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Sony 55" $1799 | 65" $2799 A8F 4K HDR OLED TV with Dolby Vision and Acoustic Surface (Box Damaged) Delivered @ Sony eBay


Hey guys.
Great price for these OLED TVs

$100 cheaper than previous deal for 65".

55" is $1799 Delivered here (Thanks 303-Acid)

Update: 55" and 65" back in stock. (Thanks bboughton and Rupture)

Original PROGRAM20 20% off Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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  • Just make sure you take it out of the box properly…

  • OMG. I just purchased LG b8 55inch OLED from TGG ebay dead and now I see sony OLED 55inch for similar price. Don't tell me sony OLED is way better than LG

  • still seems a bit of risk, as the description says item itself can be damaged and you have no recourse for warranty or refund

    • The description might say that but they have it listed as New Never Used and "AS NEW: This item may have damaged carton. It is an unused & undamaged item in its original packaging." Between all of that, you have plenty of recourse but OLEDs are fragile, you probably want to record your unboxing and box opening to be 100% and read the instructions for removal from box and assembly first.

    • Australian Consumer Law's got your back here. Any reasonable person would expect a "box damaged" product to contain a perfectly good product inside, and the only problem being cosmetic issues with the packaging.

      • That's good to know. I am gun shy having had a major issue with Fisher and Paykel not fullfilling their warranty for a 4 month $4000 induction cooktop and consumer affairs said cant help you, go to your builder!!

  • Will probably get the next gen version of this OLED range when they drop to these prices. Good to see they are a feasible purchase by not just the wealthy!

    • Wealthy people probably wouldn't buy it. You don't become wealthy by purchasing expensive appliances that only ever depreciate …

      • I think you have wealthy confused with barely rich

      • I somewhat agree with that. Many of my clients I deal with on a daily basis are worth 10's/100's of millions and one's a billionaire.
        Most of them have pretty conservative TV's.

        • I remember when colour tvs were introduced the suburb with the highest uptake in Australia after six months was Redfern. When it wasn’t as gentrified as it is now :)

          • @entropysbane: Your going back a long way there!

            It reminds me of the council estates in England. Rows and rows of paid subscription satellite tv dishes on their housing commission houses but no carpet on the floors.
            Rich and poor people's priorities are different.
            Expensive TV's don't appreciate in value. Not like high yeild investment performance cars!

        • This could be because people who have that sort of money tend to be older and have less interest in the latest tech, or due to being too busy running a business to be watching much television. But diji1's comment is ridiculous, how many wealthy people do you see getting around in a cheap car…

        • Whoa. What industry do you work in, I'm curious

          • @captaincabinets: I own a garden maintenance company. We service the high end properties in the Eastern Suburbs and Lower North shore of Sydney.

            Most of my clients are very wealthy and I've known many of them for years. It's interesting to see inside their houses, how they live and how they spend money.

            • @DeepPocketsShortArms: Nice one, thanks for the reply. How do they treat you, if you don't mind me asking? My biases say they'd be rude to people who serve them but maybe that's just the stereotype.

              • @captaincabinets: The very wealthy ones have always been awesome. They take the time to learn the name of all of my team members and are very friendly. Over the years I've become friends with a couple of them and one is even godfather to my son.

                The quite wealthy but not filthy rich ones are hit and miss. The absolute worst are housewives that have married into money. I have fired a few of those clients over the years.

                I also worked for some old money back in the UK, some dukes and duchesses. They were really decent people as well.

  • I bought a Sony Seconds A1 55" July last year. Still going strong with approx 3-5 hours use everyday for Netflix/Youtube/Stan.

    Wrote a review about it. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/391914

  • Thanks.
    Pulled the trigger on a 55" A8F for $1799 delivered.

    Was between this and the B8 but no B8's are up for sale at the minute.
    I have an nVidia Shield box, so all i care about is the picture quality :)

    Hopefully will get to be by Friday

    EDIT: The one i bought was a Box Damaged one

  • Thanks in advance guys. I'm considering the 55" for $1799, was gonna wait for A9F/B9 but considering they will be 2x the price of this I'm not sure if it will be worth it. I will mainly game on it PS4 pro/XB1X/1080Ti. what do you all think, get this or wait?!

    • I recently purchased the A8F 55" and game on a Pro and 1080ti too, my old 4k tv had near 50-100% more input lag of this TV and was not extremely noticeable. Cannot comment on picture though as never owned HDR or sony tv

  • Am I reading this correct? It's listed as $3099…

    $3099 take 20% is $2479

  • Thinking about pulling the trigger but bit concerned about the actual condition of this as it says this:

    AS NEW: This item may have damaged carton. It is an unused & undamaged item in its original packaging

    But then in the eBay item description it says:

    "Refurbished: This item is manufacturer refurbished, has been professionally tested and approved by Sony. Great news! Our policy is simple We do not allow for change of mind."

