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iHerb - 10% off Storewide + 10% Credit


We have a limited time offer just for you! From now until 2019-03-05 05:00, AEDT use promo code MARCH10 for a one-time use 10% off storewide.

Combine this offer with 10% Loyalty Credit on every order you place, plus our free or low shipping rates for the best overall value in the world on over 30,000 brand name natural products shipped directly from our climate controlled warehouses in the U.S. to you.

Promo Code: MARCH10 is one-time use. Exclusions apply. Offer ends 2019-03-05 05:00, AEDT.

Earn 10% loyalty credit on every order you place. Then use it on your next order.

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Referrer gets 5% credit or 10% credit for iHerb exclusive brands. Referee gets 5% off or 10% off iHerb exclusive brands.

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  • You really got to shop around. Many times I have found other US sites cheaper, even with the 10% discount and free postage

    • Any recommendations?

      • Not any particular site. Just depends on the particular item you are looking for. Just check that price across multiple sites. Last time I found allstarhealth and luckyvitamin cheaper than both iherb and vitacost even after discounts. Ordered from both sites and all good

    • For example? I tried to compare the price, iHerb is the cheapest as they offer free or very low shipping to Australia. The closest competitor is Vitacost but their postage is expensive.

      • That's what I mean, you just have to check each time you place an order for whatever. Last year I ended up ordering from the other 2 sites for various things. Worked out cheaper at that particular time. Don't just blindly order from iherb assuming they are always the cheapest. I have a feeling one of the other sites didn't bother charging GST too.

  • iHerb 10% off = Bonds 40% off.

  • Unfortunately can’t stack this code

  • Thanks OP

  • Can someone tell me what this site is. I clicked in and it looks like some kinda chemist. So aren't I better at Chemist Warehouse?

    Also iherb, is not selling herbs it's it. Or am I missing it completely and it's one of those sites that sells the magic herbs ;-)

    • I buy skincare on iherb that is not available in Australia. I won't be buying it using this 10% sale though. They appear to have jacked up the price of the items I normally buy. I will wait until this "sale" is over.

    • As the other commenter has said, there's stuff on there you can't get here in Aus. Melatonin (sleeping aid) is the main one I've used it for.

    • Much better than CW when you consider the things you can buy that can't be bought locally. Higher quality better bioavailability (absorbs into your body better) than some of the crap CW sells.

      I mostly buy vitamins and mineral. Zinc, Australia still sells crap Zinc. Magnesium, Australia can't compete. Vitamin D3, Australia is limited to 1000 UI which is the recommended daily dosage but D3 has a 14 day half life meaning you can take 1 x 10,000 UI every 10 days for the same effect so less fuss. The list goes on. Plus Melatonin that others have mentioned, I don't personally buy that but it's there. I even buy Vitamin C from them sometimes cheaper than CW in comparable quality. I learnt a few years ago that buying crap vitamins is just expensive urine but if you buy good bioavailable vitamins it will make a difference if your body is low in it. I have certain deficiencies the local options can't fix.

      In short, I love iHerb.

  • How do you get to the hidden option to buy the GOOD herbs 🤪

  • iHerb prices do fluctuate a good deal even without sales on. I find them great for stuff you can't get here. I have found other online stores that might be cheaper on some items but they usually don't have as good a variety of stock for those more unusual items like dragons blood.

    • That's true, just because some things are cheaper or not available here I am sometimes surprised to find equivalent products cheaper here too at Woolies/CW. Pays to not assume.

  • Just started composting and was all excited to buy seeds/herbs/bulbs etc. Thoroughly disappointed it's not a gardening store haha ^_^

  • Seriously?? I was waiting for a coupon for a week, then I thought stuff it and put in an order at 12:30pm today and then this comes out 30 mins later FML

  • So no cash back with this 10% code, including the 15% from shopback?

  • omfg I missed this by half an hour :<

  • I had 4 items in cart and with 10% discount they came to $65.40. Came back today and without the 10% discount I have $65.58. So much for a bargain…