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Samsung HW-N950/XY 7.1.4ch Dolby Atmos Soundbar $956 + Shipping / C&C @ The Good Guys eBay


Been looking at this soundbar for a while.
Havent seen it below $1000 so far.

possibly the lowest price ever.
Got one for myself.


Original PGUYS20 20% off Storewide at The Good Guys on eBay Deal Post

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  • Great deal. Cheapest price ever I think and a great system. Have been waiting to post this since morning but for some reason, I have been marked as overseas user on OzBargain and cannot post this deal.

    • Check your VPN for being marked Overseas.

      Great deal nonetheless.

      • +1

        Not using any VPN.

  • How does this compare to the ysp-2700?

    • 5.1 vs 7.1.4.

      This has Dolby atmos and DTX.

      Rear speakers included.

      So for me this one wins.

      • YSP is 7.1 isn't it?

        But yeh, no Atmos with the Yammy.

    • Really should do some research first before relying on comments here which thinks the Samsung is better simply because it is advertised with more features. For all we know features can be used strongly as marketing tool, with the actual performance to be garbage. YSP-2700 is a very reputable sound bar which is widely proven to produce great sound.

      • There's plenty of reviews and comparisons of this online.

        The fact that this has 2 surround speakers automatically makes it better imo. Especially at this price.

        I'd rather not rely on 100% virtual surround sound bouncing off walls. Unless you have the ideal room setup for it, it doesn't work.

    • +2

      I own both then YSP-2700 and HW-N950, the Yamaha has been relegated to the bedroom. It produces a really clear sound and gives width to the left and right channel but I didn't feel it added any depth. The Samsung outperforms it, particularly with a decent 7.1 or Atmos track with a really full sound and watching movies easily gave that cinematic feel which the Yamaha couldn't deliver.

      HDMI switching is horrendous though and will require constant intervention.

      • Can you elaborate on the HDMI switching? Do you mean when you change the tv input the sound doesn't change accordingly?

        • +1

          The remote has a source cycle button rather than independent source buttons. It then tries to auto switch and more often than not it goes to the wrong one. I use harmony automation and the Samsung bar just is designed poorly for source switching. It's not a tv issue it's a sound bar issue. You could turn your system off and turn it on to the same source and it could still switch to analog or something. I have had to map a sound bar source button to my universal remote.

      • Thank you so much for your reply, exactly what i was looking for!! I went ahead and got the n950.

        My only complaints are the rear speakers a bit soft? I am running 1005.1 firmware and have put them to +6.
        The system turns off after something like 5 minutes of no sound, which is annoying if you have paused a a movie or something, but i can live with it.
        There is no way to up-mix stereo, 2.1, music and film to virtual 5.1, so the rear speakers sit there doing nothing.

        Besides that very good sound, especially when paired with the right content, so def will be buying a shield to make sure i get the most out of this!

  • Excellent price

  • Fantastic system, make sure you have the room to properly angle the rear speakers.
    This thing seriously rocks. I prefer watching movies at home now, than at the cinemas.

    And I am pleasantly surprised at how convincing the Atmos is.

  • +3

    Very good price for this. I paid much more than this last year. I haven't been to the movies since I bought this. I buy 4k discs new and then sell them on ebay after I have watched them.

  • My HT-H6550 is still going strong but 5.1 in today's world is just scum. So tempted by this.

  • Does the 4 mean there 4 upwards firing speakers?

    I recently got the sk8y from kg for 799. It's 5.1.2, but you can get the rear set for around 170. I think it's great, even without the rears. What do you guys think about how they compare?

    • +1

      Yep, 2 upvoting in the main soundbar and 1 in each rear.

      Get the rears! they make a huge difference.

      • Oh that's awesome.

        I'll consider the rears. The LG rear speakers don't have Atmos tho, so it'll just be a 7.1.2 instead of a 7.1.4

        Looks like the Samsung is better value

        • Even without rear atmos the physical rear speakers will make a big difference.
          The Samsung has side firing speakers which you can’t hear that well. I think it depends on your room. Physical speakers will be worth it.

