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Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Int'l Version 2 Spare Tyres $539.95 | Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner $327.55 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


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    Total babe magnet 🧲

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      That’s if you’re attractive.

    • Too bad you can't take em babes home on your scooter.

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      Still hotter than being a real cyclist with Lycra.

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      Now cheaper than Catch with 2 spare tyres and delivered.

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    Great price now with the price drop, holding out a bit longer, would love to get it under $450 with the 15% eBay cards.

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    pity we cannt use it on public roads in sydney yet.

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      yeah i wonder what would ppl use this for in Sydney, or even Australia.
      Unless they have a very big land or something

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        See more and more people riding these around Melbourne, despite them being illegal here. Be interested to know how often the police are pulling them up

        • +3

          Yeah I'd totally get one if it weren't for the laws in place.

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          Well, the more people are riding them illegally, the sooner the laws will change. It's like gay marriage, basically. BTW, I'm riding electric skateboard (also illegal), been stopped by police zero times.

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            @mangoed: I ride a WOMBAT SCOOTER in Melbourne all the time. I ride along St Kilda foreshore almost daily past heaps of police and as long as you aren't doing anything stupid, you're pretty safe here in VIC.

            I looked at the Xiaomi and Segway and just didn't like how cheap and plastic they felt so went for something a bit/lot better.

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            @mangoed: Huge numbers of people use their phone while driving. I don't see the laws changing to accommodate that

            • @uncoelite: Laws regulate how you should use your phone while driving. More specifically, you can make calls using bluetooth. You can also look at the screen provided the phone sits in the holder and you don't touch it. You can even send text messages if you dictate them instead of typing with your fingers. Scooters can also be used in a safe and responsible way, but the lawmakers won't bother if just a handful of people are riding them.

        • https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6727929/Dad-loses-l...

          Watch out! (Note: This guy's had a seat: more blsntantly obvious that it's electric).

      • +12

        Ever heard of the state of Queensland?

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      Everyone's riding around at almost double walking speed in Adelaide, the future is amazing. So far I haven't seen any scooters in lakes or smashed into pieces so apparently drunks like them better than bikes.

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      Seen plenty on roads in Melbourne. Cops don’t care if ur responsible

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      there's an election soon, is there anyone who is campaigning for their legalisation ?

  • I just ordered one just before the price went down a few hours ago, hoping Gearbite can help me out here.

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      Nobody can help you if you ride this thing.

    • +27

      Sure, send you instruction.

      • +7

        Awesome service, thanks Gearbite rep. 🙂👍

        All sorted now. Cheers.

      • +2

        Good one rep

      • Any plans to stock the Segway one z6?

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    Do you think it is strong enough for 15km each way daily commute to work?

    Seems like the battery can handle it. But I wonder how long until it gives up.

    • +18

      Without a charge in between, you'd be pushing it (no pun intended).

      • -1

        Even with a charge in between, that means a 15km journey 10 times a week. I think it won't last too long.

        • I saw a bloke with one last week in Melbourne who's got over 3,000 k on his with an estimated 6% loss of range.

    • +1

      Better off with an e-bike for that distance

      • Good idea.

        • -2

          My WOMBAT SCOOTER gets me over 50kms per charge

    • Well, just as a guess, you will average less than 10kmh on it, so are you happy to stand up for 1.5h + each way? Get a scooter instead.

      • Depends on your commute, there's quite a few good bike paths if you are lucky enough to be in the right areas

  • what is the 'international' version?

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      Band 28.

      • band 28 with aussie plug.

        • Friday Funny is it?

        • Nope. Not aussie plug, you still need an adaptor. I bought from them from one of the last deals

    • Visa 475

  • +1

    Any news when Version 2 is on sale?

    • Do you mean the vacuum cleaner? I asked the rep and he said it's low on stock.

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        He meant the Pro version of the scooter.

        • +1

          Sorry I just saw the second item, I was referring to version 2 of the scooter. Keen to know when it will be available :)

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    I have V1 of the Xiaomi robot vacuum… They just pushed Google Assistant with the latest firmware. I can now say "hey google, start the vacuum" - from anywhere I am - and it will vacuum the house

    • Can you please link me how to set this up? I cant find anything online

      • +1

        Go into the Google app, more, settings, Google assistant, add…, Google connect device, navigate to mi home, login to Google, add mi account details, select devices.

        At the moment I only have air purifiers, yeelights and the vacuum available as compatible devices

        • Awesome - thank you! Can't believe I couldn't figure that out.

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    2nd gen already come out, already order one from China.

    • +2

      You order where?

      • Ya do share ozbargainer!

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          More power and digital panel.

      • +2

        Already come out, long time.

        • -1

          Only come out around 2 weeks.

      • +1

        Chinese website.

  • Hi rep, is this the 2 fuse version?

  • Hi rep, deal on version 2 of the vacuum cleaner please.

  • Can this scooter be used like a manual one when battery is flat? Thanks.

    • +2

      Has been asked before and I think the answer was yes. I'd imagine it may be harder than a regular scooter with the extra weight tho?

    • +1

      Sure, its heavy though. If going downhill, all okay - going uphill, not so much with the weight.

    • It's a bit awkward as the deck is significantly higher than a push scooter.

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    Also consider an electric skateboard for those in Queensland where they are covered by the new personal mobility device laws.

    I ended up getting both to try but am now using the skateboard on a daily basis. Have a look at Ownboard, Wowgo, Backfire Boards and Meepo. You can get something with higher top speeds (40+km/hr) and same if not better range (if you opt for the better batteries).Prices are comparable to the M365.

