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YouTube Premium INR 129/Month (~AU $2.63) via YouTube India (VPN Required)


Hello all,
Google has finally launched Youtube Premium in India for INR 129(AUD ~2.60) and Family Membership for INR 189 (AUD ~3.80).
Comes with Youtube Music, No Ads in Youtube as well as Google Play Music.


This cost cheaper that was posted earlier for using Russian subscription option posted here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/414890

I have signed up after cancelling Russian plan with my Macquarie Debit card so no conversion charges.

Everything included in post by @Dealbot applies here too.

Youtube Premium will give you access to -
• Ad-free videos: Watch videos without interruptions
• Save offline: Save videos and songs on your mobile device to watch offline
• Background play: Keep videos or music playing when using other apps or when your screen’s off
• Audio mode: Listen to audio only on the YouTube Music app
• Google Play Music Subscription (when available in your country) is included at no additional cost

Current pricing is $14.99 per month in Australia. This workaround should work for new and existing customers.

Again, the trick to making this work is having access to a VPN service. If you're signed up to one then the rest of the process should be fairly simple.

Instructions -
1. Connect a VPN to the server India (I connected to Bangalore)
2. Click on Paid Memberships(youtube.com), then click on Learn more.

  1. Enter Indian address and pay by credit card.

Termination takes place under this link(music.youtube.com)
Example of a India Address :

Name :
Address line : My Place
Town/City : Mumbai
Postcode : 400070
State : Maharashtra

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            @illumination: Guarantee I would not have bought it unless at this price. The extra content has little value and it's really only getting rid of ads, which I had 3 in a row which made me buy this.

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            @giventofly: Well given this sub is with YouTube the worst the TOS mentions is termination of your YouTube account, not your Google Account.

            They could be stricter than Google, but then that's a loss of revenue they wouldn't have had before and won't get back again after they ban you.

  • I signed up for 189 family subscription but can't seem to add any members. It says that they are not in the same country but I'm using a VPN to India already

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      I had an existing Aussie family subscription. When i cancelled that one and moved over to Russia and now India it allowed me to bring my family group with me.

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    Family members don’t need to changed location (vpn off) just accept invitation straight away.

    • Which doesn’t work for a lot of people, me included. I could only accept the invite for the other five accounts once connected to the VPN. Without the VPN I kept getting the different region error.

      • Mine all worked, just clicked the link

    • This worked for me. Thanks

  • Just changed from Russian to indian, thanks a bunch.

  • Woot Woot! Thank OP. Worked perfectly

  • Those on Russian… How long were you signed up?

  • I've VPN'd to India (same as what I use for 7-eleven app) but it still shows that that youtube is $14.99/month… what am I doing wrong?

    • Have you tried a different VPN? People have been reporting that Tunnelbear worked well, I personally used Windscribe.

    • +1

      try another VPN, purevpn didn't work but expressvpn worked.

      • Great thanks, i’ll try that.

        • Alternatively, you could try Tunnelbear or Windscribe, both of those work as well :)

    • which one you use for 7eleven ?

  • Cheers, worked easy

  • Worked a treat. $2.63 for ad free YouTube on the iPad and Xbox is bloody brilliant.

    Top work OP

  • Family groups aren't available for G Suite accounts
    Bummer my "family" are all on Legacy GSuite accounts
    Any tips?

    • Same here I have family on legacy account for everything google.

  • Avira worked great for me. Thanks op. Are there any similar VPN hacks for cloud storage?

  • How long that price will last for?

    • +1

      Should be forever, unless they ban you.

  • Worked for me but had to create a new gmail account as the old one was stubborn and wouldn't work with any addresses.

  • Regarding the family plan (Either India or Russia) did anyone have difficulties as the family manager sharing the plan to the family members?
    Do the family members also need to have the Russian/Indian payment profile?
    In the past I tried to share my google drive storage (however this was purchased on USA payment profile) and I would get errors saying I could do sure because I am not in the same country (since the payment profiles were different)

    • Nup worked for my 2 family members

  • My Google Play Music stations have changed to Indian only. I think I'm going back to Aussie version.

    • +7

      You don't like Indian music?

  • +1

    Worked Great. I think we can do the same thing for JioSaavn Pro if you listen to Indian Music. Via VPN the costs comes to 2$ per month as opposed to 7$ per month.

    • Yeah.. cheaper plans there, This is good for people on Optus as it offers Data free streaming for Google music, spotify :D

  • Worked fine for me! I used PIA to VPN to India, googled the address of The Janpath Hotel in Delhi and used that as my address.

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    FYI after reading through 7 pages of comments for instructions and tips :-)

    I signed up using Indian VPN (PIA) for my Dad as the Family manager seeing as you he does not use Google Music.

    Googled a Hotel's address in Mumbai as payment address.

    I added my mum's Gmail to the family. When her account tried to join, it also popped up error others have noticed, i.e. Different country.

    Hence I googled "Google Pay" and went into the Google Pay settings (based on recommendations read in comments), Changed location and address to Australia.

