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Sony Alpha A7 III Full Frame Camera (Body Only) $1,998.85 @ VideoPro


Best price I have seen so far!

I personally have been using Sony mirrorless (1st Gen Sony 7 to Sony a9) as my workhorse over the past 5 years (family portraiture and wedding industry).

5 main reasons why I never regretted using Sony mirrorless:
• Silent shutter
• Eye focus
• Highspeed Frame Per Seconds (especially in silent!)
• Lightweight
• Able to transfer photos to phone instantly for social media/sneak peek for client.

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  • Price is getting crazy.

  • Damn it! bought mine for 3k last year.

  • This is the craziest price I've ever seen…


    I bought one… Now it is time to think of an explanation to wife

  • wow…so tempted but can't afford at this moment…

    • sold my a7ii earlier last year, was about to buy a7iii but balked at the price… with all the other mirrorless entries, competition is forcing sony to lower prices which is great. i think i might think about getting it when price goes down further, still got some lenses.

  • WTF… don't make me hit the buy button, cuz I'll do it!

  • Is the workflow for phone transfer pretty straight forward?

  • All gone :(

  • Rumor has it that A7iii will have Evolved Eye-AF (recognize animal eyes), but not the Real-Time Tracking feature from A6400.

    I will wait for their April firmware release before pulling the trigger. A7iii AF-C eye-af made my a7ii looks like relic from ancient time, and missing the Real-Time tracking feature will make the A7iii looks like camera from yester-decade.

    • only 6400 and A9 will get the realtime tracking

      a7iii & A7r iii will get the updated eye-af

  • Sold out already


    Anyone got 10?


  • I had the chance to pick up one in 10, but I have already bought one last year for 2400~~~, this thing drop the price crazy!

  • thank goodness out of stock, otherwise……..

    ps: still using a7ii reckon good enough for my use.

  • +1 vote

    Far out! Missed out!

  • Aussie Bargain app failed me, only got the notification 10 minutes ago!

  • too late…

  • Y’all taking some fancy pictures from the looks of these comments.

  • 2x bought by 3 different buyers…. RRRRR

  • Damn would have jumped on this

  • Thank god I missed this. Wishing I'd sold my A7r mk1 before these big price drops so I could upgrade :(

  • Missed out!!! :-(

  • I am a wedding photographer i have two d800 and a lengthy Nikon mount lens lineup.
    Cameras are aging and one body is starting to miss the focus especially in dark lit scenes like churches. I was wondering if anyone has experience using nikon lenses on this body. How is the focus accuracy and speed and which adapter do you use. I would upgrade to a d850 but at this price i can get 2 sony bodies.

    • D800 had average AF at the best of times (I owned D800, D810, multiple D750). And you’re right, dodgy lit areas make the D800 struggle.

      Don’t even bother thinking about adapting with Nikko lenses. Just don’t. Either invest in D850 or go full Sony. Your hit rate will be significantly higher.

      With that said, there are some limitations of these mirrorless cameras. Dance floor photos will require new technique. I’m tempted to grab DSLR and flash for dance floor photos specifically.

      • Thanks for your input unfortunately too much invested in Nikon, will be hard to build everything up from scratch. What is so different at the dancefloor, can't use bounce flash as on regular dslr?

    • Nikon lenses on Sony don't AF very well. You would be better off trying the D850 or Z6/7 with adapter. Otherwise go for Sony body and lenses - with eye AF tracking and silent shutter on the A9 you will never want to touch an DSLR again

      • Thanks for your reply. That's an awesome feature, haven't known it existed. Would be an amazing feature for wide aperture lenses.

  • anyone actually swapped their a7R2 for this?

    Comments? thoughts? Any regrets?

    • no, picture quality would be more less same, unless you do video, better handling and battery life are nice, but is it really that bad?

      having said that

      I just bought Z6 with a good deal month ago (about 3100$ after cashback , with 24-70 lens and adaptor) and could not be happier, just waiting for Sony FE lens to Nikon Z adaptor…

    • I did. Now I own both A7 III and A7R III. A7R2 have higher pixel count… everything else is in favor of A7 III.

      • That's like the perfect marriage. I wish I had the luxury of owning those 2.

        Thanks for your input.

    • This A7 III is perfect for video. Support HLOG.
      Better auto focus(even better than A7R III, eye focus is just amazing).
      Much better battery life.
      Dual sd slots.
      Better High ISO performance(again, better than A7R III).

      • Wow, having heard from you guys, I'm really tempted to change it. I must say I do like the ability to crop without sacrificing quality. Maybe I should wait for mk 4.

  • Sigh missed this by a mile

  • Is this going to be leagues ahead of an a6000 in terms of picture quality given the price difference, or would It mainly be more noticable if blowing pics up?

    • If you as asking this question that means you are a hobby photographer who is looking for a reason to upgrade to Full Frame. Mate, you have just saved yourself $2000.
      A6000 is an amazing camera that will keep you happy till it breaks. For enthusiast photography, you do not need anything more. I use A6000 with 18-105 F4 lens and my photos come as good as my friends who have Canon/Nikon Full frame cameras. Until you want to boost up ISO, A6000 is more than sufficient.

  • Out of stock.Just saved $2000

  • Yikes.. combined with TRS, this would have been $1758.55!!! That's close to half the RRP when released and it's only 12 months old..