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[PC] Free - The Witness - Epic Store


Another cracker freebie from the Epic Store: this time it is The Witness.
85% positive rating on Steam from 6085 reviews!

Available in two weeks time - don't miss it. And do NOT forget to claim the current freebie: Oxenfree!

Here is the Steam link for more info on the game (no, this freebie will not give you a Steam key - the link is for INFO ONLY):


From the website:

You wake up, alone, on a strange island full of puzzles.

These puzzles will challenge and surprise you.

You don't remember who you are, and you don't remember how you got here, but there's one thing you can do: explore the island in hope of discovering clues, regaining your memory, and somehow finding your way home.

The Witness respects you as an intelligent player and it treats your time as precious. There are over 500 puzzles but no filler; each of the puzzles brings its own new idea into the mix. So, this is a game full of ideas.


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  • Yes!!! Missed this on Xbox when it went free…I’ll take it on Epic! :)

  • +1 for free games

    • I just want to know how much they paid Sony to get Playstation exclusives ported to their store.

      • At least $2.

        • I know they were bargain bin exclusives but they were probably worth at least a deal for future Sony games using unreal engine

          • @SlappersOnly: I don't think Detriot Become Human is bargain bin. I haven't played it but I heard some good things about it.

            • @Ostrk: It's a good game, as is Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. Hating on the director/writer David Cage has become a meme on social media which unfortunately makes people think the games are bad when they aren't.

              • @Yuri Lowell: Heavy Rain is a masterpiece in that it can be considered "so bad its good" but Beyond Two Souls is the most dogshit, contrived writing ive seen in a game, in a long time.

                Dave Cage is a hack fraud.

              • @Yuri Lowell: To be fair, I don’t know anything about David Cage or people hating on him. I’ve played heavy rain years ago, haven’t tried the other two but out of all the exclusives Sony could have given to Epic to port on PC and promote their store, Quantum Dream probably wasn’t high on the list of popularity.

                I would have thought Sony had the publishing rights but interviews with Quantum Dream seem to indicate that this is a move to expand outside of playstation.

              • @Yuri Lowell:

                makes people think the games are bad when they aren't.

                Er … OK.

      • The Witness has been available on Steam for almost three years now.

      • How can it be a Sony exclusive when its been on Steam for 3 years?

        • He edited his message either after I had loaded the page or after I commented (not sure if you can still edit after someone has replied). Wasn’t talking about witness. We were originally talking about Epic Games is getting a Outer World and a bunch of playstation games ported to their store.

          • @SlappersOnly: I edited it the second after I posted it. It was in the middle of the night so I didn't expect someone to read it. First one was basically me ranting about the epic games store and them buying games but I felt that was irrelevant to this post.

  • Why it says coming soon?

    • Same reason the top of this page says in 14 days?

      • yeah, realize later it said 14 days..

        posting this 14 days is too earlier..
        Would have been better if it was 7 days or less to post this..

        I would forget about this 14 days later..

        • You can set a reminder??! Right here, on this website!

          • @Lysander: i know and I did it just now

            but if you don't visit the site on that day then you would not see the reminder

            • @pinkybrain: Yes you would. It will be waiting for you right under the bell

              • @bargainparker: yeah I know about the bell

                I was saying as in if I am not viewing ozbargain site on that day,
                will it send to windows notification or popup a chrome message without having ozbargain tab active?

                Also not everyone is clicking that reminder button.

                And when it is 14 days later, this post would have been buried deep and no longer on front page or new deals etc..

            • @pinkybrain: You can add the reminder to Google Calendar from a link in the reminder setting, and add your notification, also invite friends etc.

          • @Lysander: I didn't even know this site had reminders! So I looked for it and found it and used it.

        • I do think that 14 days is a bit early but yeah, the reminder bell. Shame it can’t be like how Woolworths forced ozbargains to wait until Sunday before they’re allowed to post the weekly sales catalogue.

  • Thanks for the reminder OP (:

  • How do i get the current freebie?

