expired [eBay Spain] 10% off via eBay Mobile App (Existing Accounts)


Tested and works with gift cards.

Details of the promotion
Discount: 10%
Maximum discount: € 50
Minimum expenditure: € 10
Redeemable only once
Valid from 03/01/2019 at 10:00
Until 05/03/2019 at 23:59

How to redeem an eBay coupon
Make a purchase in a valid category from your mobile, tablet or the eBay app for mobile devices. To ensure that you have the most recent version of the app installed, click here .
Make the payment with PayPal or credit or debit card;
Enter the coupon code during the payment and shipping process when requested.

  • Terms and conditions of coupons:

Users registered in ebay.es, residents in Spain, who are at least 18 years old and to whom the coupon has been sent, may benefit from this offer.
The coupon code, the expiration date of the coupon, the discount applied with the coupon and, if applicable, the minimum purchase price and the maximum discount will be specified in " My eBay ", on ebay.es and / or in the e-mail with the coupon code.
Each registered user can only use one coupon. The coupon will be valid from the date of receipt until the expiration date, unless canceled before agreement with these Terms and Conditions.
The coupon will only be valid using PayPal or credit or debit card, as long as the seller offers PayPal as a form of payment.
You may need a minimum purchase price to redeem the coupon ("purchase price" refers to the final price of the items you buy.) It does not include the corresponding shipping and packaging costs or taxes that are not included in the price of the product. Article). For more information, check the e-mail with the coupon code or the " My eBay " section.
The coupon must be redeemed in a single transaction. If you buy from different sellers you can use the coupon with the eBay basket, if those sellers use the same currency. If the purchase price is less than the coupon amount, you will lose the amount you did not use.
The coupon can only be redeemed once.
You can redeem your coupon using the eBay app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
How to redeem the coupon in the eBay app: In the "Payment and delivery" screen, select "Add coupons", enter your code and the discount will be calculated on the Purchase Price ("Purchase Price" refers to the final price of the items you buy, it does not include the corresponding shipping and packaging costs or taxes that are not included in the price of the item).
The maximum discount available per coupon may be limited. Check the e-mail with the coupon code or the " My eBay " section for more information.
The coupon can only be redeemed in certain categories. In such a case, these categories will be clearly indicated on the coupon. Non-redeemable coupon for items in the categories Coins and bills and Cars, motorcycles and other vehicles.
The purchase you make to redeem the coupon must respect eBay's policies and terms of use.
This coupon is not cumulative with other coupons, site discounts, refunds, offers, gift vouchers or other promotions.
This coupon has no cash value, it can not be transferred or forwarded.
The coupon has no validity outside the uses allowed here.
If you have the right to receive a refund, it will not include the coupon or its exchange value. You will not receive an amount higher than the one you paid in relation to the purchase price.
These Terms and Conditions are subject to the laws of the Kingdom of Spain.
eBay makes no warranty as to the products or services provided by third parties in connection with any promotion made through coupons.
eBay will not be responsible for the way in which the services are executed, or even for the lack of execution of the same by third parties related to any promotion made through coupons, nor for the costs, damages, accidents, delays, injuries, losses, expenses or inconveniences arising from the use of the coupon, although eBay's liability will not be limited in case of death or personal injury as a result of own negligence.
eBay reserves the right to suspend, change or cancel this coupon promotion at any time in the event of circumstances that eBay deems sufficient to adopt these measures. eBay reserves the right to add additional terms and conditions for certain parts of this coupon promotion.
The organizer of the promotion is eBay GmbH. ("eBay"). eBay can carry out said organization through its local subsidiaries.

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