HALF OFF


50% OFF ! ! ! ! 50% OFF ! ! ! ! 50% OFF ! ! ! ! 50% OFF ! ! ! ! 50% OFF ! ! ! !

Place an order for as much as you like and if you type in the code word in caps "HALF OFF" you will get half price jerky on your 500 gram bags of Original and or Buckshot.

Free Geronimo Jerky T-shirt for the first five completed, paid for orders that take up above deal. (random size).

Business partners wanted the deal as 30% off but I said NO!!! lol I am the BIG CHIEF !!!

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    (random size)<-lol! my body comes in just one size, besides, shirt too small, no good so you gotta give it away, too big, could work with that…… is the baggy look still in?
    ps nice discount!

  • dam, didn't read it properly and went straight for the sidewinder and code didn't work XD
    good deal though. haven't tried you guys before but i like spicy but not pepper so i'll give this one a miss

  • +1

    I hope to get a T-Shirt, can give to the Mrs for Mother's Day

  • +2

    is there a shipping charge?

    • $13 to Sydney (presumably same for other capital cities). Not sure outside of that.

  • I was just thinking about jerky this morning on the way to work!

    great job, although neither flavours are my favourite.

    all the new falvour ideas on the website sound amazing too.

  • I added 2 500g backs of Buckshot to my cart and added coupon "HALF OFF" (no quotes) and it said coupon not found.
    Expired already?

    • -1

      it says the code is

      HALF OFF (caps on)

      • Oh, OK.. so how do I put "HALF OFF" with caps on as opposed to how I did it?

        • It just started working without at all changing what I typed in.
          They mustn't have configured the deal in VirtueMart before they started promoting it.

    • Now the code has started working… how do you undo -neg?

      • "you will get half price jerky on your 500 gram bags of Original and or Buckshot", not Spicy Shaman

      • +4

        how do you undo -neg?

        click on 'votes', just below the main title above…

  • For the record postage on 1Kg to Sydney works out $13.50 so around $70 for a kilo of jerkey delivered is not bad at all if it turns out to be any good.

    • +3

      FWIW, I've ordered lots from these guys, the service & jerky are both OUTSTANDING!!! You'll be very pleased! :D

  • What would the best flavour Jerky here be?

    • +1

      Whilst you can't go past the Original, the Buckshot is my currrent favourite! Really peppery flavour, if you like peppered steak, you'll love Buckshot!

      I just ordered a kg of each!!! :D

      • How do you get discount on a kg bag? cause it said only for the 500 gr.

        • +1

          i guess 2x500g of each!

  • Thanks Chief, picked up 500g of buckshot jerky.

    • I can't figure out what shipping within Brisbane is without signing out, how much was your shipping?

      • It was $8, or you can choose pickup which is at Mitchelton.

  • +2

    is it just me, or is the shipping charge a little on the high side? e.g. 500g parcel australia wide is only $5ish yet the 500g jerky costs 11$ to sydney.

    • +1

      It's going to cost $20.10 to ship 1kg to Perth. Wondering if it's worth $75.10 for 1 kg of jerky. Probably not, the more I think about it.

      • Shipping used to cap out at about $15 IIRC!

        Yeah, at $75 delivered it's definitely worth it for a kg of good jerky! Try it, it's like crack, a one-hit hook! ;)

        • +1

          hmmm I'll sleep on it. Hopefully it will still be there if I decide to get it.

    • I just did an estimated cost on the Australia post website. It was $10.95 for a 500g parcel from Brisbane to Sydney.

      • +1

        Have you tried the 500G satchel option n1?

        $5.67 for 500g australia wide.

        $9.63 for 3kg australia wide.

        • Didn't see that option, no. What's odd though is those prices come up more for me? $6.30 for 500gb and $10.70 for 1kg, unless you used the bundle packs. Nonetheless disappointing that it's cheaper than we're being charged for.

        • yeah bundle packs. i'm assuming their business can afford to buy 100 satchels at a time.

      • Thought so, anyway $35 for 500g of great tasting jerky, especially considering I paid $10 for 90g of average tasting jerky the other day.