  • is this pairable with a RX-V681?

  • I was looking at getting this when in the market for a sound bar but I read lots of bad reviews so went wth the YSP-2700. I think the main issue people had were with the rear speakers

  • +1

    +1 For great system
    +1 For great price

    -1 For all my neighbours thinking there's a mass shooting going on whenever I watch the lobby scene from The Matrix in Atmos

    • +1

      Or the shooting scenes in John Wick 1 & 2.
      God DAMN.

  • +1

    YSP2700 available for $876 with the eBay code.


    • This deserves a post of its own. Excellent price for an awesome sound bar. I picked mine up over a year ago for $1050ish and thought it was a deal!

  • +1

    Wow how good is it when some eBay stores dont jack up prices before 20% Off specials come on.

  • I have the k950 and it’s amazing. Like the post above, it’s ideal to have the rear speakers spaced behind the sofa to get the full atmos effect. I have my sofa backed against the wall but it’s still good.

    • does it include stand or you have to buy something to mount them on?

      • -1

        Picked up mine and already setup.
        Amazing sound
        A big step up from 5.1

        No stands are included.

      • +1

        No it doesn't but I bought the stands off amazon:


        The supplied screws doesn't fit the speaker but a trip to bunnings fixed that.

        • Do U need stands or can we use them without stands? Thanks

        • I have these stands already and just upgraded to the K950 from a smaller Samsung Soundbar. The rears seem very heavy, for the stands?

  • How is this compared to Bose 700 soundbar and bose sub?

    • +3

      Less pretentious. Does that help?

    • I bought this over the Bose setup purely because $1000 cheaper.

      Sound wise I'm not too sure.

      Bose looks better though.

      • Thanks mate. Bose looks better but I've negative reviews about it when it comes to connectivity with new samsung tvs. Considering this is a samsung soundbar, setup should be very easy.

        • Another reason I got this.
          Have a new qled 7 series and wanting seamless connectivity.

      • +1

        Same same. Just bought it now too for the same reasons.

  • Very tempting. Anyone upgraded from the n650 with acoustic beam able to provide a comparison?

    I don't have bluray and plan to just plug all my hdmi components (ps4/cc ultra) straight to the tv, will I still benefit from dolby atmos from normal casting and YouTube/Netflix apps from the tv?

  • +1

    Bought mine today.

    Got this over the Bose 700 package.

    $1000 cheaper.

    Only thing I don't like compared to the Bose is the asthetics. Bose looks far more sharp and classier.

    And this soundbar and rear speakers are heavy!!!

    Should be good though.

    Also was able to have Goodguys refund my delivery because they didn't have click and collect online but a local store had it.

    • +1

      How did you arrange the refund of shipping? I've just messaged them through eBay to see if I can pick up from Kotara. I know they have a couple in stock there.

      • +2

        I paid delivery on eBay, local store called 30mins later, asked if I can pickup instead. They said yes.
        Went to front counter to do paperwork, they lodged the refund, 3-5 days returned via PayPal.

  • quality wise, is this better then a sonos playbar surround setup?
    Currently in the market but cant make up my mind…

    • Sonos restricts you to play music via there app only and you cant play youtube. If thats not an issue for you than Sonos setup is good. They've a 100 day return policy so if you dont like it return it

    • Well, to get the full set up Sonos is well over $2k with the play bar + sub + the Play 1s…

  • 'This code can't be applied to your order'.

    Has the code expired?

  • Got mine a few weeks ago for $1050 on sale, this is a great price. Especially since an atmos receiver by itself costs $600+

  • +1

    How does this compare to the Sony HTZ9RF?

    • Ive had this the Samsung for about 2 months but based on my research before I bought mine, the Sony doesn’t have DTS:X from memory and the rear speakers don’t have up firing drivers like the Samsung.

    • i'm also tempted to buy the Sonys for the same price,
      they are alot less bulky than the samsung,
      not sure how much sound quality you'd be giving up tho,
      would love for someone with experience to comment

      • +2

        I have the Sony HTZ9RF. It’s an OK system but I’m disappointed in the Atmos/DTS:X part - I think it’s there by name only. While it comes with rear speakers, they don’t have any upfiring speakers and the rear speakers themselves are pretty weak, so I don’t really get all that much sound out of them.

