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Ryzen 3 2300X GTX 1060 6GB: $559.20 / i5 9400F RTX 2080: $1679.20 / i7 8700 RTX 2080TI: $2598.40 Delivered @ TechFast eBay


Hi folks,

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EDIT: PRICE DROPPED FUTHER $50 - Ryzen 3 2300X / GTX 1060 6GB / 8GB DDR4 2400MHz / 120GB SSD / 550W PSU / Leaper Small FF Case: $559.20 / $594.15
Link: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192846542585

i5 9400F / RTX 2080 8GB / 16GB DDR4 2400MHz / 240GB SSD / 750W PSU / B360MB / Leaper Pro RGB Case: $1679.20 / $1784.15
Link: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192783792913

i7 8700 / RTX 2080TI 11GB / 16GB DDR4 3000MHz / 480GB SSD / 850 80+ Gold PSU / B360MB / Leaper Pro RGB Case: $2598.40 / $2760.80
Link: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192846546918

Store link: https://www.ebay.com.au/str/Tech-Fast-Australia

Our current build queue is 15-20 days due to the high volume of the 2 Feb promotions' orders, although that should start to reduce significantly by the end of next week. Customers from the early Feb deal should have received an update on eBay that they'll be going this week or early next depending on date ordered, and the late Feb deal systems (R3 2300X in particular) should be moving from next week onwards.

EDIT: Due to popular request we have increased the i7 / 2080Ti RAM speed to 3000MHz and added $49 to the base price.


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  • the $599 system looks like a good deal but idk if i want a big case, can you do upgrades to mini itx case and motherboard?

  • The 2080Ti deal is pretty good. Can't be bothered doing the research but that would almost be component cost alone.

  • On the description for the 2080ti build:

    Item Description:

    The Leaper Pro PC by TechFast offers the best and most affordable gaming PC in 2018. Buying a PC to play your favourite games like Overwatch, DOTA 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, and Call of Duty does not need to break the bank. For an optimal gaming and graphics performance, we recommend upgrading to a Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card. Tech Fast has teamed up with Intel, AMD, and Nvidia to give you everything you need in a PC to master the world’s top gaming titles (and everything else!)

    Great pricing, but I'm not due for an upgrade yet!

  • Why is it that the only operating system you offer is Windows 10 Home? Would be more interested if you offered Windows 10 Pro as well…

    • Buy a licence off eBay, it's cheaper

    • Buy it from the microsoftsoftwareswap subreddit. It's like 50 AUD.

      • is that a genuine windows? I don't get it why it is so cheap

        • I haven't personally bought from it before (though I intend to). I know people who bought from that site with no issue at all. Other subreddits seem to trust the site, especially the s5ean seller. Why is it cheap? From what I'm guessing, they sell leftover keys that were bought in bulk for companies.

        • Often these swap sites are "legit" keys in that the work and you will never hear from Microsoft or get genuine notices ever again.

          But they are often University or large corporation generated keys in a kind of volume licensed deal. So technically the key isn't being used as per license.

          But you aren't going to one day find it not working. (Universities especially offer these kinds of licenses for very low cost to staff and students, so Microsoft expect these to end up in random locations). It's still a license breach, and the vendor is taking that rush selling it to you.

          Finally, of you plan to use those licences in a commercial manner (on your work computer) don't. Microsoft can audit your licenses and these ones don't count, and are treated the same as if you stole them.

          TL Dr; no they aren't legit, but yes they work. (Dodgy ass vendor ripping you off not withstanding)

  • I think the Ryzen 2300X+RX570 for $439.20 is probably the best deal at the moment, if you're after an entry-level gaming set up. Don't think the 1060 6GB system is worth an extra $160.

    I'm disappointed Techfast haven't had a deal on the Ryzen 2600+RX580 recently - the best price was back in November 2018, since then that combo has been $50-$100 more expensive.

    • Yeah, I'm hanging out for a decent Ryzen 2600+RX580 deal.

    • thanks for showing the alternative..
      I guess just playing games like dota and cs the 439.20 is more than enough?? have read about ppl talking about upgrading motherboard to B350M something about
      overclocking which I have no idea about, is it something simple to do and worth upgrading? TIA

      • Yep that device would be totally fine for playing those games. I'd suspect it is capable of playing any game at 1080P Medium graphic settings with good performance.

        The mobo upgrade seems worthwhile for only $29 (less 20%), and overclocking isn't hard with Ryzen stuff (download some software and tweak some numbers). Not that you'd need to overclock for DOTA or CS.

        That budget option also comes with download codes to 2 new games, which you could presumably flip to make the purchase even cheaper. Then turn around and sell it on Gumtree in a year when you want to upgrade.

    • +6 votes

      Just dropped the price on the 1060 system by $50.

