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Samsung HW-N950/XY 7.1.4ch Dolby Atmos Soundbar $956 + Shipping / C&C @ The Good Guys eBay


Been looking at this soundbar for a while.
Havent seen it below $1000 so far.

possibly the lowest price ever.
Got one for myself.


Original PGUYS20 20% off Storewide at The Good Guys on eBay Deal Post

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          I asked a similar question and got this reply back:

          "Thank you for your enquiry.

          Unfortunately The Good Guys eBay site and The Good Guys website operate on different stock levels, where stock may show on The Good Guys website, does not mean this stock is available on The Good Guys eBay.

          We are unfortunately unable to alter these levels for yourself to complete a purchase.

          Apologies for any inconvenience."

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            @lachhelix: same deal at local tgg so price matched at jb, picked up same day

            • @bluesteel: how did u get them to price match?

            • @bluesteel: Well done mate. You got lucky because they usually don't match eBay prices and my failed attempt yesterday also confirms that.

              • @tof: Sorry to hear, you could try other stores and use my reciept

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            @lachhelix: funny how Bing Lee never have the same issue with their eBay store…

  • Any suggestions on player to compliment atmos?

  • For those who took advantage of this deal and have already set up their soundbar, how did you guys set it up to play Dolby Atmos content or even normal streaming/contents? I have a CC Ultra and PS4 Pro and non Dolby Atmos TV, so it's been a real pain trying to get this Dolby Atmos going.

    From what I understand and do correct me if I'm wrong, Dolby Atmos works only if:
    1. Your TV supports Atmos via ARC (or eARC). Most TVs don't.
    2. Your component supports with Dolby Atmos (AV receivers/XBox One/Nvidia Shield)
    3. The content is in Dolby Atmos (there's not that many, really)

    Dolby Atmos does not work with:
    - built in TV apps such as Youtube/Netflix/Stan/Prime
    - PS4 Pro
    - most android TV boxes except the Shield
    - Chromecast

    I did manage to play some Dolby Atmos content via my laptop (with Dolby Access installed and activated) connected to the HDMI input on the Soundbar. I can confirm that Atmos works with the Dolby Access app samples and Netflix titles with Atmos support (ie. Bird Box/Okja) but for some reason HDR does not display on the TV when connected this way. Not sure why.

    I also played some GOT on VLC and there was significant improvement over casting it to CC/the TV. The rears actually worked well in most scenes when laptop is plugged into the HDMI In.

    Everything sounds amazing when Atmos content is played - rears are loud and clear and the upwards/side firing speakers do really immerse you into the scene.

    However I must say, with the very limited/restrictive content and the trouble of setting up the sound correctly, I'm not sure if the soundbar is worth the trouble and $$. Don't get me wrong, this system produces some really great sound but I would imagine most users who buy a soundbar over a traditional home theatre set up would expect such a system to be simple plug and play? For free to air TV/Youtube/Netflix it'll be really hard to justify this purchase really..

    Having said all the above, I'm in the market for an Nvidia Shield without controller so if anyone is selling one hit me up.. lol

    • I have a Samsung MU7000 - Atmos is supported on the built-in Amazon Prime app (Jack Ryan - the only Atmos content on Prime), but not the built-in Netflix App.

      I have the soundbar connected via HDMI ARC to the TV, then my PS4 Pro and Xbox One S to the soundbar. Atmos works on the One S (supported games, the Netflix app, Blu-Rays and VLC) and they are testing Atmos up-converting for non-Atmos content (expect it to be rolled out by the US summer). As you have discovered the PS4 Pro does not support Atmos, which is a bit disappointing.

      I think the main issue is uncompressed Atmos can only be passed via eARC which neither my TV nor the n950 support (but it's less of an issue for streaming atmos as it's always compressed - the fact that the Netflix app isn't supported is a Netflix/coding issue rather than any inherent limitation of the TV).

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      Sounds like you should have looked into this before buying the soundbar?

      I bought it because I had multiple (NVidia Shield, Xbox One S, Apple TV 4k) devices that supported Atmos.

      The Apple TV 4K alone probably has the most Atmos content, but the dream combination (for playing digital files, not disks) is the Apple TV plus the Shield.

      • I do admit I probably should have looked into it better, but certainly no buyers remorse.

        My post would hopefully help potential/recent buyers understand the limitations of the soundbar and help them get the most of it.

        I truly enjoy the sound coming out from this soundbar, it's quite amazing how everything sounds when they're all connected properly. Just wish everything just worked out of the box but I guess there's always a compromise somewhere.

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          I feel your pain to be fair, its frustrating when you play for example a 5.1 movie, but it barely uses any speakers except for the front 2.

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          It works out of the box provided you have the correct devices. My B8 lg oled passes lossy atmos over arc to the soundbar from built in apps like netflix & jack ryan on amazon prime. That was plug n play.

          I also have a nvidia shield which supports atmos audio from my own library via plex or kodi. You're issues aren't limitations of the soundbar lol. You need atmos supported devices and content for it to play it, no different to buying a hi-fi receiver too. I thought that was common sense.

          Regardless, even without atmos. It's probably the best soundbar you can get even as a 5.1 surround setup.

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        Just a heads up:
        NVidia Shield TV is not support by Netflix for Atmos.


        • Yeah mate. It’s a bummer.

  • Next time this gets close to $1k, I’m getting one

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