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Hoka One One Clifton 1 Running Shoes $99.95 + $5 Postage from Running Warehouse


Same shoes as this one last year. Was $219.95 and for 2 days only, Hoka One One Clifton 1 re-release gets discounted to $99.95 + postage ($5 standard postage, or free with $150 spend).

  • Weight: 221g (size 9)
  • Stack Height: Heel 29mm, Forefoot 24mm
  • Sizing: True to size

Many sizes are available in Men's and Women's however only 1 colourway is available. 96 Superb! corescore at RunRepeat, and many reviews from actual runners (rather than hype beast sneaker heads).

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  • You can use the coupon "SUNSUPER15" to get them for $86.32 + Shipping :) Hopefully X3 can get a pair this time.

    • hehe thanks Dowey :) But I've bought 3 other pairs of sneakers (whoops) since missing that other One One special :)

    • Looks like they just stopped that code from working. I had it applied and went to checkout and the discount disappeared

    • Yeah just put an order in with the coupon, but it didn't take anything off the price. weird.

  • Not enough One's in the model name.

  • HOka or ultraboost? Can someone suggest? Thanks

    • Running? Clifton 1 is light, with maximum cushion and relatively low drop makes it suitable for both fast tempo run and slow recoveries.

      Lifestyle shoes for walking? Ultraboost is a lot more stylish, the TPU Boost material is going to be more durable, the Continental outsole would last much longer, and has many colourways to choose from.

      • Thanks for the detailed answer. I run on treadmill 5km/day for 5 days in a week..and then walk the dog daily(about 2km). I am using the ultraboost laceless at the moment. I find the shoe has good cushioning but is a very tight fit. I have never used HOKA before. I won't be running long distances anytime soon..

  • I've been looking for a deal to give these a try - ordered, thanks scotty!

  • I have been wearing ASICS Gel Kayano 24. What is the comparison with Hoka One One Clifton 1? Thanks

    • Similarly I'm wearing the Kayano 25's and I'm curious as to how they compare.
      Kayano 24 has 10mm heel drop and these have 5mm so it's gonna feel different for sure.

    • Kayano's are ASICS' premium stability running shoes, which IMHO heavy & over-engineered. If you need stability to protect you from over-pronation, and like 2-types of foam + gel on the heel for maximum cushioning — then Kayano is probably the answer.

      Clifton 1 is light fast & simple shoes with one-piece EVA midsole (and probably not durable). Very different feel than Kayano.

  • I wanna try these but I over-pronate, and thus have been wearing stability shoes.
    Will neutral shoes ruin my running?

    • you'ld probably be best learning how to run without over-pronating.
      You can change your running style.
      I did, helped by a physio, following knee pain.

      • Yeah, that's probably a good idea. I was trying to focus on not over-pronating on my run last night, and it did seem to help with my distance.
        Any tips?

        • Yesterday I read something on the breakingmuscle website regarding POSE, which adjust your foot strike. But changing your run doesn't happen overnight and might put pressure on areas that you never trained before.

        • Definitely go to a sports physio and get your gait analysed. It was the best thing I ever did. The changes they gave me were so specific to my individual issues and within a month of battling my brain into these new running patterns I was faster and able to up my distance without getting injured (something I couldn't do prior, I'd always breakdown in an injury at anything more than 50kms a week).

          For me it was shortening my stride, evening my hips, changing my foot strike and also widening my feet as I used to cross over.

          Get to a sports physio who specialises in running, it'll be the best money you can spend (and it's saved me so much since I basically don't get injured anymore).

    • I would not recommend the Hoka one if stability is what you are after. These have a lot of roll when turning but for the straight they are like running on clouds. For some mad reason I tried these in Body Attack (group fitness) to help against knee soreness. In the end I went for the Asics Gel 800XTR for stability.

  • Interesting that the shoe doesn't rate at 'premium' even though it originally came with a $200 price tag..

    Anyone comment on the ability for the shoe to absorb heel rub? Asics and Sauconys wear quickly for me, but brooks don't.

  • Thank you. Got this and the Skechers GOmeb Speed 5 Men's Shoes Charcoal/Red which is also on sale ($67.45) to get the free shipping.

  • Have been very happy with my Clifton 4's. Are in good condition at 800 kms except for a hole in the right heal cushion. This is a good opportunity to retire them though. Limited size Clifton 4's also available at RW when I looked for $140.

  • I've been in Kinvara 8's since I started running a bit over a year ago. I've put about 800km on them and they're about due for replacement. I currently do two or three 5-6km runs a week with one or two longer (10-11km) runs a month. I'll be doing my first HM in July. Can anyone who's worn the Hoka's before (or both) comment on how they compare?

  • -3 votes

    These will be a hit at the nursing home.

  • Not buying as I have too many exercise shoes and I have flat feet so this one is probably unsuitable.

    but plus vote from me due to many helpful comments

  • Got mine and ran a 5K PB yesterday.
    I felt like they forced me to run faster. I liked it.
    However my ankles hurt walking home after the run, perhaps due to the lack of stability. Not sure if it’s bad for me to keep using long term.

  • I've been a big fan of Hoka's, have been running in them for a number of years, thought I'd try this one out and its the first "hoka" pair I haven't liked. Didn't feel like they had the same cushion as other models as in more towards the cheaper side, didn't have the extra holes at the top of the shoe for lacing, the tongue is completely flat compared to other models (didn't mind just different).