Fly Qantas - East Coast Australia to Los Angeles, Return from Santiago (Chile) from $1175 Tax Inclusive


Qantas have multi flight (open jaw) deals in via US and out via South America which is perfect for those planning on visiting the US, Central America and South America.
Fly from Melbourne or Sydney to Los Angeles in late May returning home from Santiago, Chile in June or July from as low as $1175 including taxes.

Flight deals were found via Momondo.
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We've also found an awesome multi flight deal which works perfect with the above from LA, USA to San Jose, Costa Rica to Lima, Peru and to Santiago, Chile from a low $627 AUD

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    Same dates work from Brisbane as well, so not just Sydney and Melbourne.

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    Beware the reciprocity fee if you enter Chile from the International Airport in Santiago, 160 USD


      Is there an alternative? (ie can you avoid this fee somehow?)

      • +1 vote

        Qantas website implies it's not specific to Santiago Airport, it's just if you're Australian and trying to get into Chile.

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        Plan your trip so that you cross a land border into Chile rather than flying, eg from Argentina, Peru or Bolivia.

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        Yes, this fee can ONLY be avoided if you enter Chile via a land border or by ship. You definitely pay it if you enter at SCL. However, I am not sure if it is still payable if you enter Chile by air at other non SCL airports-there aren’t many but there are some (e.g. LSC has some international flights to Cordova and/or Mendoza I think.

        Ok, so why does Chile charge this to only Australian passport holders? ANSWER is in the name-because Australia charges the same to Chileans entering Australia-go figure!!


    anything to south america in november?!


      This sale is for Melbourne or Sydney to Los Angeles in late May returning home from Santiago, Chile in June or July.

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    This isn’t a great deal.
    You still have to make your own way from LA to Chile. They aren’t exactly close.

    Open jaw Paris/London makes more sense.

    People might not be aware that it doesn’t include the LA to Chile leg.

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      IKR. It is only an 80 hour drive, just shy of 7000 kms, from LA to Panama City. That gets you almost half way to Santiago. Lol It is too far (or crazy) for Google maps to even process the entire journey.

      Put another way, Alice Springs to Hawaii is closer than LA to Chile. Lol

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