XP8 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones w/ 2200mAh Case $16.99 US (~$23.94 AU), JBL C200SI Earphones $12.59 US (~$17.74 AU) @ GeekBuying


Hey guys, we have two deals tonight and our friends at Cashrewards have 5% double cashback!

First up is the new XP8 Bluetooth 5.0 earphones with a 2200mAh charging case that has a USB port allowing you to charge other devices. Other features include True Wireless Stereo, IPX6 water resistance, inbuilt mic with CVC8.0/DSP noise reduction, gestures to play/pause, change track, calls and voice assistant. Both earbuds can be used independently or together and it supports iOS power display.

Up second is the new budget JBL C200SI Earphones with powerful 9mm drivers that provide high quality sound and bass. Features include a one-button universal remote with a noise isolation mic that is compatible with both Android and iOS, 3 comfortable eartip sizes, 1.2m long cable and a metallic spray finish. Video review here.

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate. Free shipping included.

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    12 uppies and no comments? Any thoughts on these ones guys?


    Can you explain the battery life/charge pack?
    At the bottom it says 4-5 hours battery life for music/call time, but [https://image2.geekbuying.com/content_pic/201902/XP-8-Mini-Wireless-Bluetooth-Earphones-Black-20190226101643285.jpg](this image) states 220/300 hours (9/12 days) of music/call time. I assume that means if you're charging the earbuds with the charge box? But then the first bit about charging a phone 28 times doesn't make sense. You wouldn't charge any phone once with only 2200mah.


      states 220/300 hours (9/12 days) of music/call time. I assume that means if you're charging the earbuds with the charge box?


      But then the first bit about charging a phone 28 times doesn't make sense.

      That would be a mistake. I'll get it corrected thanks 🙂

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      "the actual data are slightly erroneous due to environmental factors". basically means it was a hot day so the data was entered wrong.

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    This review:

    Sound is very clear, there will be no noise, like, you can buy it, and then the price performance is very high, like Oh!


    Looks ugly as hell…but good price rhough


    Got this one from a previous deal and was broken. Contacted them and they said returne it for a full refund however you have to pay for postage. I argued I should not so they suggested if you want to save the postage cost through it away! What a ridiculous customer service!


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    I got a pair a while ago for $30AUD from ebay. I was uncertain about airpods @$230 so I figured I'd give these a spin until they died. They're ok. The bluetooth sometimes struggles between my ear and pocket (Pixel1) when going for a walk. They're great when nothing's blocking the signal. I also use them to watch a movie in bed at volume. I tend to use one at a time. For the $30 I'd buy them again. I probably still wouldn't commit to airpods, they cost more than my phone. EDIT: The power button on the individual bud is different on mine vs the picture so this might be a newer model.


      I also use them to watch a movie in bed at volume.

      How's the lag?

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        It’s been nearly 6 hours and still no reply. So pretty high I’m guessing. 😆

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        I don't notice any lag. I'm not a videophile though. I got a cheapo bluetooth dongle from ebay for my PC. I also like that the PC splits my audio/video, so I can turn the tv off and go to sleep listening to the movie.


      This is just pixel. Terrible quality Bluetooth


      I am sure the EarPods are better sound, but I am not sure the value case is there if you have a pixel anyway. All the cool stuff won’t work unless you are in the Apple ecosystem, so they are just another Bluetooth earphone for you. Get some JBL or similar for a bit less.

      On these el cheapos, intermittent connections matter a lot to me. I will try th JBLs.


    It's a no brand name copy. There is a model number XP8 though. It says it has HD call so it's not mono. Price is good. I don't expect it to arrive working or working long for this price.


    I’m looking for some where the battery last my time at work
    So 8 hours of music+ taking phone calls


    Seems a great price! Id wanna use them for running, can anyone comment for good are these about staying in the ear?


    Honestly, for under $30, dont expect much



    When are these going to ship?


      Orders are being shipped out as they've come in, but Geek did receive several thousand orders. I'm happy to give yours a nudge if you can provide me with your order number please?


    Has anyone's order been shipped yet?

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    I got mine delivered today. They look very cheaply made (as expected). Very cheap plastic and light. Took me a while to figure out how to pair but they work OK. There is a massive lag for video as others have said with these type of headphones. Only good for listening to Music, not for video or gaming.

    Also it only came with a single pair of silicone ear tips.


      Got mine too. I haven't used them as yet but concur your comments regarding overall build quality. At $25 I'm hoping they'll be a worthy purchase to use them for my intended purpose of running. I am concerned about how easily they'll fall out though :|


      Also got mine today. Agree with you, it's cheaply made and not very good sound either. Also not sure which is left or right and how to insert them. Should have stayed away.


    I guess you get what you pay for… Would I recommend these to anyone? Nah.

    I broke the lid of the charging unit since the hinge got stuck.b lucky with enough force I could get it back on.

    As people said above they are made cheaply, the plastics feel like they will break. The sound quality isn't great, reminds me of the $1 ear buds from the supermarket. Only one set of the ear rubber bits, can confirm they are no good for running.

    Oh well


      Yeah they sound awful and probably cost no more than $5 to make. I am using for listening to podcasts on my 45 min cycling commute, lets see how long they last.

      Battery life is terrible too, at most 2 hours.

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