    • +1

      I understand Kimik about charge for 500g and under but your order will weight more than 500grams.
      We use the Aussie post calculator and they calculate that it will be more then 500g (box) and we always put in a little extra ;-)

      • could you make 450g packs, pleaaase? i would definitely buy at the lower postage rates.

        • -1

          Really? :/

        • -1


        • +2

          I could eat some out of your packs kimmik! No need to thank me, I'll consider it a public service! ;)

      • We did use Satchels but Eparcel is much better - we had numourous careless postal people and our customers recieved exploded bags with jerky everywhere.

        Our product is packed in boxes so as not to damage product and works well for us and is trackable for both customer and GJ.


  • +1

    I have try your beef jerky b4 and sorry but your jerky tastes nothing like the Asians' one!

    • +2

      well considering their logo is an american indian i can only assume it is not made to taste like asian jerky.

      order has been placed cmooon t-shirt!!!

    • Yeah, that would be the distinct lack of extremely tasty & highly nutritious MSG; which I'm told is also quite harmless! :p

      • +6

        I love my MSG dont you dare take it away from me.

        • I saw a 20kg bag of it in an Asian grocery shop recently…I was getting thirsty just looking at it! ;)

    • your jerky tastes nothing like the Asians' one!

      thank goodness !!!

    • Go to Macau or Chinatown for Asian Jerky.. Never heard of prepackaged asian beef jerky haha :)

      • Koi Kei Bakery in Macau…..Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • How long can you store this stuff?

    • a few months usually…

      • i thought jerkey lasted forever…

    • I've actually bought some before and one packet was off in a month? This was a small packet (an anomaly out of the other 32) and it probably burst or something in shipping. If you keep these in air tight containers away from all the nasties, then it should be good for a few months.

  • ordered!

    Thanks Big Chief!

  • Is there any nutritional information anywhere?

    I want to stock up on some jerky but not if its high carb.

    • Nutritional info's on the product pages, click on the thumbnail image & it is viewable fullsize! Carbs are negligible! ;)

      • +2

        ah cool.

        71g of protein per 100g. that is awesome/hardcore

  • Also does anyone know where I can buy turkey jerky?

    • or soy jerky for vegetarians…

      • You can get it…Asian groceries have quite a wide range of flavours in this stuff, some is soy, some is gluten based…all are chock full'o'MSG though! ;)

  • Thanks chief

  • just ordered a kg of the buckshot

  • Why no spicy shaman :((

  • add to cart doesn't work for me.

    • didnt work for me as well. Use the site on their facebook

  • how is the jercky packed? is it like jerky in a store where it comes in those packaged strips or just big pieces in a bag- cheers

    • Was gona get, after no reply from the Chief, he can get his jerky and feed it to the pigeons

  • real talk dawg, where's my sample?!!? I've waited 2 years already!

  • Another great offer…well done chief.

    • +1

      Thanks everyone :-) it is a kick ass deal isnt it-we normally will do 37% off so this is huge for us.
      50% off luvin it.

      Help me out and like us too on facebook ;-)!/pages/Mitchelton-Australia/Geronimo-Jerky/120352388027690

  • I ordered 500g for the first time, I'm a big fan of Jerky so if this turns out to be any good you will have scored yourself a customer with this discount.

  • This is delicious. Still smashing through my lot from the Easter special

  • Excuse me, how big are each sample pack? (10g..? one slice of each flavour..?)

    • One of each when I ordered. About the size of a 20c coin if memory serves me well.

  • Picking up 1.5kg of jerky! 8$ postage to Gold coast :D mmm

  • Why no Flaming Arrow?

  • never tried jerky before, worth a shot?

  • Just ordered 2kg of Jerky for $110! $14 postage to Melbourne

    Tip: If you can't add items to your cart with the supplied link, use:

    Worked for me

  • I was wonder how long these can keep for opened and unopened? I know in reality, theres so much salt and no moisture that they basically can get spoiled, but once opened it is anyones game.