  • You can get this game on PS4 now for free with a Playstation Plus subscription. It's one of the March monthly games

  • Great, as I was going to buy this.

  • Yet another freebie that's on my Steam wishlist. Epic certainly know how to get my attention.

    Still no intention to actually buy anything from them. I think they would have to offer a pretty compelling exclusive for that to happen.

  • Yes! Wanted this!

  • Free spyware?!

  • I really wanted to like this game but I just couldn't get into it. The puzzles weren't what I was expecting I guess, just didn't flow well imo.

    • Is this the one with the electrical cables all over the map and you have to solve a bunch of puzzles? Yeah, I lost interest in that fairly quickly.

  • Loved this game!

    Finished it on PS4 a few years back, a great experience.

  • another high quality freebee. I'm really happy about all these. well done OP, and epic…

  • Free is indeed free which is a good deal, but you will also be supporting Epic Games' scummy practices. There's a moral choice to make for the future of our gaming industry too.

    • Meh. Me claiming free games isn’t gonna give Epic Games much support considering how many registered users they boast about because of everyone playing fortnite.

      Most of my PC game library consists of games from humble bundle anyway.

    • How is trying to break a de facto monopoly a bad thing?

      Keep in mind that Steam did the same thing. You had to have Steam in order to play certain games and could not do it or get it any other way.

      How come it is fine if Steam does it but not okay if someone else does it?

      Competition is good for gamers and developers - the gamers benefit from lower prices and the developers from higher profit shares giving them more incentive and stability to keep making games!

      • Competition would be if you could buy a game on Steam or GOG or Epic or directly from the publisher. This gives users the power of choice.

        That's not what Epic is doing. Epic are buying exclusive rights to games from other publishers who previously intended to release their game through multiple stores (steam + GOG + others). In the last week they bought the rights to Phoenix Point and Outer Worlds.

        These games can only be downloaded through the Epic Launcher, which just last week was shown to be directly accessing a users personal steam information (like their friends list) if it is present on the computer.

        more competition for steam + GOG would certainly be welcome, but dont fool yourself into thinking Epic is promoting competition. they are doing anything but

  • I love the freebies, but hate the store exclusives. How dare they do that to The Outer Worlds, Borderlands 3 will probably be an epic store exclusive also, it wouldn't be a problem if they had user reviews, cloudsaves etc.

    • User reviews, cloudsaves and more will be available soon.

      Remember how long it took Steam to get all those things implemented properly - it is unfair to expect this from Epic in a hurry.

      • Yes, they doesn't change the fact that its a horrible experience now. There is also the fact that epic has a very recent history of getting hacked and they are 40% owned by tencent, so you can expect all your data to be going to the Chinese government.

        • what data isn’t being sold nowadays? Everyone is trying to get a piece of that data pie.

        • Well, Sony got hacked several times so they have a history - does that mean we should all boycott Sony??

          Still, you are comparing a company that had years and years to build up systems to get where they are now and a company starting out. I believe they should be supported if only to keep Steam in check (in fact, that is a strategy employed by many companies as if you have a monopolist you are exposed to the arbitrary price increases and policies).

          And I am not sure these days if the choice between data certainly going to the US (Steam) or possibly to China (although I am not sure that that happens, probably also goes to the US) really matters. I would rather go with the "possibly" situation rather than the "certainly" situation.

          • @Lysander: Yes, but these hacks were very recent and this has happened multiple times. If a company comes into the pc market and starts buying timed exclusives for their unfinished, unsafe platform - people are going to be mad. Instead of providing a compelling service that is worth using, they would rather limit consumer choice. I would take uplay or origin over the epic store instantly, atleast in its current state.

            • @Vinodra: Well, if you look at the statistics of Steam accounts being hacked you would be very surprised. It just is not publicised so much.

