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UBD Complete Motoring Atlas of Australia 8th Edition - $1 Pick up Only @ Repco


Handy for anyone travelling that prefers the old style UBD.

Also this one available for $3

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    Wow, I do not miss the days of driving with the Melways on the steering wheel.

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    "we don't want these big boxes full of maps. We know that you don't either. But please pay us $1 and take them away!"

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    Can't help feeling sorry for the publisher. Thinking of all employees losing their jobs.

    Btw, this map might come handy when all gps servers down.

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      when all gps servers down.

      Where will you be when there is WW III or alien invasion?

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        Touring Australia?

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          It's a valid point. The GPS system is owned by the US government. I understand that they operate it in an open state for the benefit of all, but could close it off to all but US military when they want to. From

          The GPS system is provided by the United States government, which can selectively deny access to the system, as happened to the Indian military in 1999 during the Kargil War, or degrade the service at any time.

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            @DeepDreamer: If US shut it off switch to Globalnaya Navigazionnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema

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              @relentless: Good ol' Глобальная Навигационная Спутниковая Система

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              @relentless: The only question is whether following the advice of Russian satellites would lead you too far to the left or the right…

            • @relentless: Oh yeaaaah.
              Profanity?!!! 😱

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          Yes, Most devices can now use multiple GNSSs including, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou etc.

          • @megadeth: But I assume the software would have to be reprogrammed?

            • @Jackson: Most current GPS software supports multiple systems already.

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      Btw, this map might come handy when all gps servers down.

      GPS doesn't rely on servers, it relies on US military satellites. So uh, yeah tooblue's right: if all the GPS sats are down, we're in a lot of trouble.

      (though seriously - you're right, our smartphones' maps are all from servers so it's actually more possible than the above joke)

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      Actually not really in terms of phone navigation anyway.

      Your phone will get a very accurate location without GPS if you aren't moving.

      Maps itself won't go down as they use the Internet.

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        Not really, most software like Google maps let you archive a small region for offline use. Haven't used the feature recently but you can archive a square block of land that can contain about a half a dozen suburbs.

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          Google can perfectly download most (if not all) of the state for offline use.

        • Not really what?

        • Google offline maps has been hit and (mostly) miss in the London underground for me. My Google maps only shows a dot while I'm underground, currently 358 days till map expiry, 167MB of null space cached. Restarting the app doesn't help. Perhaps I'm holding my phone wrong?

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      Or when your phone runs out of battery.

      • We kept the map book in the car for years and years just in case our phones ran out of battery.

        Never used it, not even once.

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          Does it start still?

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      There is a date reset coming up in April that may cause some issues with some GPS systems. Similar to the Y2K bug.

  • Overhear the millenials now - What's an Atlas?

    • Is this an insult to them? Are you comparing an Atlas to modern tech? e.g google earth / gps?

    • Didn't we used to call these things Street directories? Maybe Atlas is already a more millennial friendly term - definitely more world map atlas posters at schools than street directories

  • Purchased. Be good to show and explain to my nieces what we used to have before technology came to our life…


  • still showing $27.40 on booktopia with 22%

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    Legit wanted one, but closest in stock is at least 1hr round trip.
    I guess I should try to borrow a somewhat modern sat nav and give it a try, but I still prefer real maps when heading to rural areas.

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      You borrowing the somewhat modern gps purely for the trip to the store an hour away?

      You really need an ubd

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      I guess I should try to borrow a somewhat modern sat nav and give it a try

      Your phone has one, and it's better than any sat nav, and completely free.

      Are you also one of those people who says "I never read ebooks because I don't have a Kindle"? :)

      • I'm not so sure my phone is better than a sat nav, it's an iPhone 4.

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    Can't find any stock around Melbourne?

  • I just chucked some Sydway copies from a decade ago and a Brisbane UBD in the bin during the annual garage cleanup… I actually hung up to these for so long but the wife refused to keep 'em any more. So ironic for the people associated with this field of publishing street maps.

  • anyone know where there might be one available in victoria?
    always a great backup

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    Buyer beware

    Complete Motoring Atlas of Australia 8th ed — published 2016

    Road Atlas of Australia 4th Edition — published 2012

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      Don't worry mate, mostly people use it in rural area, hardly ever change for the past 10~20 years… Also you can "Update" yourself by drawing on it.

  • What's the differ nice between the $1 vs $3 atlas?

    • how up to date the maps are.

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    How will carrying this extra weight affect your fuel economy over a year?

    • Not an awful lot more than a phone.

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      you have to drive in your underwear to balance extra weight out

  • what is this ancient technology?

    • …was the result from advances in engineering in ancient times… read here

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        ah ye old Refidex

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    Nil Stock - Canberra @ all stores - Nil at Goulburn, Cooma, Bega, Batemans Bay

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    It's really hard to use one of these while you're texting your mates and eating a burrito. So act responsibly, pull up to the side of the road and finish that burrito.

    But seriously, route planning used to be a much harder activity for those with poor short-term memory and so-called "directional dyslexia".

  • SA all sold.

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      The $3 book still has
      * Kadina (5554) In Stock
      * Port Pirie (5540) In Stock
      * Wonthaggi (3995) In Stock
      * Temora (2666) In Stock
      * Minchinbury (2770)
      (list only shows nearest five)

      The $1 book only has
      * Wonthaggi (3995) In Stock
      * Roma (4455) In Stock
      * Mareeba (4880) In Stock

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    Instock at Wollongong.

    Using mainly for rural areas on an outback trip as we have had trouble before even with offline maps.

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    I remember there would be these roads that cut cross just the corner edges of the page so you would have to flip across 3 pages for a short stretch of road.

    And if you miss a turn in an unfamiliar area, you need to pull of and start frantically flipping through the pages again.

    What a way to live, those Dark Ages days

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      I kinda miss those days, life seemed more laid back and easy going back then

  • It's not in stock anywhere near me. Anyone else have any luck?

  • Any stock in parramatta area ?

  • Would like a copy of the Sydney street directory but no stock :(

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    Looks like they're all gone

  • Just picked up the last one in the Darwin Store :)

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    For QLD - last one in ROMA!

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      All roads lead to..

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    Just had somebody come in and nowhere in VIC has stock, inc warehouses.

    Try your local store but don't get your hopes up!

    Melbourne Atlas (51st ed) is $1 and plenty of stock!

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