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[Hack] Free No Meat Cheeseburger + 10c off Combined Purchase @ McDonald's


For the vegetarians. Use the app for the $1 cheeseburger from 7-13 march 2019 and customise the burger to have no meat for a $1.10 deduction. This will get you the cheeseburger for free and a 10c discount to any purchase made together with the no meat cheeseburger.

$1 Cheeseburger 7/3-13/3 @ McDonald's via App

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    For god's sake!

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    • god's sake? sounds delish. any deals on it?

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        Like water into rice wine.

    • Bah Humburger!

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    I was thinking that McDonald's actually brought out a new vegetarian menu item, but instead got a checkout hack. +1 for the idea though

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      +1 for the idea though

      I can't tell if you are being serious.
      Have you honestly missed the last 2 "ideas"?

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    McDonald's cheeseburger with no meat is not actually vegetarian, the cheese slices contain rennet derived from animals.

    I'll update title and description to avoid confusion.

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      Not an expert but I associate vegetarianism with no meat and veganism with no animal products.

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        Whoever negged me, care to contribute to the discussion?

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          It's a bit sad some people will neg now when disagreeing instead of discussing.

          Anyway, your definition is basically correct, that's why many vegetarians eat dairy and honey, the latter of which is loaded with enzymes. Which is what animal rennet is.

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            @Michael15286: Agreed, I find it very rude. Wish there was transparency on negs so that they won't be mindlessly used.

            • @ronnknee:

              Wish there was transparency on negs so that they won't be mindlessly used.

              I think the problem is people might get attacked for expressing disagreement, so it's easier for them to just drop a neg and move along.

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                @eug: What happened with the ability to have civil debate and disagreement? Must we all agree on everything? I find this general trend in society worrying and I think it stifles critical thinking and progress

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        Didn't neg, but as this rennet is derived from the stomach of slaughtered calves, I understand vegetarians will usually not eat it (as they do not eat animals or animal-by-products). It's not just something animals produce like milk, which vegetarians will usually consume (that is more a vegan thing as you were alluding to).

        The traditional source of rennet is the stomach of slaughtered newly-born calves. Vegetarian cheeses are manufactured using rennet from either fungal/bacterial sources or genetically modified micro-organisms.


        Rennet traditionally comes from animals. Specifically, it is an enzyme called chymosin or rennin that is taken from the stomach lining of a calf, ewe, or kid (baby goat). The use of animal rennet to make cheese can be a problem if you're a vegetarian.


        Some previous discussion on it here which I remembered. There are lots of vegetarian cheeses nowadays like Bega, Coles or Woolworths cheese slices for example that uses non animal rennet.

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          Ironically the dairy industry is at best equal to the meat industry and at worst, even crueler because all the potty calves get ripped off the mum (who needs to breed in order to lactate) and then thrown in a big cattle cage and dragged to a saleyard where they are often forgotten and definitely not fed milk during the sometimes days, only to be shipped somewhere else like a dog food factory. Yeah, vegetarians who eat cheese and other dairy products are the biggest hypocrites. I’m not vegan by the way, but I don’t eat dairy because it makes me sick but I am glad I don’t for the above reason. I only buy organic/grass fed and free range chickens. Yeah it’s still killing animals but at least it’s the best possible chance of mimicking a normal life for the chickens before they’re slaughtered. And beef cattle at least they get to graze on pasture rather than being confined to a feed lot.
          Moral of story, stuffs gonna happen to animals regardless but don’t be a bloody cheese eating hypocrite. You’re either doing it for the animals or you’re a dick.

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    When will these posts stop…

    • When the deals stop being bargains

      • Post hasn't even front paged, goes to show what people think of it

  • How exactly is mustard, ketchup, onions, pickles and cheese between a bun considered a ‘vegetarian cheeseburger’?

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      With some soy bean patty inside

      • Which comes from where for -$0.10 exactly..?

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      mustard, ketchup, onions, pickles and cheese between a bun

      = no meat

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        No burger patty = not a burger.

        • -3

          Burger = a similarly shaped food item made of a specified ingredient.

          So, how many mustard, ketchup, onions, pickles and cheese to make it a burger?

          I say, get 3x -10c 'cheese buns', slap them together and you've got yourself a burger.

          • +1


            Burger = a similarly shaped food item made of a specified ingredient.

            Lol did you get that description from this page?


            A veggie burger is a burger patty that does not contain meat. Such burgers may be made from ingredients like beans, especially soybeans and tofu, nuts, grains, seeds or fungi such as mushrooms or mycoprotein.

            No patty = not a burger, as I said.

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      Just add a hash brown!

      • IN the burger. A hash brown burger…

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    Would have been great for Ash Wednesday

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    Can you buy 100 of these and then get another $10 order for free?

    • No as one burgar per kiosk is the limit. However if you use multiple kiosks by refreshing your app without going ahead with the purchase, you can load the deal in multiple kiosks. Then once in checkout, order them all and you can get multiple burgars for free using the one MyMaccas account.

      • +10

        This isn't worth my dignity.

        • Some of us have enough to spare a little - and still have plenty left over.

    • Perhaps if you have 100 accounts?

