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Vtech 15850 Cordless Phone Triple Pack + Range Extender for $117 (Was $199) @ Harvey Norman


If you are someone that still needs a home phone then this is a good buy. 3 handsets plus a range extender to cover your whole home.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    These things work great for kids, basically a short range walkie-talkie.


    Four very bad reviews on Product Review. The gist appears to be Useless phone with only 6 rings until the answering machine cuts in and cannot be changed. The range is appalling for the second hand set.

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      Actually if you read the manual, you can turn off the answering machine and it will still answer the call but after 10 rings.


    This is $100 at Big W on clearance. The 17550+2 is also $50 at Big W on clearance. Goodluck finding them.

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    Big W had the triple handset version of the higher model (17850) on clearance for the last couple of weeks for $100. They still sell the two handset version:
    I bought the triple handset one and the USB port failed within 30 minutes, so I took it back. I definitely wouldn't recommend Vtech phones.


    All these phones with answer machines that still answer the call even when you turn off the answering machines are a joke, ive bought a couple and gave up on them…. as sometimes you need a bit of a chance to get to the phone when you are busy.