    All the dimensions are listed on their site. Essentially long boards are 38", shortboards are 30". Weights are about the same at 7-8kg, much lighter than the M365 which is about 13kg. This makes a big difference if you ever want to bring it on public transport. A skateboard takes up next to no room against you, whereas the scooter would be impossible to fit on in peak hour. I find the extra length of the longboard makes minimal difference to its portability. The main contributing factor is its weight - it's just not something you want to carry around for very long in a backpack.

    I started off with an Ownboard Mini KT(30") for my commute around 7.5km each way on bike paths and side walks but have recently just deck switched for a Longboard. Unless you're commute is silky smooth asphalt, the shortboard is really rough to commute on. You're standing right over the trucks and there's no flex in the board, so all the vibrations and minute bumps (bike paths are concrete pavers which become uneven over time) get transmitted straight into your foot and up your legs. There's not a lot of confidence to go over 25km/hr

    The Ownboard W1 (and I imagine the other named brand's longboards) is a night and day difference. I can comfortably maintain 30-35km/hr on the same paths and your legs don't feel like jelly 10 minutes in.

    I haven't used the M365 scooter for commuting since getting the board. The M365 really struggles up hills (need to give it assistance kicks), is slower, has less range, is uncarryable on public transport (in case of rain), much slower to charge (5hrs vs 2.5hrs) and most importantly is a lot less fun. I find cruising along the bike path after work very therapeutic and relaxing, whereas I was bored on the scooter. It does take a bit of getting used to on the skateboard (took me about 2 weeks of daily commutes), whereas the scooter is much easier to just pick up and ride for pretty much everyone. No risk of flats either on the skateboard which has plagued some M365 scooter users.

    Just some of my thoughts. Good luck with your decision making. Happy to answer any other questions you might have :)

    • Are you a youth?
      When you say you can't carry scooter on public transport, is that with it folded up?. Speaking of folded up, when carrying do you need to support all of it's weight or does one of the wheels roll, so it's like a suitcase with wheels. Thankyou

      • 30s. I've seen people on them both younger and older.

        Mainly because of bulk and weight even when folded. It'd be fine in off peak. My friend who commutes with the scooter has been stopped from getting on in peak hour on several instances on both buses and trains.

        You can wheel it behind you, but it still sucks lifting 13kgs up stairs.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. We live in Greenslopes and I work in West End and thought a scooter would be a good option. Your comment about the hill performance puts me off. I'm about 90kg so hill performance is something I was concerned about. There are a couple of doozies on my route.

      • Yeah this particular model might not be the best. There are other brands like Innokim and Dualtron with more powerful motors (500W+), but they're a lot more expensive.


        Otherwise try a skateboard :)

      • +1

        For serious hills you need more like 1000w. I made a custom scooter that can do abt 900 -1000w. On the flat doing 10kmh it only uses 200w but 10kmh up a real Hill is ~800w (made a custom dashboard with temps, volts, amps;) ). A lot depends too on total weight, rolling resistance (tyre type and pressure, type of road).

        • Sounds awesome :) Out of interest, how expensive was it for diy?

          • +1

            @plasmapuff: Really depends what you want. I got
            eBay- 2nd hand razor e300 - $120 (gutless as originally)
            motiondynamics- XYD-6B 450W 36V 2600 RPM, motor (awesome motor) ? $65, throttle $12, 65t rear sprocket (better Hill climbing)$20
            eBay 36v 800w controller $25,
            eBay- 2x 36v 4.4 lithium batteries (hoverboard variety), inc charger $100.
            Plus a bunch of other bits to test. 80t sprocket, other motors…

            Also got a Voltrium mini 600w scooter on eBay 15% deal ~$630. Nice scooter, quiet, but heavier and nowhere near the power of the custom razor…

            I've spent/wasted lots of time fiddling with the razor. One charge will do about 20kms at 20kmh on flat ish , more range going slower, but where's the fun in that ;)
            The Voltrium has much the same range and variety - faster = less, slower = more.

    • How do you deal with needing a helmet? This kills the idea for me personally.

      • +4

        Better than dealing with a traumatic brain injury and permanent disability.

        This kills the idea (of not wearing a helmet) for me personally.

      • +4

        Just wear one?

    • Esk8 in Sydney represent lol

    • When you say you 'deck switched', I assume that means you used the motor and trucks etc from the mini on the new deck?

      • Yep exactly.

        I would advise anyone commuting more than 2-3km to just get the longboard versions in the first place.

        Longboard deck cost me $110,which was not horrible.

  • +3

    I want to buy this so bad….

  • +3

    Is the international version left hand drive for Australia?

    • and also it travels in KM/H instead of MPH

  • +4

    Bought one last week, absolutely awesome ride. I ride it to and from work, wear a helmet, go slow around pedestrians. Use the light, stop at traffic lights, use bikepaths but avoid the road.
    Its a really great ride, compared to a friend who bought the Ninebot ES2 + battery (all up about 1k aud), its just as great. The ES2 with the additional battery has noticeably more torque/acceleration and maxes out at about 31-32km/hr. Depends on your weight and obviously the incline. On the flat, the m365 goes about 20-25km/hr. Pros: cheap, less bumpy, larger aftermarket modifications/repair items, Cons: not as fast as battery boosted Ninebots, potential for punctures, low clearance at the bottom (can scrape on kerbs). It surprised me how well it went up inclines but my heavier friend (95kg+) obviously went slower up same said hill. Overall great scooter and good seller. Hopefully the laws change and become more reasonable.

  • +1

    I remember somebody posted a link about a petition to change the law to allow these kinds of electric scooter, I didn't sign for it, can you guys post it again?

  • is the promotion finished? post10 didnt work for me

    • You must have been doing it wrong, the code expires on 4/03/19.

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