    So which is it? If it is refurbished and not brand new then I'm not interested.

    • You should be worried. Their eBay feedback used to be even worse than it is now, especially for seconds.

    • Where does it say it's refurbished?

      Note that Sony Australia eBay has 2 65" A8F listed, you may be looking at the refurbished one.

      • I noticed in mobile view it also says refurbished in the short description. Then when you click on it for full description it says damaged box. Dunno

    • I bought the 65” from the last deal. The tv I was sent was definitely brand new and the box was in perfect condition.

    • I got in on the last deal.

      Everything brand new, and the box didn't even have a scratch on it.
      They are just clearing stock.

    • I'm in the market for a 65 inch tv. I'm giving this a miss though as I don't want to take the chance of it being damaged or refurbished. I can't be dealing with the hassles of having to send it back and trying to get my money back if there's a problem. It's too much money to risk.

      • i heard ppl say they're just clearing stock, and add a box damaged to avoid upsetting retailers because they are severely uncutting e.g. jb hi fi ($3.5k for 55''). think about it, why would they have so many damaged boxes? i'd definitely buy one if i didn't already have a tv.

  • I have not bought a TV in Australia and am looking to buy one, which is better, the Sony OLED 65" or LG OLED 65"?

    • They are both good tv's and both highly rated. Look at RTINGS comparison (https://www.rtings.com/tv/tools/compare/sony-a8f-vs-lg-b8/60...) and do your own research.

      But since i've spent ages researching these recently before landing on the B8, in a nutshell the Sonys strength comes down to:
      a) A8F has better tv speaker sound. So if you aren't using a soundbar or external speakers/hts this would be a consideration.
      b) upscaling. Sony edges out the LG on image processing which is can be notable in lower res content (eg content under 1080p).

      Conversely if you intend to game than the lower input lag time of the LG would be a strong consideration.

      None of the above were a concern for me and pq on both looked good so what cinched the deal for the LG was partly better price and the software. Playing with the Sony instore I found the Android OS to be a laggy mess, actually put me off. Sony's delays with getting oreo out didn't do it any favours.

      • Thank you, Osiris. I do appreciate your feedback and have found some reviews but not at the above website. Will look at it today and go to one of the local stores here. Unfortunately, we don't have a Costco nearby.

  • I don't need this…I don't need this…I don't need this…I don't need this…I don't need this…

  • Currently in the process or calibrating my 65”
    If anyone has experience with OLED calibration could you please pm me. I’m okay with calibration. But not sure on OLED.
    Using i1 pro colorimeter

  • Thanks for the post OP. Was thinking of upgrading my TV. Perfect Timing.
    Is it worth getting the "6 month breakdown cover from Virginia Surety - AU $287.86"?

  • Anyone know how delivery works with orders this size? My 55 inch is due to be delivered Friday, but I'll be work. Any way to reschedule?

    • I think they're taken back to your nearest Toll depot then they'll come again on another business day.

      Carrier is toll right? Haven't ordered from Sony eBay in a while.

    • I spoke to Sony this morning. Email said being sent via Toll but customer service confirmed it was actually sent via DHL. If yours is also via DHL you can check here view.dhl.com
      They said I would receive a phone call to book in delivery time.

  • I bought one. Can anyone comment on the reported lag on Android TV? Has it been resolved with an update or better off with something like Apple TV?

  • +2 votes

    I just got this delivered on Friday, very happy with the purchase! I was expecting a damaged box being delivered or something that has been opened and closed back. To my surprise, even the box looks brand new with everything sealed properly. Can't see any damage anywhere, not even a cosmetic damage, and it's up and running smoothly now. Just have to get used to the interface now, still figuring out how to navigate to all the functions in Android TV.

  • I'm really keen on one of these however I've been reading a bit about the Dolby Vision (DV) issues and washed out colours with external Netflix apps.
    It seems the DV implementation on this TV pushes some of the processing to the source device, so Dolby Vision HD Blu-Ray can only be watched from specific supported source devices such as some Sony players.
    Apple TV supports Sony's DV profile however there's been lots of people claiming issues with really dim screens and washed out colours.

    Would really appreciate if anyone could add to this with their experiences. Love the idea of this TV for the image processing quality, it would just be such a letdown to be unable to use external sources for Dolby Vision to their full potential. It's all starting to suffer from analysis paralysis…

  • I am keen on this but unsure whether to get this in 65” or the A9F. Would it be worth paying atleast an extra $1k+ for the A9 model?

    • Depends on what you value. If you are really into pq then the better colour volume and gradients may be important although whether you'd practically notice that in day to day use is debateable. If you're into gaming the lower input lag and 1080p 120hz capable display, could be of value. But more importantly, I'd also consider if that stand will work for you. Some people hate the stand on the A9F with the way the tv leans back and the way it works leaves no room for a sound bar in front.