        I am tempted to sell my Sony setup and get the N950. Sony is smaller physically and while I haven’t heard the N950, I’d be surprised if it didn’t perform better than the Sony in terms of immersive sound.

  • No local stock at TGG so called JB Hifi and price matched

  • Excellent price. I had JB price match TGG Commercial price of $1274 a couple of months ago and was so happy with that at the time.

  • The N950 for around $950. That’s more like it :)

  • Picked one up. Thanks OP

  • Installed mine today, absolutely rubbish.

    Rear speakers literally have no sound.
    Side and updating speakers don't do anything.

    Subwoofer was dead out of box.

    Foxtel and normal tv are useless for Atmos speakers.

    Returning it and just buying the Bose 700 like I was first going to.

    • Did you try adjusting the settings on the soundbar and change it to surround??
      Also subwoofer response can be increased from settings!

      • Yeah all that.

        Sub connects then no sound. Then all of a sudden bang bang bang. Then nothing and randomly does this every 30 seconds.

    • +3

      Foxtel and normal tv are useless for Atmos speakers.

      well yeah if you aren't playing content with atmos audio it's not going to use the upfiring speakers. Obviously going to be useless if you're mainly using it for foxtel and FTA rubbish. It's still a good 5.1 surround sound setup for a soundbar.

      This and the bose 700 are pretty different use cases. Sounds like it would be more appropriate for you. The 950 is better suited for when you need better audio support from 4k movies & netflix etc.

      • Yeah agree.

        Thought I'd try at the price.

        Sub was doa anyways.

        Rears literally can't hear a thing. This is from front firing.

        Top I didn't expect anything.

    • Was planning on heading out to get one today but this tipped it over the edge for me..
      Ended up buying another MS650 FOR $320 from GG.
      Let us know your thoughts when you pickup your replacement Agechamp!

      • +1

        Cashed out for a Bose 700 package.

        Wow. For what I need, Foxtel, Netflix and music.

        Worlds apart.

        • I have similar thoughts about returning the Samsung. How open were they to you returning it. I'm worried they'll reject it as for me it's just a change of mind.

          • +1

            @pat_mac: Well I called Samsung saying the sub was stuffed. Demanding a refund.

            They gave me a reference number.

            Gave that to good guys and within 5 mins I was out.

            The reference number is a must so tgg don't need to chase Samsung.

            • @Agechamp: Did you set up the system in order as per the instructions? It’s quite clear you need to turn each piece on in the following order: subwoofer, rear speakers then lastly the soundbar itself. I had made the mistake setting it up the first time by turning the soundbar on first, and the rear speakers and subwoofer would keep dropping out or make no sound at all.

              • @Ebaygiftcards: Sure did.

                Even did the manual sync etc.

                Minimal sound from rears even at +6
                Subwoofer would have no noise then all of a sudden bang and pop constantly, then stop and repeat randomly.

                Tried troubleshooting through Samsung also.

                Just gave up and bought the Bose.

                • +1

                  @Agechamp: I see. Mine seems to be working ok so far. I guess your unit was faulty. How much did you spend on the Bose 700 package? $1800+?

                  • @Ebaygiftcards: 1830.

                    I was always leaning to the Bose as the Samsung is just too large all over.

                    But saw the price and just gave it a crack.

                    • +1

                      @Agechamp: Nice. Congrats on your purchase. Did rears come included for that price too?

  • Picked up for $1098 at JB Top Ryde. They couldn't/wouldn't price match but I had a tonne of vouchers to use

  • +1

    Seems like all out of stock for Click and Collect in VIC.

    • +1

      Not really, just the usual anti-consumer practice from TGG, u know… price jacking, fake out of stock, etc…
      just anything to avoid these 20% ebay promotions really.
      most my TGG local stores have dozens in stock yet ebay has nothing

      • If it's really in stock then I wonder if you could buy it direct from the local stores for the same price.

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