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1TB Xbox One X + 4 Games $299 with Xbox One S + 2 Games Trade in @ EB Games


Previously popular trade-in deal for December now comes with 4 games instead of 1.

Games are (all codes for download):
Metro Exodus
Metro 2033 Redux
Metro Last Light Redux
Gears of War 4

Deal is posted in the banner of the home page on their website. Link is to the package where they sell for $649 without the trade in.

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  • Long waited one for me. Thanks mate

  • The metro games (excluding exodus) will most likely be download codes

    Edit: nope. All 4 are download codes

    • I'll post that in the description in case that is a deciding factor for folks. Cheers.

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    You could trade in any version of Xbox in the last deal, you just paid a little more. So if you already have an OG and an S and only want to upgrade one you could pay an extra $30 and just trade the OG.

    • That isn't too bad, I think I would be all over that as I have two fatty xbox ones.

    • It was 50 last time, but yeah, I feel that.

      • I just called EB Games Chatswood and they said no for trading in the original One to get this deal. Even if paying a slightly higher amount

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          Just followed up with their customer service team on the 13 number. You can trade in a 500 GB original Xbox one and get the deal for $349. He also said there is no restriction on games that you trade with the deal

          • @secondsolution: I might head to my local and see what they can do for me…. Sweet sweet 4k tonight would be awesome.

            • @namgib: Let us know how you go. I asked the guy on the 13 number why the store rep said no and he said they are probably just not informed and just get them to call head office and double check.

              • +1

                @secondsolution: Seems they need to update their website as my local was very much closed, so I will head in first thing tomorrow and see how I go. Where do they get off ruining my Friday night. Don't they know all I have to look forward to is getting a bargain?

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                @secondsolution: Confirmed at $349, all they need to do is check out the computer system apparently. Any game as well. Black and white consoles.

                • @namgib: That's awesome! I'm about to head down. Thanks for confirming

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                    @secondsolution: No probs, I must say even only in 8bit and no HDR some of the games I have tried in 4k look insanely good. The improved load times are nice too, not sure if it only applies to some games.
                    And after all you did all the hard work, like calling the store and 13 number. Who wants to deal with customer service reps :)

          • @secondsolution: How do I convince my local stores when they are adamant this isn’t the case?

            • @ToTheLeftHandSide: Ask them to check their internal page. When i did mine the dude there pulled up a page in front of me, clicked on the deal and it has all the prices for different xbox configurations, the one I asked about was an extra $30

            • @ToTheLeftHandSide: Just get them to call their head office number. That's what the customer service guy said to do when I asked them

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    xbox one s + 2 games resale say $200 - $250 roughly works out paying $500 for xbox one x + 4 games, only advantage seems not having to waste your time reselling the xbox one s

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    How about 500GB 1S trade in vs. 1TB 1S trade in? Any diff?

    • Not much help, but the pre-owned price difference between the two models is $30. I would imagine the trade in value would be pretty close to that.

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    nothing for the PS4 pro

  • +2

    Hmmm tempted but reckon I'll wait until Xbox 2 next year.
    HDR works ok on the One S but native 4K games would be sweet.

    • I have over $200 credits with eb and thinking when is a good time to trade Xbox one s.
      Next year trade value for Xbox one s will go down as well unless eb games is giving special price for trade in of xb1s

  • I called EB and my other game is not eligible. Without it, I will be getting normal trade in and loosing over $100.
    Any game I can source cheap and has over $10 trade value?

    • What game did you try to trade with it? They told me it was any two xbox one games. They override the prices for each to $20. I did Rainbow Six Siege and Destiny The Collection (without the code).

      • Mine was Terraria and Fifa18. They said no to Fifa18. Without it, they are trading everthing at standard price and causing a deficit of over $100.

    • Cash converters have heaps of xbox one games ranging from 5 to 20$.

      • Wanted to know which games though to pick?

  • Anyone know if any of these games are Play Anywhere titles?

    • +1

      Gears of War 4 is, I cant see Metro games in my Microsoft Store installable list on my PC so I would lean towards no for those.

      • Thanks mate.

  • Got this for $254 total with an EB World level 3 membership; great deal! I only paid $199 for my XB1S 2 years ago anyway and the games I traded were bought for $10 each on Amazon. Essentially I’ve paid $453 total for the XB1X, games and use of my XB1S for 2 years. Thanks op!

  • I traded my OG Xbone in with 4 games I no longer play and paid $327. I might try and sell the 4 new games (cos cankley GoW is not for me) and get ~$100. Old controller was basically shot so there's $70. That means sweet 4k upgrade for $157. Oh yeah and 500gb more storage. That's probably worth $50. $107 upgrade. Just wish I didn't pick the white one, everything else I have is black. Just trying to relive the 360 days I guess…

  • Will need to wait till Monday and call the 13 number. Just contacted my local stores and they claim that only the XBox One S is valid for trade.

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    I 100% sold my OG One to them. One of the early ones that came with the Kinect (which I kept). Paid $327 with trade in for Destiny 2 Vanilla, SW Battlefront 1, Watchdogs 1 and Wolfenstein. I think they put it through as 1tb model from the receipt, but it was actually 500gb model I think.

    If you're in a big enough city I'd call another outlet directly (my local had a direct number).

    EB deals seem to be short-lived around the release date of a game (I asked about the trade-in deal for Far Cry New Dawn and it was long finished she said). Good luck.

  • What would the resale value of these games be?

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      The Metro Redux bundle was on sale for $10 a few weeks ago on Xbox Live.

      Metro Exodus is new, so you should easily get $60. Make sure to protect yourself if selling on eBay/gumtree.

      Gears of War 4 was last on sale in December for $12.48 on Xbox Live.

      • +1

        I sold Exodus for 65$ on eBay. $63 after eBay's cut.

      • Thanks for all the detailed info, sounds like I could save $70 by selling off the games, good to know.

        I actually think the Microsft deal is better than this because I would play all the bundled games, but never signed up for the AMEX so might give this a go.

      • How do I sell download codes? I got gears of war and battlefront bundle from some old JBHiFi deal I'm willing to sell

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    I went into today to ask about this deal in regards to trading an OG XB1 500GB. Was confirmed it would be $349 with ANY two games.

    EB Employee also mentioned (in awe and disbelief) that this is the first time they are accepting PS4's toward this deal as well. So if you're keen to make the switch or have an extra laying around I would say take it in and get them to check their own in-house T&C's.

    • I called my local EB and they advised that trade in price for these games need to be $10 or over in their system.

      • Perhaps it’s each store to their own. Mine told me I can even use Destiny 1 for the trade if I have it.

  • If anyone wants GoW code, let me know. I took this deal up and already had a digital version of GoW (too bad it wasn’t disc).

    Anyway let me know who wants it.

  • this deal still going?
    could you trade an old ps4 and old OG xbox one at the same time?

    • Yep keen to know if this deal is still active.

      • Confirmed still active. Getting rid of one of my launch ps4 consoles tomorrow.
        Also a side note, they are still doing $270 for ps4 launch console trade in on their own if you don't want this deal.

  • Gone, but could pay around $380 for another bundle with trade-in

  • For anyone interested I have the Download Codes for the games in this deal

    Metro Exodus
    Metro 2033 Redux
    Metro Last Light Redux
    Gears of War 4 (probably will keep but open to offers)

    Will list in the classifieds when I get a chance but PM me if interested and make me an offer.

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