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AMD FX-8800P PC: $279.20 / R5 2600 RX580 Gaming PC: $599.20 / R5 2600 RTX 2080 Gaming PC: $1399.20 Delivered @ TechFast eBay


Some more PLUSMORE Deals - EDIT: We've pulled some strings and upgraded the 2400G to the 2600 for both listings at the same price (anyone who purchased 2400G will receive 2600).

First something a bit different that we have built, tested and can recommend as an entry level personal computer through our partnership with Biostar:

AMD FX-8800P (2.1-3.4GHz) CPU / 8GB DDR4 RAM / 120GB SSD / 500W PSU / Leaper Small Form Factor Case: 279.20 / $296.65 with PLUSMORE (20% eBay Plus / 15% regular)
Link: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192846806856

Note that we're not marketing this is a gaming PC - this is for personal/office/student computing. The CPU is a notebook processor in a proprietary desktop motherboard created by Biostar. The specs are in the listing's images.

Gaming PCs

Ryzen 5 2600 / RX 580 8GB / 8GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM / 120GB SSD / 550W PSU / Leaper Pro RGB Case: $599.20 / $636.65
Link: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192847673329

Ryzen 5 2600 / RTX 2080 8GB / 8GB DDR$2400MHz RAM / 240GB SSD / 750W PSU / Leaper Pro RGB Case: $1399.20 / $1486.65
Link: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192847678068


Original PLUSMORE 15-20% off all items at Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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  • wow, FX still exists ?

    heck it's a laptop processor

    should remove 'Vega' from the R7 graphics , don't think they're related

  • What's the lowest for an RTX 2080 by itself? Surely not far off this whole build??

  • would the 2400g and rx580 play most modern titles?

  • Please fix the dead link due to spacing between Link: and Http.. on the first gaming pc

  • These Gaming PCs seem to be made up of components that are poorly matched, some of these Techfast builds seem imbalanced.

    Why offer a RTX 2080 (1080Ti level performance) with a R5 2400G which is an APU, I would think you will end up with a CPU bottleneck. Unless you think people will buy the deal, take out the GPU and sell on the rig minus the GPU. Then there is the whole issue of Ryzen needing dual channel RAM to shine, so why a single stick.

    Don't get me wrong, Techfast are doing a great job in offering very competitive prices and good choice. I just feel with a little more attention to detail and thoughtfulness they could make these Amazing.

    • If you're going to be playing at 4K, there will be no CPU bottleneck, and at 1440p in most games there won't be one either. So if you want the cheapest smooth 4K gaming experience, this is amazing value and is balanced just fine.

    • *copy pasting from my above post

      "If you were looking for a seperate build for a sibling and planning to buy a 2080 anyways, could be an idea to take out the 2080 and leave them the other system (maybe throw in a 570)."

      I reckon that'd be a pretty good reason to buy it. It's $200~ more then most 2080s for some fairly decent components.

      Fully agree with the RAM thing. Would be nice for the 16gb rigs to have 2x8 at the least anyways. With the 8gn rigs I can see upgrading being a proper concern, but I don't see the majority of people buying boards at this tier (a320/b350) caring about 32gb.

    • You forgot the PSU. Which some users have already reported dying on them.

    • Bottlenecking is what manufacturers want you to think so you end up spending more than you need to. If you're interested in playing games at 4K, your best bet is to get the best GPU you can and then pair that with an i3 8100, as most games still seem to prefer Intel vs. AMD. The Ryzen 2400G will be just fine. If you're after the absolute highest fps in CSGO at 1080p, then yes, go with a cheaper GPU and an i5 9600K. It's all about what you want - balance is not necessarily the best.

  • I was disappointed to see you jacked this $50!

  • Does the RX 580 build come with the 'RAISE THE GAME' free game codes?

  • Been waiting a whole month to go pick up one that I brought with no communication.
    Not sure if it's worth buying to be honest

    • Surprised you've had no communication. Can you please PM and I'll check for you.