      • Far out, Brussels sprout. I reckon with this potentially profitable Maccas hack, I could have a tilt at world domination! One dubious 'burger' hack at a time…

      • You don't need more than one account, the app is awful. It's easy enough to use two kiosks simultaneously (assuming you want 2 and not 100).

  • McDonalds already doesn't like us taking screenshots. If these loophole 'deals' eventually annoy them, will they end up sending a legal threat resulting in a store ban? We would all miss out on legit Maccas deals then.

    • +2

      As many votes as these posts get, I reckon only a small handful of people bother claiming them

    • '… resulting in a store ban?'

      A 'store ban' of whom, exactly? Anyone with a mobile phone? Anyone who uses THEIR app? Methinks that would not be very good for business/would send 'the wrong message'…

      • +1

        A 'store ban' of whom, exactly?

        If OzB receives a legal threat from a store, regardless of merit, OzB can decide to ban the store permanently.

        That has happened to plenty of stores already.

        • A take-down request of a post is different to a store being banned outright on this website.

          • @draokun: I never mentioned take-down requests, I was talking about legal threats. Have a read of that thread and look for the various stores that issued legal threats. OzB permanently banned them from this website.

        • +1

          I just went down the rabbit hole that is the Merchant Take-Down Requests thread. If I'm not back in an hour can someone come get me please?

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    This is just wrong

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      'This is just wrong'

      Nah, it's soooo right. Just ask any cow. They will mooooooo-st likely agree. Peeps should MILK IT for all it's worth. If you have some sort of BEEF with it Robert, take it up with Maccas. Hate the game hombre (<— note that this word closely resembles 'hamburger', punsters), not the players…

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    Think of it like this: it's free bug reports where we iron out their bad coding for their apps and get reimbursed in yummy condiments and burger buns which literally melt in our mouths because of the high sugar content

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    These "bargains" have to stop. Going to McDonald's for two pieces of bun and some cheese lol unlikely. If anything its going to cost you money because your going to get something else.

    • Think of it as some spare parts you can include in whatever else you order. Fries burger? 3 pack of spicy nuggets for a $2.90 spicy chicken cheese burger?

      • +1

        Put a $2.15 hash brown in it and negate the little savings you made in the first place.

      • As per someone's suggestion on the last quarter pounder post, I was going to try bacon in the $2 big mac tonorrow, cheap bacon burgers from Thursday too, then!

  • This sounds delicious

  • +1

    When will this madness end?

  • So basically a free cheese sandwich?

    I would never bother, a burger without the burger is just not worth it, but I gotta upvote for the ingenuity.

  • +2

    Sounds like an instant discount for soft serve cone for me. 70c to 60c

  • Get 10 free vego’s and then buy 1 meat burger with the 10c discounts

  • Homeless Food Vans give better value than this deal and still free

    Yet the OzBogan Mods allow it to continue

    • -1

      How many homeless food van deals have the mods deleted?

      • None, because it's available 365 days of the year.

        • -1

          So are vehicle rego checks and officeworks price match policies. They are all deals here.

  • Ewww

  • Take away - cheese for vegans

  • -1
    Merged from Free Slice of Cheese at McDonald's
    Go to Deal

    Free slice of delicious McDonald's cheese! Open the My Macca's app, go to "MyRewards", click on $1 Cheeseburger, add to mobile order, customise. Now remove the following items; regular bun, mustard, ketchup, regular onions, pickles, regular beef patty, salt & Pepper. In Queensland the removal of the beef patty gives you $1.10 back on your order so now you have a free slice of delicious McDonald's cheese and ten cent's credit remaining on your order.

    • +13

      These posts are getting ridiculous.

      • -1

        tell that to the cheese lovers of OzBargain!

    • +5

      this really is ridiculous

    • Ozbargains Jump the Shark moment?

    • How do they serve it?

    • +3

      There will be free pickle/s at my local tonight at about 6:30pm. Planning on buying a burger and flicking the pickle off.
      May go for a second depending on my appetite.

    • +4

      What's next? Free ketchup, salt & pepper?

      • +3

        free water at the park, pub.

        • Free water from Dog bowl outside cafe …

    • +4

      who would waste a good cheeseburger redemption for $1 over free cheese seriously.

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    • Staff trying to wrap a slice of cheese would probably resulting it being turned into a ball rather a slice for being a smart arse ..bit like trying to wrap a sheet of paper …..

      Guess if on centre link and lots of spare time it might be deal ….

      Look forward to our STEM graduates coming up with a deal that gets a meat Pattie cheap …

      • By then it will be lab grown grown meat

    • +1

      Good deal

    • Are they still doing $1 Hamburgers? You could combine these two and get a 90c cheeseburger :)

    • Jokes over now.

    • +2

      Wife's birthday present sorted, thanks OP

    • Waste of time post

  • +2

    The first time this was posted it was clever the second it was fine the third i didn't neg but now please just stop, we get it you can get a slight discount and a meat-free burger, now kindly (profanity) off.

    • -2

      This post was made 3 days ago. It was the 2nd of this kind.

      Therefore per your rules it should be fine.

      • He was referring to the free cheese that got merged with your deal.

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