              I find it really funny and amusing that when there was no Epic Store people complained about UPlay and Origin. Now those stores are suddenly not so bad anymore. ;-)

              • @Lysander: They never were bad, they are inferior to steam, but they dont go after third party exclusives like epic does.

                • @Vinodra: Steam did it that way. Now they are complaining that someone else does it. Essentially Steam whines about competition.
                  I hope Epic succeeds and becomes a sizeable player just so Steam becomes fairer and cheaper.

                  • @Lysander: Last time I checked Half Life wasn't a third party exclusive, valve initially pushed steam by making you download it with half life 2, a first party game. Just like epic done with fortnite. The difference is, valve doesn't pay devs to rip their games from another platform that they were already taking preorders on.

                    • @Vinodra: Well, indirectly the developers pay Steam/Valve to have better exposure. So Steam is just as bad as Epic.

                      I am not sure why you care so much about Steam anyway - as a gamer should you not care about fair remuneration for game developers and cheap prices for gamers, rather than following Gaben like sheep and lining his pockets.

                      Without Epic Steam would not ever have reconsidered its profit sharing with developers.

                      Plus of course, do remember that Steam only agreed to a refund policy after it was FORCED to do by the courts.

                      • @Lysander:

                        1. All my games are already there, I don't want to have 10 different bloatware launchers on my PC.
                        2. I don't want literal spyware to have my credit card info. They say this will fix it, but they mean they will just hide it so you can't find it.
                        3. PSN does 30%, Xbox Live does 30%, Steam does 30%, Epic does 12%, which they will change to 30% if their store actually ever catches on.
                        4. Epic only does refunds because they don't want to be sued by the Australian government.
                        5. Steam is feature complete, epic will have these features "soon", but who knows if they ever will?
                        6. Going over the developers heads and throwing money at the publishers to get a timed exclusive is an incredibly scummy thing to do.
                        7. The devs will receive "fair remuneration" regardless of the store, all a better profit split does is further line the pockets of investors.
                        8. The case that im really annoyed about. Take Two (private division) don't care about the success of The Outer Worlds, their relationship with obsidian is over after this game, since they got bought by Microsoft, so they will cash out as much as the can before they loose the rights.
                        • @Vinodra: I think you made a pretty convincing case for Epic as some things you say are not proven, with other things you disregard what Steam did and does, others again are assumptions, and others are just a personal preference.
                          In particular, keep in mind that Steam only implemented a refund policy because a court ruled it, they did not do it voluntarily even at the threat of legal action. Epic does it voluntarily and to compete with Steam so that is better.
                          You also seem to forget that gaming is a business, not a social project.

                          If your somebody gave you a choice between getting $20 million right now and for sure with no risk plus a share of the profits or nothing and only a smaller share of the profits, what would you take?

                          Keep in mind that for most people, regardless of their rants, the decision is made by money. How many people on Ozbargain have cursed HN, Kogan, Dick Smith when it existed and other stores, vowing never to buy there again and then, when the next good bargain comes along ($5 Wolfenstein Colossus etc.) they buy nevertheless because the deal is just too good to pass up?
                          We have to be real - this website is about saving money and that is what most people come here for. Hell, even this website now mainly exists to make money as the people running it make a living out of it - it is not a social project (it might have been once at the outset but not anymore).

                          If I read what many people write about Steam now that Epic has their store, I get a bit confused and sick at the same time as it seems that now suddenly everybody is a Steam fanboy and Steam can do no wrong when before the Epic Store Steam was not so great and there was less competition (which is always good for consumers)- I find that really weird but of course everybody is entitled to their opinion.

                          • @Lysander: This isn't going anywhere, you can support them if you want, I won't. Regaring HN, I just wait for amazon to pricematch. If you wanted to save money you would either buy from a key site or pirate the game. Any "exclusive" that EGS has, I will buy on xbox or ps4. I will be buying The Outer Worlds through the microsoft store for pc or on xbox. Any "competiition" that limits consumer choice is in fact - not good competion or good for consumers.