      • what's the usual turn around time for these systems? interested in buying one now

        • We are at about 20 working days currently for the majority. The no communication thing surprises me as I believed everyone had been contacted.

          • @luketechfast: He said he brought it.

          • @luketechfast: I can vouch for that, it has been longer, 2 working weeks when buying -> 3 working weeks after waited for 2 weeks -> 20days what sales mentioned above. I am currently on my 4th "working week" and haven't heard anything back so likely it will take longer.
            As frustrating as this may sound(trust me it is), I am also surprised by the "no communication" part as they mostly got back to my enquire within hours, one worse case was the next day, both the ozbargain sales and ebay service team. With my experience dealing with countless ebay sellers, their communication is fantastic considering the volume of their sales.
            So yeah the communication is there, but it is frustrating as it takes loooooooong.

  • The 2080 build would be so much better with a Ryzen 5 2600 processor. Pity you can't upgrade the CPU. @luketechfast: What would be the price difference between a build with the 2600 vs the 2400G?

  • Do you have any deals on PC's with the 2400g with no GPU?

  • Not sure why you would buy the Ryzen 5 2400G / RX 580 8GB for $599 when a Ryzen 3 2300X / GTX 1060 6GB can be had for $559. Equivalent CPU and slightly better GPU, in a slightly worse case, for 10% cheaper.

    Luke while you're here - which cooler is included with the 2400G and 2300X?

    • +3 votes

      im not associated but both get the stock AMD cooler.

      1. 2400g is 4 core 8 thread cpu while 2300x is a 4 core 4 thread cpu.
      2. rx580 performs better than the 1060 and it has 2gb more vram
      3. you get the 12 year old tier rgb case with the 2400g build

      2400g/rx580 makes more sense.

      • For gaming and general desktop use, is the difference between 8 vs 4 threads even noticeable?

        I would prefer the RX580 too, but nearly all benchmarks have those two cards neck and neck.

        Agree on the 12 year old tier case - I'd gladly pay the same for the SFF case.

        • +1 vote

          8 thread makes a big difference in newer titles like battlefield and whatever demands high performance and once you're done with the system you can use it has a htpc since the 2400g has a gpu inside it too. rx580 and 1060 are pretty much the same depending on games but the extra 2gb of vram won't hurt.

      • Im pretty sure 1060 is better especially with its efficient power consumption but tough call. I'd like to get a pure amd comp too but amd needs to pick up their graphics game

    • What HKS said.

  • Do you get the new Nvidia β€œRTX Triple Threat” bundle (Battlefield V, Anthem, and Metro Exodus), with the RTX2080 build?

  • OP can you give some options for a non-pro but usable, video editing desktop?

    • +2 votes

      From one of our tech guys:
      When it comes to video editing, you will always need a powerful CPU. We'd recommend atleast a R7 2700 or i7 8700 system as a good starting point. For rendering (AE, Premiere or 3D software like C4D, Blender, Maya, etc), we'd recommend any graphics card that has a high Stream Processors/CUDA and VRAM. Therefore, both the RX 580 8GB and RTX 2070 8GB are great base options. You may want to upgrade your RAM to 16GB aswell, as video editing requires a decent amount.

      R7 2700 RX 580 - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192832362519
      i7 8700 RTX 2070 - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192838088053

      From me: If you want straight up value for money, the R5 2600 / RX 580 is impossible to beat.

      • Just shortish social media and web videos so the cheaper option with memory upgrade you suggest looks a good fit.

        Thanks for that!

  • +13 votes

    EDIT TO ORIGINAL POST: ALL 2400G CPUS are now 2600 for the same price. We pulled strings.

  • Bought the 2600 rx 580 πŸ‘

  • Bought the 2080 build. Thanks for the upgrade!

  • I Have also just purchased the 2600 rx580

    Considering a rough price breakdown, taken from static ice
    AMD 2600 - $250
    RX 580 - $325
    8GB DDR4 - $70
    Total: $645

    This isn't including, Case, PSU, Mobo, Postage, 120GB SSD, AMD Game Codes

    Its pretty darn good value especially if you were already planning on buying some of these parts.