  • Get the cheapest Ryzen CPU for now and upgrade it yourself when 3rd gen Ryzen comes out.

  • Hey guys, just wondering if this is a good choice for word processing/writing for work? I have to run some software like SPSS, Nvivo and Endnote for analysis. Cheers.

    • It will be fine mate. Not as zippy as paying for the mid and upper tier gear but more than useful.

  • what irks me about these listings is the no-brand name components to pair with a RTX2080Ti…

    • Believe the 2080ti has a pretty decent PSU.

      Everything else (bar SSD) is name brand, the names just aren't listed as certainties (as with all pre-builts using multiple sources for parts). I believe they normally have it down in the description (the parts they draw from).

      Below that, I believe 750w PSUs are generally thermaltake, with the 550ws being the Allied ones.

      • I feel like if I'm going to spend 2-3k on a desktop, at the very least I should know what I'm getting. there's no speeds on the RAM, or the SSD etc. I really want to bite, but to me at least it feels too uncertain.

  • As N1NJ4W4RR10R stated i believe the PSU above 750 are either thermaltake or corsair.

    Though i can't offer you any info on RAM or SSD the last time the 2080ti was used from them it was a Galax

  • Please offer deal without GPU… please

  • PSA- Expect a wait of like a month. I ordered a computer from them a month ago from a previous deal and I'm still waiting.

  • Considering getting the $1700 rig. Would anyone suggest anything to upgrade or whatnot?

    • i would probably upgrade the storage amount or buy another hdd or sdd to add on. 240gb isnt enough. the os is already like 10gb or something.

      • Ahh yeah. Sorry should have been more specific - not including the HD/OS. More so interested if people suggest upgrading the Mobo or getting a non-stock CPU cooler kind of thing?

        • honestly everything seems fine to me. stock cpu cooler is usually good enough. unless you are going to overclock it alot or something then in that case maybe get a new one.

  • Hi do you still do the free games with the amd systems?

  • Do the b350 boards come with nvme drive slot? could you please tell us which b350 mobos you guys include in the upgrade

  • Is it any quicker if you just send the parts?. It’s fun to build it yourself.

  • i7 8700 / RTX 2080TI 11GB / 16GB DDR4 3000MHz / 480GB SSD / 850 80+ Gold PSU / B360MB / Leaper Pro RGB Case: $2598.40 / $2760.8

    What are the two price for?

  • What sort of cooler is used with the 2300X?

  • Can anyone confirm if the cheapest $559 build uses the following case?
    I can't see any info about the pictured case on eBay on the techfast website and the eBay image is it for 'illustrative purposes" only. I'd like to confirm the dimensions.

  • The i5 9400f with RTX 2060 ($1040) and RTX 2070 ($1120) look like great buying. Thanks Luke.

  • OMG, so tempting…..I gotta hold >.<

  • Luke, have you still got that Ryzen Threadripper 1950x on offer as well. I am starting to give up on intel after they released 8th and 9th gen so close together.

  • HELP - not really good with AMD stuff

    Ryzen 5 2600rx 580 $764
    Ryzen 3 2300rx 570 $466 (plus mobo upgrade for another $20)

    Which one would be better/worth it?


    • Depends what games you want to play. the 2600 with RX580 is obviously going to perform a lot better than the 2300 with RX570. However if you r games are not demanding then the cheaper option will suit your needs.

      • I don't really play graphic intensive games.
        DOTA2, Overwatch, Heroes of the Stom are my main games.
        Occasional C.S go and Starcraft II.

        They would run on the the cheaper option but i would prefer to having settings on max/epic/high not sure if that's possible on the cheaper one?

        And upgrading wise how would it work with either systems or sell and buy new one?

        • Overwatch is quite CPU intensive compared to most games, so if you want to run that at max settings you'll get much better results with the 2600 build. I would also steer you in that direction based on ability to upgrade; the 2600 will last quite a while as it's a much faster CPU overall (gaming and non-gaming).

          You'd be fine to upgrade the 2600 build - if you get to that point you'd want to move up to 16GB RAM as well as a new GPU.

  • Anyone know what 2 games you get for free?

  • should i get 1920x or i7 8700 2080ti for 2k gaming?

  • Wondering if 2x 8gb sticks of ram will hinder the 1920x performance greatly for gaming? Very interested in purchasing it cheers

  • what is the build quality like on the "Leaper" cases? I've never seen/heard of them before…

  • The price of the RTX 2080 Ti build is impressive, but why are we paying $49 extra to get 3000MHz DDR4 RAM that B360MB (max 2666MHz) doesn't support..?

    • same question here, as least give us an option to upgrade the motherboard to support it

  • Can anyone comment on the build they got of a 2080ti system?