                            Tim Sweeney a few years ago - How dare microsoft try to get a foothold in the pc market, they are trying to kill steam with the windows store!
                            Tim Sweeney 2019 - Implements scummy tactits to get people to use epics bloatware over steam, doing exactly what he so heavily critisied microsoft for a few years ago.

                            • @Vinodra: You don't like Epic's business practices but you buy from Amazon - that really makes sense. Amazon is so wrong on so many levels. If you compare levels of wrong, Epic is a toddler while Amazon is an adult emperor.

                              You know, it is permissible to change one's approach. Maybe Sweeney has seen that this is the only way to succeed. Plus, if everyone else does it and you are the only one playing "fair", you will die.

                              What about those people that want to save money but want to do it legally? Key site and pirating would be excluded then.

                              Hang on a second, you criticise Epic for having exclusives but support consoles whose business model is heavily founded upon exclusives? Why do you think we do not have Red Dead Redemption on PC yet? Again, very logical.

                              • @Lysander: Consoles are fine, it was rockstars decision to not put it on pc at launch, not sony and microsofts. Console exclusives are fine also, since they only exists because of sony, microsoft and nintendo funding their creation. Epic takes an already complete game and pays them a certain amount to take it off steam, when it was already on steam. I'm not complaining about games like Fortnite being exclusive to EGS, since epic made it. I would also be fine if they were publishing the games that are exclusive to EGS, but they aren't.

                                If you really wanted to save money at all costs, you wouldn't care about the legality of using a key site, since you won't get in trouble for it. If it was illegal Ozbargain wouldn't allow deals from cdkeys.com to be posted.

                                I consider amazon to be way more convient. Atleast they aren't screwing over their customers to try to stifle competion like Gerry Harvey (Im refering to the 10% extra tax on all overseas goods). I know amazon is bad, but its the lesser of two evils as far as im concerned. The one time I brought something from Harvey Norman, they waited 2 months to finally say they cant fufill the order, then another to give me a refund, yeah.. not risking that again.

                                • @Vinodra: Do you really believe that MS does not pay the publishers millions for the exclusives? Of course they do! That is no different than what Epic did, just on a different platform.
                                  By your reasoning, if instead of what Epic did, Epic would have bought the publisher of Metro Exodus and then would have said "their" game is only available on Epic that would have been fine with you? Come on, that would have been worse as the studio would have been less creatively independent then.
                                  They support their own creation? Yes, they pay publishers to have exclusives for their creation, the consoles.
                                  Epic pays publishers to have exclusives for their creation, the Epic store.
                                  So, how come it is okay for you with the consoles but not the with store? Do you not see that it is the same. I really get the feeling by way of some inexplicable thing you just hate Epic anyway, regardless of what they do (I do not think Fortnite is great and do not play it but I recognise Epic is a company like any other trying to make money, in the same way other companies do).

                                  I do not want to save money at all costs (I am happy to pay a bit extra if it means the transaction is fair and in a legit store) - I am just amazed at how much people defend monopolists who have been and are still behaving in a very shabby way sometimes. If they had some actual benefit of it (i.e. they would get paid by Steam, or would get some kind of profit share) I could understand it but there is an almost slave like adherence to Steam that is absolutely puzzling.

                                  Amazon is way more convenient not question but that convenience to you comes at a price to others. Amazon has very bad working conditions, try to push out competition by quickly developing their own brand for successful products and then promoting their own products through an algorithm etc.

                                  To be it seems you value your convenience about everything else (which is fine but do not use other arguments to try to disguise this). Also, I guarantee if HN sold Metro Exodus or any other game you want for $5 tomorrow you would go and get it despite saying HN is bad. Again, that is fine but then your arguments of not supporting companies because they are bad is a lie. Properly worded it would be "I do not support certain companies unless I can save heaps of money and can give me maximum convenience. As long as that happens I do not care what they do or have done in the past. I really only care about my convenience and money and do not care about moral, ethics, or sticking to the POV I expressing publicly." Again that would be fine but IMO then all your arguments lose any strength.