    Looking forward to my tower in 2 weeks to a months time :D

    • I'd recommend changing the PSU even for a cheap litepower 550w or VS550. Bought a few of the i3 8100 & rx 570 PC's and already had a dead psu in a month. Still great value.

  • Good deal on the RX580! Only downside is if you were to upgrade this graphics card then it may be difficult to unload. I received a biostar card which is not that common.

  • I think you guys are in Adelaide, do you ever arrange pickup orders?

  • Would you recommended to upgrade the R5 2600 RX580 with the following or will it perform perfectly fine with the latest games over the next few years as it is with no upgrades?

    8GB -> 16GB RAM
    550W -> 750W PSU
    A320M -> B350M Motherboard
    120GB -> 480GB SSD
    *** 120GB surely doesn't seem like enough to hold more than 2 games, would they suffice running on a HDD or would performance decrease? ***

    I've seen comments about upgrading the mobo and PSU, not sure if that's required for this build?

    Note I've not played games on PC in years, and if I have it's been Runescape/MapleStory/Other free MMORPGs on a crappy laptop, so I've never had the luxury of the latest graphics lol…

    Thanks in advanced!

    • Hdd is fine for games. The 580 is a beast.

    • You won't suffer overall performance decreases if you install a game onto a HDD. However, installing it onto a SSD mainly greatly affects load times, which can sometimes be important and dependent on whether the game your playing has long load times; a good example is PUBG's loading screen.

      Personally, I'd upgrade the SSD to a 480GB and also grab a 1TB HDD upgrade via their store upgrades.

      • Sweet thanks Tom & Chris!

        Would you say the RAM PSU and Mobo need to be upgraded too or are the defaults fine?

        • I'd definitely recommend the RAM and Mobo upgrade as both directly affects how the system will perform; B350 chipset to overclock the R5 2600, and Ryzen prefers more RAM. The PSU upgrade is completely up to you, but that system will run fine with a 550W Power Supply.

  • So tempting…gonna hold off and see what Techfast can offer with the upcoming 3rd gen Ryzen.

  • So laptop CPU, with desktop cooling. 100% overclock on air vs CPU speeds inside a laptop.

  • Thanks for the deal! Wondering which mobo comes with the 2600 rx580 prebuilt? And which B350 mobo is it for the upgrade option?

  • I ordered a pc on 24th Feb through your online store and if I didn't call I wouldn't have known anything but was told postage should be the end of this week. So by the looks of things I have to wait another 3 weeks? if so I will cancel my order.

    • +1 vote

      If ordered 24th it should be towards the back end of next week.

      • I asked for it to be shipped unbuilt shouldn't it ship faster?

        • +2 votes

          It will skip the build and testing phase but still be picked on or very close to the day on which the other orders from that day are picked, to be fair to everyone.

  • Interesting FX-8800P system.

    For those interested in thr FX-8800P's performance level: https://www.notebookcheck.net/AMD-FX-8800P-Notebook-Processo...

    If one is considering potential future upgrade/adding in a graphics card for a better gaming experience (or upgrade in general), the refurbished second hand Core i5 (3rd gen and above) Dell OptiPlex will still be the better option (while providing better CPU performance).

  • Interested in the R52600 RX580 system.
    A few questions.
    Withe the MOBO upgrade you mentioned biostar and I'm just wondering which one? https://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/socket.php?S_ID=24#AMD%... has quite a few.

    RAM upgrade to 16G, what ram/speeds will I be getting?

    RX580 - which one?

    Likewise for PSU and SSD?


    • +1 vote

      Mobo upgrade unsure at this stage. Current is B45 but I believe multiple models are incoming due to qty required so I can't specify further. RAM 2400Mhz Team, Crucial or G.Skill, Biostar 580, Allied PSU and SSD most likely. The full brands list we use is o the listing but we don't guarantee part brands at this stage, as it has been that was from the beginning.

  • Can the ryzen r5 2600 be overclocked?