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Sundried Leakproof Outdoor Sports Fitness & Gym Water Bottle 750ml $3.90 + Post (Free w Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Sundried Amazon AU


Just got a notification this bottle is on sale again. Not as cheap as the previous deal unfortunately but still fairly reasonably priced.

I've been using this bottle for about 6 months now and it still looks great. Light, easy to wash and won't shatter if you drop it. Has been great to take to the gym.

Some users have reported the silicon mouthpiece smells. I've found that you just have to wash it well, and let it fully dry for about a day before using it and the silicon smell should go away.

Delivery is Free with Amazon Prime

Our BPA free Tritan polymer feels and tastes like glass while giving you the lightweight safety and ease of use of a chemical free plastic bottle Tritan's patented state of the art polymer makes our water bottle tough enough to stand up to even the most rigorous demands while remaining free of harmful chemicals or byproduct

The Sundried sports bottle with its silicone drinking area for a smooth, drip free drink. 100% leak proof lid to prevent leaks and spills with screwed up. It's a must have sport water bottle for the Gym, Yoga, Runners, Athletes, MMA, Crossfit, Travel, Hiking, Cycling, Tennis, Camping, Work Office, School, Canteens, Work

Our bottles are made from 100% Toxin Free Tritan Co-polyester plastic that is safe to your body and environmentally friendly. No more worrying about harmful chemicals such as BPA affecting your health, which are present in many water bottles. If you are looking for a bottle that is durable and safe, Sundried is the right choice!

The Sundried Sports Bottle ergonomic design is perfect in the hand and ultra stylish. Looks great, feels great
Stain, smell and shatter-resistant - Unlike dull, off the shelf water bottles, we designed the Sundried bottle to look and function better than any other water bottle! It is both stylish and convenient to use, and each bottle comes in its own Gift Box for a great present!

Mod Note: Updated Price with Coupon Code. - Credits to xbluedogx

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  • +1

    There is a discount applied ($1.30) automatically at the checkout. So only $5.20 delivered for prime member.

    • if you use the promocode provided, it brings it down to 3.90 with prime

  • +11

    Use code SUNTHIRTY for another 20% on top of the $1.30 discount

    Becomes $3.90

    • Yes great price with the added discount …..

  • +1

    Hi OP i'd put the extra discount code SUNTHIRTY in your heading.

  • +4

    Meh Voss is cheaper.

    • have you got a link please.

    • -1

      Ia Meh Voss a new brand?

    • Beware, not all the Voss comes in glass bottles now. Voss Still is now packed in plastic bottles. Sparkling and Flavoured are packed in glass bottles.

  • -1

    Getting a price of $3.25 delivered, with the code. Thanks, OP.

    • $3.25???

      I literally just bought it and it was $3.90

      • Yes, just checked again, $6.50 for two

        • I only bought the one.

        • Just tried to do a dummy order again…and got this;

          "The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase."

          Maybe one use per account for the discount or the code is over.

  • $3.90 it is…. Order placed

  • +4

    Just a little heads-up, it does make a slight squeaking noise when you open or close the bottle.
    That being said, this is a fantastic bottle to own.

    • Thanks my old one does that and it gives me the heebie jeebies

    • The squeak is the seal which stops it leaking.

  • +2

    The exact design of the Youfoodz bottle they used to give out

    • +1

      Is it the same deal with canned foods? Heard they are lined with plastic.

      • +1

        I would say so … since every mother-son companies are "BPA free" now. So to mass produce the "alternative" in that short period of time is questionable. Consider we, as consumer, rarely heard any "news" about it.

        Disclaimer: Im not expert, just an average bloke who dare to question.

    • +1

      Gee, can't win.

      • +2

        My thoughts exactly. Plastic seems to keep producing health problems (for the planet as a whole, and for our bodies specifically). Makes me suspect materials that pre-date it may be the way to go, like glass (e.g. Voss, as mentioned above), or for a few bucks more stainless steel (like the double-walled water bottles sold at Aldi as a $5.99 special buy recently, or in Kmart everyday).

        • Yep I've been using glass bottle for over a year now. I purchased 2 really good double-walled stainless stee water bottles on ebay. They only have the silicon ring around the cap.

          EDIT: It looks exactly like this. I bought it from different vendor though.

  • +1

    Tastes like glass.

    Righto then.

  • Waiting for a deal as i lost my old one…ordered 2 for $7.80

    Thanks OP

  • bought one for about the same price last time and I have no regrets. saying that the rubber part has a real weird smell that goes away eventually. It does have a slight squeak when opening.

    Edit: maybe I just got used to the smell? idk

    • +2

      yeah it has a disgusting smell I can't get used to

  • got one, thanks OP

  • Cheers OP, grabbed 2!

  • Bought two

  • So what makes this activewear?

    • +2

      It's aerodynamically designed

  • These are sturdy bottles, got one in the last deal for the wife, left it on the boot of the car as I left, it fell off, hit the road and rolled a bit till it stopped in the kerb, no cracks, even the lid stayed on.

    Good deal, bought two more.

  • These are great for kids, as they don't leak in their schoolbags.

  • Thanks got 2 for us to try

  • I've been using this bottle for about 6 months now and it still looks great

    I’m glad the looks hasn’t changed in 6 months. Sign of a quality water bottle.

  • +2

    Voss is glass, better that this plastic.

    • -1

      Whys the lid of the Voss bottle made of?

  • +1

    Ozbargain meetup with all our sundried bottles!

  • Bought it just because….LOL

  • Thanks for the post OP, Will chuck it in my "go" bag which should save me paying $4 for a 600ml water at the airport again…

  • Thanks OP, got two.

  • Is the $3.90 price only for Prime Members?
    I'm not a Prime member and it's coming up as $6.50 for me.

    Items: $6.50
    Delivery: $5.99
    Order Total: $12.49
    Promotion(s) Applied: -$2.60
    Order Total: $9.89

    Am I missing something?

    • Did you enter the promo code?

      • Yes

        Promotion(s) Applied: -$2.60

        • For me the 'promotion applied' appeared before I even entered the code. Entering the code doubled the amount. Maybe that was a bug in their system and they fixed it now?

          • @team teri: Yeah. I can't work out how they've calculated the $2.60 discount.
            20% of $6.50 is $1.30
            20% of $12.49 (total) is $2.50

            • @stuckster: Actually: check your maths. $6.50 - $2.60 = $3.90
              Exactly the price before postage as per this deal.

              • @team teri: Ok sure. But the product page says it's a 20% discount. But clearly $2.60 is 40% of $6.50.
                Not complaining. Just confusing that's all.

    • Looks like you do not have a Prime Membership which means you are paying for freight.

      • Yes, but the title says

        $3.90 + Post

        Doesn't that mean it should be $3.90 before any freight costs?

        • +1


          Prime: $3.90 + $0 shipping
          Non-Prime: $3.90 + 5.99 shipping = $9.89

          If you add other items so the cart total is >$49, shipping will be free.

  • No more 20%?? Only $1.30 applied with the code

  • Price is $5.70 now?

  • I got mine delivered, and that smell, yuck.
    How do I get rid of it? I have wash and dry it well.

    Maybe I have to submerge it in vinegar…
    Or put it under the sun

    • Reviews on amazon say boiling water

  • Does anyone's bottle squeak when you open and close it. Its incredibly annoying

    • +1

      yep. didn't notice it until I read this. Doesn't bother me though

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