                                  Have a good weekend.

                              • @Lysander: I'm not going to reply any more since this just going in circles, you can support Epic if you want, I dont care about that. I just wont.

                                • @Vinodra: Well, I hope you are consistent and consequent and do not take any of their freebies either as that would make your stance a lot less believable (I do not support them and de facto hat them but I am happy to take their valuable freebies - that would be shabby from a moral and ethical POV).
                                  I wish you a happy and pleasant weekend.

                          • @Lysander: Quote from the first article when googling "tim sweeney regarding microsoft store" - "Microsoft's previous walled garden approach generated fierce criticism from Tim Sweeney, Epic Games CEO. Sweeney wasn't happy that Microsoft was building a closed platform within Windows 10, and its attempts to force developers to distribute these apps through the Microsoft Store." well look how the times have changed.

                            • @Vinodra: God damn man, I don’t know how you put up with arguing with that epic retard. Your points were great man, it really does hurt seeing great games being stolen from us. Epic can keep offering free games but nothing will make me download their shitty platform, I’ll just wait for the game to come out on steam or buy it for my Xbox.

      • That’s true. The main issue is probably the “later” part. They currently don’t have any of that but still forcing exclusives to their store. Though it has definitely given steam a much needed kick in the backside. They’ve even just announced an overhaul of their store.

        • Maybe the next steam sale won't be utter trash like all the recent ones thanks to epic :)

      • I'm pro other launchers myself, I think what Epic is doing is fine considering that Steam isn't exactly setting high standards. Steam also only added refunds when forced too, they have games exclusive to their platform, their prices aren't exactly the best. I just wish my PC, with all those platforms, would update like my consoles do, quietly in the background and mostly over night.

          • 1

          Finally somebody who remembers what Steam has done in its infancy and what it is doing now and why. Very refreshing to see.
          So far, Epic has been very generous in their free game selection and they have all been quality games.
          I believe in a year or so the launcher will have caught up and will have all the features Steam has and even if not, I just need a client to play a game and do not care about chat, comment functions etc.

          Have a great night and fabulous weekend.

  • Public notice:
    Oxenfree is still free if you forgot to claim it:


  • Thanks to this I just found out Vampire: The Masquerade® - Bloodlines Is getting a SEQUEL!!!!

  • What are all the free games that epic has given away?
    Anyone got a list?

    • I think I gathered them all so I can just tell you from my library. (Not in order) They are : Subnautica, Super Meat Boy, Axiom Verge, Slime Rancher, Oxenfree, Thimbleweed Park, The Jackbox Party Pack & What Remains of Edith Finch.

  • One side of me gives a +1 for free games - everyone loves to collect shiny things.

    The other side gives a -1 because I dislike Epic's "exclusive" mentality - GOG user here.

    Can we even buy serials and activate them on Epic like we can with GOG, Uplay, Origin, or Steam?

  • It reminds me of the old, "Myst" series (but Myst was much more visually beautiful). I especially liked Riven, from the series.

  • Thanks OP.

    IGN review gives it 10/10, so looking forward to the weekend to check it.

    • It’s incredibly tough and confusing in the first few hours.. but hang in there..
      Such an incredible experience

  • Anyone else stuck on the "Loading your order" page on EPIC's site when you try to claim?

    • They are probably getting hammered from all over the place. I would try again tonight when the first run is hopefully over.
      Or try a different browser.

    • Mine loaded just fine. Order placed without any trouble.

    • yep still stuck on loading (since last night) for me on chrome, ie and mozilla…

    • I had the same issue on my laptop, used my iPhone, ordered within seconds.

    • Alright so i found a solution to why it's stuck on "Loading Your Order"

      Just simply turn off all your adblockers temporarily and your order should go through properly this time.

  • Anybody else with the issue of it just sitting on "Loading your order…"
    and not processing further?

    Edit: using both Chrome & Firefox

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