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[XB1] Forza Horizon 4 $28 | Forza Motorsport 6 $12.80 | FIFA 18/Just Cause 3/NBA2K18 $8 Each Delivered @ Microsoft eBay


Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm LTE Black $399.20 | Rose Gold $399.20. This is a ripper deal having been recently on sale for $499 Out of stock!

FIFA 18 $8

Just Cause 3 $8

NBA 2K18 $8

Logitech G920 Racing Wheel $280

[XB1] Forza Horizon 4 - Standard Edition $28 Delivered

Seems to be a great price for this game. Hasn't been under $30 for a while. Cheapest was for $25, but limited to Costco members.

Amazon $65

Original PMIC20 20% off Storewide at Microsoft on eBay Deal Post

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  • The black Galaxy Watch is already showing as out of stock for me unfortunately.

  • Has anyone tried the racing wheel? Worth getting for someone who likes car racing games?

    • I personally used to own the g27 and apparently this wheel is basically the same so I can vouch for it being a good experience. Especially at this price. The next step up would be a thrustmaster t300rs as it is belt driven and will give smoother forcefeedback, and then up from there is probably the fanatec csl elite which is like a $800 wheel and the one that I use currently. IMO it isn't worth $500 more than this logitech wheel unless your a real racing enthusiast so for casual use, this is probably perfect. I also don't think I've seen this wheel under $300 very often so it's probably the best price you'll find for a while

      • Thanks for the quick response. I don't think I wanna spend that kinda money for a Fanatec. Not at this stage anyway. I may well get this.

    • Finding a suitable table (that works with the wheel) can be a challenge.
      Any good options?


      Great wheel with good force feedback. At $280 it’s a great deal. Just make sure you have a solid table or things may break. And it won’t be the wheel.

  • Is Forza Horizon 4 a step up from Forza Horizon 3?
    Still haven't played 3 yet.

    • At $28 I'd chance it. If its as good as FH3 then it should be fine. It should be.

      FH-FH3 were all decent.

    • +1 vote

      Excellent game but very much the same formula as 2 and 3. Just different setting.

    • I hadn't played any racing game since pre2013 until I bought the two latest forza games (PC). Horizon 4 has been really fun yet relaxing at the same time. There are some pretty ridiculous races and events but that's exactly what makes this game insanely fun. Would recommend anyone (even if you don't play racing games like me) to buy.

    • I wouldn't consider myself a car racing fan, I got FH4 with the Xbox One X Gold Rush deal on Black Friday.

      I was looking for a casual game to play inbetween more serious games, and I think I've sunk about 30+ hours, really sucked me in! Lots of fun, highly recommend playing.

    • I prefer it over FH3 and if you own an X then you get 60fps whereas FH3 is stuck at 30fps.

  • Can you buy the Xbox version of a Microsoft Game and redeem it on the Microsoft store for the PC version?

    • Only if it's the digital version. Physical copies won't work on PC.

      • I'll be honest, from the listing I actually can't tell if this is a digital or physical copy lol
        There's no description that I can see, for Horizon 4 I mean

  • Oh, Forza Horizon 4 is out of stock! :(

  • Damn FH4 didn't last long. I really wanted it for $28

  • Just Cause 3 out of stock

  • Anyone know if the fifa and nba games are discs or online?

  • Logitech G920 Racing Wheel out of stock

  • It looks like Forza Horizon 4 is back in stock now!

    • Yes just purchased… Nearly spent $65 on it yesterday so happy I waited. Although I could have saved $80 and bought the console as part of this special but hey, you win some and you lose some

  • Is there a limit to the amount of times you can use the code? It says I've already applied the code to another order.

    Edit: NVM, limit of 3 it seems. Should've made them all in the same purchase.

  • Forza has been in and out of stock quite a few times now. I was able to get one 30 mins ago.

  • Forza back instock at $35, still a good price