  • Make shipping $0 and this would be a very good deal. When we're paying 70% for the jerky and 30% for the shipping that does not sound like a good deal.

    • +1

      Um, the product is already 50% off dude…would you prefer to save $10-15 on free shipping & pay full price for the jerky??? :p

      I saved $110…I wouldn't wanna give that up for $15 worth of free shipping! ;)

  • -1



    intended scream

    I like hot, not much of a fan of pepper though.

    • If you read through the comments, you wouldn't need to scream, I've actually spoken about it myself!!! :s

      You've already answered your own question BTW, if you don't like pepper, don't order Buckshot!

      Given that this deal is only for the two flavours, by the process of elimination that leaves you with…let me run the complex calculations here…umm, Original! :p

      Yes it's good, and if you ask nicely when ordering then BC may throw in a couple of samples of the other flavours for a first-timer, that way you'll get to try the spicy varieties! ;)

      • -1


        I actually want to try the Buckshot now :).

        Is this a good price for Jerky? I don't know my Jerky prices but since everyone is giving +ve's I assume it is.

  • Thanks, bought the buckshot.

    Whats the best way to store these?

    When I bought the same pack I kept them in the fridge but they dried out a bit too much.

    • Yeah, definitely don't put them in the fridge. Just in an airtight container in the cupboard works great for me! :)

    • +1

      Whats the best way to store these?

      in your stomach… :P

  • This special co-inciding with the death of Bin Laden?
    Hmmm Bin Laden jerky :0

    • Lol, Bin Laden was jerky long before he died! ;)

  • -3

    Just to let you guys know, not all flavors from Geronimos are good. Frankly, the "original" flavor tastes horrible. It’s a very dry piece of beef dipped in salt and soy sauce.

    The same goes for Spicy Shaman, and the new “Energy drink” flavor. Both of them taste really bad too. Especially the Stampede flavour. The chief might as well make a new series called “Nicotine delight” and “Marajuana relaxer”. I know I would prefer a Marajuana flavored jerky over some ineffective tasteless energy drink flavoured jerkies.

    Buckshot on the other hand tastes quite nice, Blazin’ Saddle too.

    I suspect some people on here posting positive comments work at Geronimo’s (or are their real life friends), as I would never order 2KG of jerky, let alone spend $150 on basically a dry salty snack.

    • joeno, The moderators as well as the automated systems in place constantly screen the votes. Any irregularities are dealt with seriously. You can check who has voted/commented on the deals and if you suspect anything, please hit the REPORT button instead of making accusations without evidence.

    • +1

      the "original" flavor tastes horrible.

      the original is my favourite…

      I suspect some people on here posting positive comments work at Geronimo’s

      lol… read my first posts on Geronimo's… i wasn't exactly a fanboi… but i tried some and i like it…
      best of all it doesn't contain MSG and other artificial rubbish…

      • asdjdosvhsofghsoifj90u84029rhef9soifngsfkjgnsdfs awmmmmmmmmg.

        Have you tried buckshot, how does the original [email protected]@@@@@@!

        • -1

          yep, but i prefer original…

        • How come,

          what didn't you like about buckshot?

      • pure msg is made by fermentation. msg is also a major component of all meats.

  • decisions…………decisions………

  • "Geronimo E KIA" Yeah, the chief jerk Geronimo (Bin Laden) is Killed In Action.
    This calls for some celebration. Geronimo jerky, anyone?

  • just ordered 2 each!~ can't wait to start snacking on them at work! Would love to try the other spicy ones as I've only tried original. Hope they go on sale too.. at 50% off as well too maybe buahahah
    Was going to buy those 7 type sample packs but since 2 of the flavours included are the buckshot and original.. decided to not to.

  • I've only tried the samples before and I liked it. I've been waiting for one of these deals =)

  • +1

    NOW JUST IN*******

    I have just blended up the Bhut Jolokia "ghost chilli" sauce for a new blend that will be well over twice as hot as our Flamin…

    Like us on face book and if we get to 500 likes by Friday the 13th next week I am going to film Trent eating a whole Ghost chilli ;-) and put it on youtube for everyone to watch.