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Google Pixel Stand Wireless Charger $99 @ Harvey Norman


Harvey Norman is selling the Google Pixel Stand for $99, RRP is $119.

Still pricey, but not many options available for a Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL fast wireless charger.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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      The Pixel 3 will only charge at 10W if you use a certified wireless charger (i.e. the Pixel Stand or the Belkin BOOST UP charger) - other wireless chargers (even if rated at 10W) will only charge at 5W.

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        Seriously? I wasn't aware of that, that's really anti-consumer. Even Apple doesn't do that, though their phones are much more expensive I guess.

        That's pretty scummy, locking a common feature behind an optional proprietary hardware add-on.

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          What's really scummy is that they're charging Apple prices for Google quality products.

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      Step 1: Never buy any Apple hardware.
      Step 2: Live an unripped off life.

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        I loathe iOS but I would rather shell out the monies for an iOS device than something made by Google. Plethora of software bugs ruin their phones.

        • The camera is brilliant though.

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          I loathe Android but I would rather shell out the monies for an Android device than something made by Apple. Plethora of software bugs ruin their phones.


  • damn, I just paid mine from Telstra online but for $108 with afterpay though.

  • I just went and bought 2 X 10W chargers (not these stands)…bugger about the 5W max #ShouldaDoneMyResearch

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      Yeah, it came as a surprise to me too. It's really scummy of them to lock that behind their proprietary charger, especially when it retails at literally 9 or 10 times the price of a third-party's one.

      • These were the ones I bought…$28 for two slow boats to China

        • Ah, bummer. If you've just bought them, you might have luck in getting a refund?

          That's if you really want 10W charging. For me, a wireless charger is a handy thing to have, you just chuck your phone down when you get home from work etc, then leave it there for a while. Also overnight charging, so it'll be there for a while and doesn't need to be blazing fast charging.

          If I was to use a Pixel, I'd probably just use a third party charger and suffer the 5W charging. To me, it's not worth paying 4x the price for 10W wireless charging. If I wanted fast charging, I'd go wired.

      • Copying apple's invention with certified cables…

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          Difference is Apple doesn't throttle charging speed with non-certified cables..

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            @Zazer: No, they fully block it

            • @dosada: Huh, really? Never had an issue with non-genuine cables off eBay. My bad.

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    I love my pixel stand. Many uses, it's not just a charger.

    • Where do you use it?

      Bedside desk or somewhere else ?

  • Lounge room.
    I use it as a Google photos album display, also use the assistant to control TV/Kodi/ lights and air con whilst charging phone.

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    Oh its a charging stand. Image represents something I never thought i'd see on ozbargain

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