Sony Wireless Home Speaker with Google Assistant (Black/White) $119 Delivered from Sony


Similar price drop as everywhere else. But this has white as a cheaper option as well.

Also 2% cashback on cashrewards/shopback.

thanks to savedbytheson:
For free delivery - just make an account on sony website.

Thanks to Plasticspaceman:
and don't forget the spend $300/$600 and get $50/$100 back via Amex (eg if you managed to collect those on your card…..

Update: White is Expired
update: white is back

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    Thought this was a dupe but good find. Maybe post a comment in the other thread about this??

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    …and don't forget the spend $300/$600 and get $50/$100 back via Amex (eg if you managed to collect those on your card…..


      Anyone can suggest any other bargains available to get the total spend to $300/$600 as per the AMEX deal?


        Better question: do these stack?

        Can always get camera gear or TV or phone. We've 7/8 weeks for a good bargain to come up.


      does this mean if I pay this at $119 and I will get $50 back from amex? so potentially the price is $69?

      nvm.. i understand now..spend $300 and get $50, spend $600 and get $100

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    As far as i know delivery is free if you register. also i have unused $10 voucher NPSAU10-6H7D-73TV-STXW-MLMP6 first in first serve! expiry is 31st March 2019


    How do these work as multimedia speakers?

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      Just got one yesterday - they support bluetooth, chromecast, etc. and appear to work well - the sound quality is acceptable for size of device, but not great….spoken stuff is fantastic though. Set it up with sensibo sky to control air con and used the india youtube premium offer on here for music streaming service - could cast to tv instantly for youtube, etc. overall it's a good device at the price..


    When I add to cart, it shows as full price.

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    Got this from the JB deal. It looks the part but the sound is junk, simply no meat on dem bones. For the $100 it’s just passible, but the original price is simply highway robbery.


      How does it compare to say the google home mini speaker?


      compared to what? I have one, I think it's pretty good for the money you pay. Compared to a google home or similar.

      It's great for the kitchen or living room. You're not going to have an underground club experience with these, but that's not what you're buying it for.


        Thanks. Just bought one. I’ve got the hub and two minis around the house which is great for background music. Adding this for if I want to turn it up a bit more or add more coverage. Not expecting the world from it.


      I agree for full price its not up to standard with the sound quality, but for an everyday convenience speaker set up in a smaller room (eg. bedroom), the SQ is ample.


    Just bought one. I'm not expecting amazing sound quality for $119, I'm more interested in having something small and convenient to listen to podcasts on. Seems reasonable for the current price. If I want good sound I've got other, much more expensive speakers for that purpose.

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    I have returned this. There is nothing pleasurable in listening to the poor sound this outputs. Some seem to be ok with it, either expectations vary wildly, or the product itself veries from one to another. Life’s too short.


    I've got a $50 voucher from a recent camera purchase and thought someone might like to use it otherwise it will go unused! Expires March 31

    Hopefully someone gets some use out of it ❤️


      thanks. but did someone use it? can't make it to work. does it have mysony at start?


        No worries, maybe try 50 using numbers instead of 5O with an o:

        I've just used Googe lens to grab the code from a photo! I think it does have mysony at the start. Hopefully that works for you now

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