    She then was able to join the family.

    Hopefully, after the free 1-month trial we received, we do not get charged the Australian price.

    I checked the YT subscription settings and it still says the Indian recurring price:

    YouTube Premium
    Family membership
    First billing date: 19 Apr 2019
    Billed with Mastercard •••• ****

    I can confirm that both my Dad's (family manager) and mum's Google Music is populated with Indian Music.

    I added 4 other family members. They signed up for ad-free Youtube. I don't think they really care about Google Music.

    I myself am already a family manager and we pay the grandfathered price of $17.99 per month, i.e. $3 each. I am happy to pay $3 to keep my Google Music recommendations normal.

    Hope this is of some help.

    • You should try YouTube music.

    • ", Changed location and address to Australia."

      Do you mean changed to India? I am trying to add family members' accounts (Australian gmail/play accounts) and getting the error.

  • thank you, OP and SnowDragon!

  • nice! got charged $2.65. Hilton hotel new delhi :D

    • Great. Hugs thanks OP

  • For someone who doesn't use Youtube Music, seldom watch video on mobile devices, and also has AD block extension on the browser…

    Should I just say goodbye to YouTube Premium…

    Or any other features you guys high recommend?


    • Well, for a couple of bucks a month I'm okay to pay even if I rarely watch videos on my mobile device. Plus you get access to YouTube Originals if there's ever one you want to watch.

      • Yeah. Thanks.
        Just no only the money but also the time we have to spend to pay this service, like VPN, India address

        • Only took 5 minutes for me, though I already have a VPN installed, and I watch a few Youtube videos a day, so I don't mind spending a couple of bucks a month to get no ads.

        • Takes longer to drink a hot coffee. It's once off.

  • Got it working using PIA. Much easier then the Netflix Turkish hack.

  • Is it possible for two gmail accounts to sign up for the 3 months trial. Then at the end of 3 months, sign up for the family account with 1 of this gmail as family manager, and add the 2nd gmail as family member? Is that allow?

  • Got a feeling that Youtube will suddenly get notification surge of subscription from India!

    • +3

      Should blend in with the rest of India

    • +4

      Australia population 24M. India population 1.3B (1300M)

      Even if every Australia sign up this way, is only 1.8%. Don't think YouTube will even notice that.

      • +3

        Agreed. But with insanely simple algorithms, they could knock off any % they want, within an hour.

        They're GOOGLE, PEOPLE!

        So use this great deal, while they allow us too. It's awesome & dirt cheap. They know day-to-day what business profile they're running. 10x more capable than Microsoft for live data. For as long as we've known them, world domination is their MO. So stop overthinking it & enjoy.

        If this is risky to you, please don't enter a kitchen, or leave the house.

        • Ha ha. Love your post. Especially the last line! :) :0

  • Didn't ask for address, only state. Bizarre.

    • Yep same here

  • Keeps asking for an Indian mobile number to verify. Anyone know a work around?

  • +1

    Spent an hour trying to add second account to Family Group. $3.88/month for the two of us. Thank you!

  • Guys how do I join the family group? Keep getting country not the same issue here. Tried Tunnelbear, VPN Unlimited, NordVPN, all failed to join the family account :(

    • Were you able to fix it?

      • 1 account got linked, 2 other having issue. Still looking for solution.

  • Woohoo!!!! Finally! Success! Sick and tired of 'em commercials and now it's good riddance to them. Thank you OP and SnowDragon for the address. Tried the Russian one before with no joy. This time, it went so easily that I couldn't believe it.

    Only thing though, it says that my billing starts on 30 April and yet Google has charged me INR 129 right away. Oh well, still great though.

  • i only see the option for '1 month free trial' when purchasing? id prefer to pay up front for a longer period to not have to mess around again… can you purchase 6months or a year?

  • question - i created a dummy account then invited my normal account to join which worked fine. BUT now my normal account is clearly linked to india…..when i search STAN for instance on google play, it says its not available in your country - same for the active april app. How do i unlink this and switch the play store back to australia? None of my addresses are indian, i cant see anything relating to india actually except for the subscription itself….help!

    • Hey did you figure this out? I'm having the same issue?

  • Great find. Used ExpressVPN with free 7 day trial on iOS.

  • My account all of a sudden is showing ads and not letting me download videos to watch offline. Anyone else having any issues? Seems like they might be cracking down on it?

  • -1

    Price went up to INR 169 for individual and INR 249 for Family

  • Why is this expired??

    • -1

      Agreed… Still says 129 for me…

    • The YouTube premium is 169, what you see as 129 is only Music premium (which OP had posted as INR 99)
      Family membership also gone up to INR 249

  • hi all,

    Is it possible to add family members/friends from a different country? (not in OZ)?

    • +1

      If you change their payment (google pay) country to same as yours (India in this case) you should be able to add them

  • +1

    Does anyone still have the 'Looks like you're in a different country than the family manager' issue?

    To get around it, you need to go to Google Account and create a Payments profile in India!

  • youtube red/you originals working okay with this?

    • +1


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